The New Forest: its history and its scenery

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The New Forest its history and its scenery - frontispiece.png



History and its Scenery.



The New Forest its history and its scenery - title page.png

With 63 illustrations. Drawn by Walter Crane. Engraved by W. J. Linton.

And Two Maps.





Preface vii
I. Introductory 1
II. Its Scenery 7
III. Its Early History 20
IV. Its Later History 39
V. Calshot Castle and the Old South-Eastern Sea-Coast 49
VI. Beaulieu Abbey 60
VII. The South-Western Part.—Brockenhurst, Boldre, Sway, Hinchelsea, and Burley 74
VIII. The Central Part.—Lyndhurst 85
IX. Minestead and Rufus's Stone 91
X. The Northern Part.—Stoney Cross, Bramble Hill, Fritham, Bentley, Eyeworth, Studley, and Sloden 109
XI. The Valley of the Avon.—Fordingbridge, Charford, Breamore, Ibbesley, Ellingham, and Ringwood 116
XII. The Valley of the Avon (continued).—Tyrrel's Ford, Sopley, and Winkton 125
XIII. Christchurch 129
XIV. The Old South-Western Seaboard.—Somerford, Chewton Glen, Hurst Castle, and Lymington 145
XV. The Gipsy and the West-Saxon 158
XVI. The Folk-Lore and Provincialisms 172
XVII. The Barrows 196
XVIII. The Roman and Romano-British Potteries 214
XIX. The Parish Registers and Churchwardens' Books 226
XX. The Geology 234
XXI. The Botany 250
XXII. The Ornithology 258


I. Glossary of Provincialisms 279
II. List of the Flowering Plants 289
III. List of the Birds 307
IV. List of the Lepidoptera 319
Postscript 328
Index 329


The New Forest from Bramble Hill (Sunrise), Frontispiece.
Old Oak in Boldrewood, Title-page.
View in Bushey Bratley 1
The Entrance from Barrow's Moor to Mark Ash 6
The Stream in the Queen's Bower Wood 7
The Charcoal Burner's Path 19
The Cattle Ford 20
View in Gibb's Hill Wood 38
The Millaford Brook 39
The Woodcutter's Track 48
Calshot Castle 49
Norman Doorway at Fawley Church 59
Arches of the Chapter House 60
Pulpit of the Refectory 68
Old Barn or "Spicarium" of Beaulieu Abbey 70
Chapel at St. Leonard's Grange 70
Canopied Niche in St. Leonard's Chapel 73
View in Frame Wood 74
View in the Queen's Bower Wood 84
View in the Great Huntley Woods 85
The Woodman's Path 90
Oaks in Boldrewood 91
Rufus's Stone 96
View from Castle Malwood 108
View in Studley Wood 109
View in Puckpits Wood 112
Yews and Whitebeams in Sloden 115
The Avon from Castle Hill 116
The Avon at Ibbesley 124
Tyrrel's Ford 125
The Avon at Winkton 128
The Priory Church, Christchurch 129
The Norman House, Christchurch 133
The North Porch and Doorway of the Priory Church 144
Chewton Glen 145
Hurst Castle 157
View in Mark Ash Wood 158
The King's Gairn Brook 171
Anderwood Corner 172
Bushey Bratley (another view) 195
The Urns in Bratley Barrow 196
Keltic Urn, Neck of Roman Wine-Vessel, and Flint Knives 206
Barrows on Beaulieu Plain 213
Wine-Flask, Drinking-Cups, and Bowls 214
Necks of Oil-Flasks 218
Necks of Wine-Vessels and Oil-Flask 218
Patterns from Fragments 223
Patterns from Fragments 223
Oil-Flask, Drinking-Cups, Bowl, and Jar 225
Boldre Church 226
Norman Font in Brockenhurst Church 233
The Barton Cliffs 234
Fossils from the Shepherd's Gutter Beds 244
Fossils from the Brook Beds 249
Barrows Moor Wood 250
The King's Gairn Brook (another view) 257
The Heronry at Vinney Ridge 258
Nests of the Honey and Common Buzzard 266
View in Buckhill Wood 276
The Staple Cross 288
Gladiolus Illyricus 306
The Kildeer Plover 318
The Cicada 328

Map of the Old South-Western Sea-Coast to face page 149
Plan of Sloden Hole 216
Section of Hordle Cliff 239
Section of Beckton Cliff 240
Map of the New Forest 276

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.