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FISCHER, fĭsh′ẽr, Theobald (1846—). A German geographer, born at Kirchsteitz, Germany, and educated at Heidelberg, Halle, Bonn, and Vienna. He was professor of geography at Kiel from 1879 to 1883, when he took the same chair at Marburg. In 1886 he visited the Tunisian Sahara, and in 1888 made a tour through Morocco and Algeria. In addition to numerous contributions to scientific periodicals, his publications include: Raccolta dei mappemondi e carte nautiche del XIII. al XVI. secolo (10 atlases, containing 79 leaves, 1881); Beiträge zur Geschichte der Erdkunde und der Kartographie in Italien im Mittelalter (1886); “Die südeuropäischen Halbinseln,” in Kirchhoff's Unser Wissen von der Erde, vol. iii. (1892).