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WYSS, vĭs, Johann Rudolf, Swiss author b. Bern, 13 March 1781; d. there, 31 March 1830. He was educated at various German universities, became professor of philosophy at Bern in 1806, and later also chief librarian. His ‘Der Schweizerische Robinson’ (1812-13), an imitation of Defoe, was translated into various languages, the first series appearing in English (‘Swiss Family Robinson’) in 1820, the second in 1849. Wyss also wrote ‘Vorlesungen über das Höchste Gut’ (1811), and ‘Idyllen und Erzählungen aus der Schweiz’ (1815-22); ‘Reise im Berner Oberland’ (1808); and edited the collection ‘Alpenrose’ (1811-30). Wyss is the author of the Swiss national anthem, ‘Rufst du, mein Vaterland?’