The English and Scottish Popular Ballads/Part 4

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English and Scottish
Popular Ballads

Edited by
Francis James Child

Part IV

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No. 233

Copyright, 1886, by F. J. Child.

The Riverside Press, Cambridge:
Printed by H. O. Houghton and Company.

Upon concluding this Fourth Part, I have to express warm thanks to Mr James Barclay Murdoch for a punctilious recollation of Motherwell's manuscript, and to Mr Malcolm Colquhoun Thomson for again granting the use of the volume. Miss Mary Fraser Tytler, to remove a doubt about a few readings, has generously taken the trouble to make a facsimile copy of Alexander Fraser Tytler's Brown manuscript. Mr Macmath, whose accuracy is not surpassed by photographic reproduction, has done me favors of a like kind, and of many kinds. Rev. Professor Skeat, with all his engagements, has been prompt to render his peculiarly valuable help at the libraries of Cambridge; and Mr F. H. Stoddard, late of Oxford, now of the University of California, has allowed me to call upon him freely for copies and collations at the Bodleian Library. The notes which Dr Reinhld Köhler, Professor Felix Liebrecht, Professor C. R. Lanman, and Mr George Lyman Kittredge have contributed, in the way of Additions and Corrections, will speak for themselves. Miss Isabel Florence Hapgood, translator of the Epic Songs of Russia, has given me much assistance in Slavic popular poetry, and Lieutenant-Colonel W. F. Prideaux, of Calcutta, Mr Frank Kidson, of Leeds, and Mr P. Z. Round, of London, have made obliging communications as to English ballads.

F. J. C.

November, 1886.

83. Child Maurice 263
84. Bonny Barbara Allan 276
85. Lady Alice 279
86. Young Benjie 281
87. Prince Robert 284
88. Young Johnstone 288
89. Fause Foodrage 296
90. Jellon Grame 302
91. Fair Mary of Wallington 309
92. Bonny Bee Hom 317
93. Lamkin 320
94. Young Waters 342
95. The Maid Freed from the Gallows 346
96. The Gay Goshawk 355
97. Brown Robin 368
98. Brown Adam 373
99. Johnie Scot 377
100. Willie o Winsbury 387
101. Willie o Douglas Dale 406
102. Willie and Earl Richard's Daughter 412
103. Rose the Red and White Lily 415
104. Prince Heathen 424
105. The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington 426
106. The Famous Flower of Serving-Men 428
107. Will Steward and John 432
108. Christopher White 439
109. Tom Potts 441
110. The Knight and Sheperd's Daugher 457
111. Crow and Pie 478
112. The Baffled Knight 479
113. The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry 494
Additions and Corrections 495