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FISCHER, fḗshắ′, Paul Henri (1835-93). A French paleontologist and naturalist, born in Paris. Having obtained his doctorate in sciences and in medicine, he was appointed assistant in paleontology at the Museum of Natural History. In 1872 he became assistant naturalist at the same institution. He was at different times president of the Société Géologique de France and the Société Zoologique de France, and in 1880 was a member of the commission for submarine dredging. From 1856 he edited, with Bernardi, the Journal de conchyliologie. His publications include Fauna conchyliologique marine de la Gironde et du sud-ouest de la France (1865; enlarged by a Supplément in 1875), Recherches sur les Actinies des côtes oceaniques de France (1876), and a Manuel de conchyliologie (1885).