The English Housekeeper/Index 2

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INDEX (contd).

Pain Perdu, to make, 267
Pancakes, to make, 266
whole rice, ib.
ground rice, ib.
Parsley, to fry, 91
Partridge, to truss and carve, 58
to roast, 77
to broil, 86
to stew, 172
Parsnips, to boil, 219
Pastry, general directions for making, 227
glazing for, 228
iceing for, ib.
Paste, plain, for meat pies, 227
richer, ib.
elegant, ib.
a flaky, 229
puff, ib.
crisp, ib.
good light, ib.
short, ib.
for preserved fruits, 230
raised, for meat pies, ib.
rice, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
for patties, 239
for puddings, 246
Patties, to make, 239
chicken, turkey and ham, veal, 240
rabbit and hare, ib.
beef, ib.
oyster, ib.
lobster and shrimp, 241
Peas, to boil, 217
Perch, to fry, 123
to stew, 124
Pheasant, to truss and carve, 58
to roast, 77
Pickles, observations on the making of, 318
Pickle, walnuts to, 319
gherkins, 320
onions, ib.
cucumbers and onions, 321
cabbage, red, ib.
mangoes, melon, ib.
beet root, ib.
mushrooms, 322
India, ib.
lemons, 323
cauliflower and brocoli, ib.
Pie, meat, 231
venison, ib.
beefsteak, 232
pork, ib.
sausage, ib.
mutton, 233
lamb, ib.
veal, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
calf's head, 234
sweetbread, ib.
pigeon, rook, or moor-fowl, ib.
hare, 235
chicken, ib.
rabbit, ib.
goose, ib.
giblet, 236
partridge or perigord, ib.
pheasant, ib.
a sea, 237
parsley, ib.
herb, ib.
fish, ib.
lobster, 238
herring, eel, mackerel, ib.
shrimp or prawn, 239
salt fish, ib.
rhubarb, 241
gooseberry, or green currant, 241
green apricot, ib.
apple, ib.
codling, ib.
cranberry, ib.
of preserved fruits, ib.
small puffs, ib.
Spanish puffs, 243
apple, ib.
orange, ib.
lemon, ib.
mince, ib.
without meat, 244
a bride's, ib.
Pig, sucking, to roast, 71
to bake, 81
harslet, to fry, 90
to roast, ib.
to collar, 165
head, to roast, ib.
feet and ears, soused, 166
to fricassee, ib.
Pigeons, to roast, 78
to broil, 85
to braise, 169
Pike or jack, to boil, 125
to bake, ib.
Pillau, a, 179
Pipers, to dress, 128
Plate, to clean, 21
Plaice, to fry, 123
Plovers, to roast, 78
Potatoes, to boil, 211
to fry, broil, or stew, 212
to mash, ib.
to roast, ib.
pie, 213
balls, ib.
ragout, ib.
à la maître d'hotel, ib.
a border of, 181
Pork, to joint, 46
to boil, 63
petit-toes, to cook, 64
to salt, 28
to roast, 74
griskin, to ditto, 75
to bake, 81
chops, to broil, 85
bladebone of, ib.
chops, to fry, 88
with onions, 165
to roll, ib.
corned, with peas, 166
Porter, cup, 345
Poor, the, cooking for, 382
Poultry, seasons for, 31
to truss and carve, 54, 55, 56, 57
to boil, 64
to roast, 75
to broil, 85
to dress, 169
Powder, curry, 207
savoury, ib.
horse-radish, 209
pea, ib.
mushroom, ib.
anchovy, ib.
Prawns, to pot, 130
to butter, ib.
in jelly, ib.
Preserves, to make, 303
sugar, to clarify, 304
jelly, currant, ib.
apple, 307
quince, 308
jam, currant, 305
raspberry, ib.
strawberry, ib.
gooseberry, ib.
green, ib.
damson, ib.
rhubarb, ib.
butter, black, 306
fruit, for puddings, ib.
for winter use, ib.
to bottle, ib.
damsons for tarts, 307
marmalade, apple, ib.
orange, 312
quince, 308
cheese, damson, 309
apricot, ib.
orange, ib.
pine apple, ib.
cucumber, 310
strawberries, ib.
raspberries, ib.
strawberries in wine, 311
gooseberries, whole, ib.
morella cherries, ib.
in brandy, 316
cherries en chemise, 311
in syrup, ib.
to dry, 312
apricots to dry, ib.
to preserve, 314
orange chips, 312
to preserve, 313
in brandy, 316
greengages, 314
pears, 315
fruit, to candy, 316
grapes, in brandy, 317
barberries, ib.
Puddings, general directions for making, 245
paste, for meat, 246
beefsteak, 247
suet, ib.
meat in batter, ib.
kidney, 248
fish, ib.
black, ib.
hog's, ib.
apples, currants, gooseberries, cherries,
damsons, rhubarb and plums,
apple, baked, 262
green apricot, 249
roll, ib.
plum, ib.
a Christmas, 250
marrow, ib.
French plum, 251
maigre plum, ib.
bread, ib.
and butter, 252
custard, ib.
little, 253
an excellent, ib.
oatmeal, ib.
batter, ib.
Yorkshire, ib.
potatoe, 254
carrot, ib.
hasty, ib.
buttermilk, ib.
save-all, 255
camp, ib.
pretty, ib.
nursery, ib.
arrow root, ib.
ground rice, 256
semolina, ib.
whole rice, 257
snow balls, 258
Buxton, ib.
vermicelli, 259
sago, ib.
tapioca, ib.
pearl barley, ib.
millet, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
one always liked, 260
cheese, ib.
ratafia, ib.
Staffordshire, ib.
baked almond, ib.
wafer, 261
orange, ib.
lemon, ib.
cabinet, ib.
gooseberry, baked, 262
quince, ib.
Swiss apple, 263
peach, apricot and nectarine, ib.
a Charlotte, ib.
bakewell, 264
citron, ib.
maccaroon, ib.
new college, 265
paradise, ib.
Punch, excellent, 344
milk, ib.
Norfolk, ib.
Roman, ib.
Regent's, ib.
Quails, to roast, 78
Rabbit, to truss and carve, 53
to boil, 65
to roast, 81
to bake, 82
to broil, 84
to fry, 89
with fine herbs, 167
to fricassee, 168
to pot, ib.
to braise, 169
curry of, 176
Welch, 187
Rails, to roast, 78
Ramakins, 184
Recipes, medicinal, 365
Recipe, for the croup, ib.
for weakness of stomach, 366
camphor julep, ib.
for bilious complaints, ib.
a mild aperient, 367
gout cordial, ib.
Hallett's, ib.
for nervous affections, ib.
mustard whey, ib.
almond emulsion, 370
for hoarseness, ib.
plaster for a cough, ib.
bark gargle, ib.
gargle for a sore throat, ib.
for chilblains, 371
burns, ib.
cuts or wounds, ib.
a sprain, ib.
vegetable ointment, ib.
elder, 372
opodeldoc, ib.
carrot poultice, ib.
for weak eyes, ib.
toothache, 373
peppermint water, ib.
soda water, ib.
medicinal imperial, 374
lime water, ib.
seidlitz powders, ib.
medicines to keep in the house, ib.
Receipts, various, 375
eau de Cologne, ib.
lavender water, ib.
milk of roses, ib.
aromatic vinegar, ib.
wash for the skin, 376
pomade divine, ib.
lip salve, ib.
pomatum, ib.
cold cream, ib.
for chapped hands, 377
almond paste, ib.
tooth powder, ib.
curling fluid, ib.
to clean carpets, ib.
silk dresses, 378
to take grease out of silk or stuff, 378
to clean blond, ib.
silk stockings, ib.
floor cloths, 379
stone stairs, ib.
to take oil from stone or boards, ib.
to take rust from steel, ib.
to clean stoves and fire irons, ib.
to clean paint, ib.
to clean papered walls, 380
to clean tin covers, ib.
to clean copper utensils, ib.
marking ink, ib.
ink, to make, ib.
blacking for shoes, ib.
pot pourri, 381
to thicken hair, ib.
to destroy bugs, ib.
paste, to make, ib.
Rice, to boil for curry, 178
border, 181
white pot, 267
rissoles, 180
Roasting, general directions for, 67
roux, white, 192
brown, ib.
Salads, directions for making, 224
lobster, 226
Italian, ib.
Salmon, to boil, 119
to grill, ib.
to bake, 120
to pickle, ib.
to dry, 121
to collar, ib.
to pot, ib.
Salmagundi, a, 131
Salsify, 221
Samphire, to boil, 224
Sandwiches, 185
Sardinias, to broil, 124
Sauces, directions for making, 191
list of, ib.
sauce blanche, 192
white gravy, 194
for game and wild fowl, 197
for goose, duck and pork, ib.
Robert, for broils, ib.
for turkey or fowl, 198
liver, ib.
egg, for poultry and fish, ib.
mushroom, ib.
celery, ib.
rimolade, 199
tomata, ib.
apple, ib.
gooseberry, ib.
cucumber, 200
onion, ib.
eschalot, ib.
partout, ib.
chetna, 201
carrier, ib.
horse-radish, ib.
mint, ib.
for cold meat, ib.
coratch, 202
miser's, ib.
poor man's, ib.
for roast beef, ib.
lemon, ib.
caper, ib.
bread, 203
rice, ib.
sweet, ib.
sharp, ib.
store, for ragouts, ib.
for tench, 204
good store, for fish and stews, ib.
plain fish, ib.
excellent fish, ib.
oyster, 205
anchovy, ib.
shrimp, ib.
cockle, ib.
roe, ib.
Dutch fish, ib.
for devils, 206
Sausages, to fry, 89
to make, 180
Scorzonera and skirrets, 221
Seasonings, directions for preparing, 206
Shad, to broil, 128
Shrimps, to pot, 130
in jelly, ib.
Sippets, to fry, 91
Sick, the, cooking for, 354
chops, to stew, ib.
broth, a nourishing, ib.
calf's feet broth, 355
eel broth, ib.
beef tea, ib.
beef jelly, ib.
shank jelly, 356
for a weak stomach, ib.
bread jelly, ib.
jelly for a sick person, 357
panada, ib.
Gloucester jelly, ib.
port wine jelly, ib.
arrow root jelly, 358
tapioca jelly, ib.
sago, to boil, ib.
gruel, ib.
barley cream, 359
water gruel, ib.
caudle, ib.
rice milk, ib.
mutton custard, ib.
asses milk, 360
onion porridge, ib.
milk porridge, ib.
white wine whey, ib.
rennet whey, 361
vinegar or lemon whey, ib.
mustard, ib.
treacle posset, ib.
orgeat, ib.
lemonade, ib.
barley water, 362
capillaire, ib.
linseed tea, ib.
lemon and orange water, ib.
apple water, ib.
toast and water, 363
drink for sick persons, ib.
saline draughts, ib.
coffee, ib.
chocolate, 364
tea, ib.
Everton toffy, ib.
Skate, to boil, 122
to fry, ib.
Smelts, to fry, 127
to bake, ib.
to boil, ib.
Snipe, to roast, 78
to ragout, 174
Sole, to boil, 116
to fry, 123
Soup, general directions for making, 92
stock, plain, 95
bouilli, ib.
good clear gravy, 96
vermicelli, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
carrot, ib.
turnip, ib.
asparagus, ib.
celery, ib.
julienne, 97
clear, ib.
clear herb, ib.
brown, ib.
plain white, 98
another white, ib.
another, with herbs, ib.
lorraine, 99
onion, ib.
onion maîgre, ib.
green pea, ib.
another, 100
artichoke, ib.
good maîgre, ib.
another maîgre, 111
yellow pea, 101
carrot, plain, ib.
mock turtle, 102
hare, 103, 104
rabbit, 104
game and venison, ib.
knuckle of veal, 105
mulligatawny, ib.
ox-tail, 106
grouse, 107
partridge, ib.
pheasant, ib.
poacher's, 107
hotch potch, 108
pepper pot, ib.
cock-a-leekie, 109
milk, ib.
ox-head, 110
giblet, ib.
stock for fish, 111
lobster, 112
oyster, 113
maîgre, ib.
cray fish, ib.
eel, ib.
Spinach, to boil, 214
au gras, 215
Sprats, to fry, 127
to bake, ib.
to boil, ib.
Stuffing, to make, 187
seasonings for, 188
for veal, 189
poultry, ib.
fish, ib.
goose, ib.
duck, ib.
hare, ib.
pike, 190
Sturgeon, to dress, 121
Suet, to clarify, 88
Sweetbreads, to broil, 84
to fry, 90
to dress, 153, 164
Tankard, a cool, 345
Teal, to roast, 78
Tench, to fry, 123
to stew, 124
Thornback, to boil, 122
Tongue, to pickle, 28
to boil, 66
to stew, 140
Tripe, to boil, 66
to fry, 91
to fricassee, 175
in the Scotch fashion, 176
Trout, to boil, 122
to fry, ib.
to stew, 127
Turbot, to boil, 115
Turkey, to truss and carve, 54
to roast, 75
to braise, 168
to pull, 171
Turnips, to boil, 218
tops, ib.
Veal, to joint, 46
to boil, 63
fillet of, to roast, 73
shoulder of, to do., ib.
loin of, to do., ib.
breast of, to do., ib.
neck of, to do., 74
to bake, 81
to broil, 84
cutlets, to fry, 88
à la mode, 137
fillet of, to stew, 147
neck of, to braise, 148
to stew, ragout, or collar, ib.
olives or rolls, 149
Scotch collops, 150
en fricandeau, ib.
knuckle of, with rice, ib.
granadin of, 151
à la daube, ib.
to haricot, ib.
cutlets à la maintenon, 152
heart, ib.
pluck, ib.
sweetbread, 153
mock turtle, 156
to mince, ib.
to pot, 157
cake, ib.
curry of, 176
Vegetables, the seasons for, 33
directions for cooking, 210
Vinegar, gooseberry, 324
good common, ib.
cider, ib.
of wine lees, 325
cayenne, ib.
Chili, ib.
eschalot, ib.
tarragon, ib.
for salads, 326
garlic, ib.
green mint, ib.
horse-radish, 326
camp, ib.
cucumber, ib.
basil, ib.
raspberry, ib.
Venison, to joint, 44
to carve, 47
to roast, 72
to hash, 164
shoulder of, to stew, ib.
collops and steaks, ib.
Wine and cordials, to make, 337
British sherry or malt, ib.
Madeira, 338
frontiniac, ib.
red currant, ib.
raisin, 339
gooseberry, ib.
elder, ib.
ginger, 340
mountain, ib.
primrose, ib.
cowslip, 341
grape, ib.
parsnip, ib.
almond, 342
cherry bounce, ib.
orange, ib.
brandy, 343
a liqueur, ib.
shrub, ib.
currant rum, ib.
ratafia, ib.
noyeau, 344
usquebaugh, ib.
crême d'orange, 346
raspberry brandy and wine, 347
mulberry brandy, ib.
sherbet, ib.
flip, ib.
egg, ib.
to mull, ib.
posset, the Pope's, 348
Widgeons, to roast, 78
Wheat-ears, to roast, 79
Whitings, to fry, 123
Woodcock, to roast, 78
to ragout, 174