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Allice, to broil, 128
Anchovy toasts, 185
Artichokes, to boil, 221
Jerusalem, ib.
bottoms, 222
Asparagus, to boil, 215
Bacon, to salt and cure, 25, 26
to boil, 65
to broil or fry, 90
Baking, directions for, 81
Beans, Windsor, 217
French, 218
Beef, to joint, 45
to carve, 49
to salt, 29
to smoke, 30
round of, to boil, 61
edge-bone of, to do., ib.
brisket of, to do., ib.
sirloin of, to roast, 69
rump of, to do., 70
ribs of, to do., ib.
steaks, to broil, 83
with potatoes, 84
to fry, 88
to stew, ragout, or braise, 136
à la mode, 137
to collar, 138
royale, ib.
to fricandeau, ib.
bouilli, 140
steaks, to stew, 141
rolled, 142
olives, ib.
marrow bones, 143
heart, ib.
hunter's, ib.
Hamburgh, 144
hung, 144
à la Flamande, ib.
to press, ib.
to hash or mince, ib.
cecils, 145
collops, ib.
en Miroton, 146
bubble and squeak, ib.
to pot, ib.
Beer, to brew, 334
ginger, 346
spruce, ib.
Beet root, to boil, 219
Birds, small, to roast, 79
Biscuits, to make, 276
Indian corn, 277
Dr. Oliver's, ib.
lemon, ib.
Blanch, directions to, 134
Boiling, general directions for, 59
Boudins, to make, 171
Braise, directions to, 135
Brawn, mock, 175
pickle for, 30
Bread border, a, 181
to make, 268
French, 270
rice, ib.
Brill, to boil, 116
Brocoli, to boil, 216
to fry, ib.
Broiling, general directions for, 83
Broth, Scotch barley, 108
mutton, 109
veal, ib.
chicken, ib.
Butter, to make, 350
without a churn, 351
|Butter, from clouted cream, 352
to pot, ib.
to clarify, 87
to brown, 193
to melt, 192
parsley and, ib.
Cabbage, to boil, 214
red, to stew, ib.
to curry, ib.
à la Bourgeoise, ib.
lettuce, with forcemeat, 222
Cakes, to make, 270
common currant, 272, 273
rich plum, 272
very good, ib.
without butter, 273
rich seed, ib.
a rice, 274
harvest, ib.
temperance, ib.
sponge, ib.
Marlborough, ib.
gingerbread, ib.
parkin, 276
volatile, ib.
hunting, ib.
rough, ib.
rock, ib.
rusks, 277
maccaroons, 278
ratafia, ib.
jumbles, ib.
small plum, ib.
carraway, ib.
Shrewsbury, 279
shortbread, ib.
Derby short, ib.
cinnamon, ib.
rout, ib.
Queen, 280
buns, ib.
Sally Lunn's tea, 281
breakfast, ib.
Yorkshire, ib.
Roehampton rolls, 282
muffins, ib.
crumpets, ib.
Scotch slim, 283
Calf's head, to boil, 63
heart and pluck, 152
to dress, 154
to fricassee, 155
brains, ib.
mock turtle, 156
tails, to dress, 153
Catsup, mushroom, 329
walnut, 330
oyster, ib.
tomata, 331
lobster, ib.
Cardoons, to boil, 223
Carp, to stew, 125
Carrots, to boil, 219
Carving, directions for, 47
Cauliflower, to boil, 216
with parmesan, ib.
to stew, ib.
to fry, ib.
Caviare, mock, 185
Celery, to stew, 220
Cellar, observations relating to the, 332
Cheese, to make, 353
to toast, 187
Chicken, to broil, 85
to braise, 169
to fricassee, 170
curry of, 176
Chutney, beef or ham, 178
fish, ib.
Cider, to make, 336
cup, 346
Cocks, black, to roast, 78
Cod, to boil, 116
to fry, 117
head and shoulders, ib.
to bake, 118
sounds, ib.
cabeached, ib.
Colcannon, 212
Cow-heel, to boil, 66
Crab, to boil, 128
to eat hot, 129
to pot, ib.
Cray Fish, to boil, 128
to pot, 130
in jelly, ib.
Cream, clouted, to make 352
Crumbs, to fry 91
to dress, 226
Curry, directions for making, 176
kebobbed, 177
of fish, 178
balls, 190
powder, 207
vegetables to, 214
Confectionary, to make, 283
custards, ib.
rich, to bake or boil, 284
lemon, ib.
orange, 285
Spanish, ib.
with apples, ib.
with rice, 286
trifle, a, ib.
gooseberry or apple, ib.
tipsy cake, ib.
crême patisserie, 287
cream, chocolate, ib.
a plain, ib.
Italian, 288
lemon, ib.
orange, ib.
ora"ge frothed, 289
alamode, ib.
velvet, ib.
vanilla, ib.
burnt, ib.
snow, ib.
currant and raspberry, ib.
strawberry, ib.
clouted, 291
ice, ib.
Paris curd, ib.
blancmange, 292
rice, ib.
with preserves, ib.
jaunemange, ib.
flummery, 293
Dutch, ib.
rice cups, ib.
syllabub, ib.
solid, ib.
whipt, ib.
jelly, calf's feet, ib.
punch, 295
savoury, ib.
orange and lemon, 295
arrow-root, 296
hartshorn, ib.
apple, ib.
isinglass, ib.
strawberry, 297
gâteau de pomme, ib.
bird's-nest, a, ib.
sponge, lemon and orange, ib.
souffle, a good, 298
rice, ib.
orange, ib.
lemon, ib.
omelet, 299
sweet, ib.
of apples, ib.
fool, gooseberry and apple, 300
orange, ib.
oranges, stewed, ib.
apples, red, in jelly, ib.
pears, to stew, ib.
apples, to bake, 301
cheesecakes, ib.
lemon, ib.
curd, 302
orange, ib.
apple, ib.
rice, ib.
Lent potatoes, ib.
plums, French, stewed, 303
Dairy, the, observations upon, 348
Devils, 185
Dory, John, to boil, 116
Duck, to truss and carve, 57
to boil, 65
to roast, 77
wild, to do., ib.
salmi, 175
to bake, 81
to dress with peas, 173
to ragout, 174
to hash, ib.
curry of, 177
Dumplings, apple, 249
yeast, 265
hard, ib.
to fry, ib.
to collar, 127
to spitchcock, ib.
Eggs, to fry, 89, 182
to poach, 182
to butter, 183
to fricassee, ib.
to ragout, ib.
Swiss, ib.
Scotch, ib.
à la tripe, ib.
à la maître d'hotel, 184
with asparagus, ib.
with mushrooms, 185
balls, 190
Endive, to stew, 222
Essence of ginger, 328
allspice, nutmeg, cloves, mace, cinnamon, ib.
savoury spice, ib.
cayenne, ib.
orange and lemon peel, ib.
Fawn, to roast, 72
to bake, 82
Fish, seasons for, 31
directions for cooking, 114
soups, 111
to pull, 131
cake, 130
pies, 237
patties, 240
flounders, to fry, 123
Flour, to brown, 192
Forcemeat, balls of, 189
fish, 190
Fondu, 184
Fowl, to truss and carve, 55, 56
to boil, 64
to roast, 76
guinea, to do., 77
pea, to do., ib.
to broil, 86
to force, 169
à la chingara, 170
to pull, 171
wild, to ragout, 174
Fritters, to make, 267
curd, ib.
apple, 267
Frying, general directions for, 87
Furniture, to clean, 21
Game, seasons for, 31
to truss and carve, 55
Glaze, directions to, 135
Godiveau, to make, 188
Goose, to truss and carve, 55
to roast, 76
green, to do., 77
to bake, 81
to braise, 171
Gratin, to make, 188
Gravy, directions for making, 191
ham extract for, 193
to draw plain, ib.
beef, 194
savoury, ib.
without meat, 195
to keep a week, 196
jelly, for cold meat, ib.
savoury, for venison, ib.
mutton, for venison or hare, ib.
orange, for game and wildfowl, 197
Grouse, to roast, 78
Gudgeon, to boil, 127
to bake, ib.
to fry, ib.
Haddock, to boil, 122
to stew, ib.
to bake, 123
to fry, ib.
to broil, ib.
Haggis, Scotch, 176
Ham, to cure, 26
mutton, to do., 28
to carve, 52
to boil, 65
to bake, 82
to broil or fry, 90
Haricots blanc, 224
Hare, to roast, 80
to bake, 82
mock, 147
to jug, 166
to stew, 167
to pot, 168
to braise, 171
en daube, ib.
Heart, bullock's, to roast, 71
Heart, calf's, to roast, ib.
sheep's, to roast, ib.
calf's and sheep's, to dress, 152
Herrings, to fry, 123
to boil, 124
to bake, ib.
to pickle, ib.
to broil, ib.
Indian corn pudding, 251
mush, 256
hommony, ib.
polenta, 257
biscuits, 277
Irish stew, 140
Jointing, observations and directions relating to, 44, 45, 46
Kale, to boil, 215
Kidney, to broil, 84
to dress, 160
Kitchen, directions for arranging of the, 35
Knives, to clean, 22
Lamb, to carve, 49
to boil, 62
to roast, 74
chops, to broil, 84
to fry, 88
to dress, 160
leg of, with vegetables, 162
breast of, to stew, ib.
cutlets and steaks, 163
shoulder of, stuffed, ib.
head, ib.
fricassee, ib.
sweetbreads, 164
curry of, 177
Lard, directions to, 134
Larks, to roast, 79
Laver, to dress, 224
Lentils, to boil, 223
Lettuce, to stew, 222
Liver, to fry, 90
Lobster, to boil, 128
to eat hot, 129
to pot, ib.
Maccaroni, to dress, 186
paste, to make, 231
pie, 233
Mackerel, to boil, 124
to broil, 123
to bake, 124
to pickle, ib.
Maids, to boil, 122
Marrow, vegetable, to boil, 222
to stuff, ib.
Meat, the season for, 30
to preserve, 23
to salt, 24
Mutton, to joint, 45
to carve, 48
to salt and smoke, 28
leg of, to boil, 61
neck of, to do., 62
leg of, to roast, 70
loin of, to do., ib.
haunch of, to do., ib.
to dress as venison, 71
saddle of, 70
shoulder of, ib.
chops, to broil, 84
to fry, 88
to haricot, 157
leg of, with carrots, 158
loin of, to roll or stew, ib.
shoulder of, 159
breast of, to grill, ib.
neck of, to stew, ib.
kidneys, to dress, 160
chops and collops, ib.
cutlets à la maintenon, 161
to hash, ib.
hunters' pie, ib.
Morels, to stew, 220
Mushrooms, to stew, ib.
Omelets, 181
Onions, to dress, 220
Ortolan, to roast, 78
Ox cheek, to bake, 82
to stew, 139
palates, ib.
to pickle, ib.
tails, to stew, 140
Oysters, to stew, 132
to keep, 133