The Oldest Known Writing in Siamese: The Inscription of Phra Ram Khamhæng of Sukhothai, 1293 A.D.

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Phra Ram Khamhæng of Sukhothai

1293 A.D.



Professor of Rhetoric in the University of California.



THE author gratefully acknowledges his special indebted-to:—H. R. R. Prince Damrong Rajanubhab, Minister of the Interior, for permission to use the resources of the Vajirañana Library and to have free access to the Sŭkhothăi stone, and particularly for his invaluable personal assistance in the identification of places named in the text; to Oscar Frankfurter, Ph. D., Secretary of the National Library, for the generosity with which he has honored every draft made upon the stores of his learning and scholarship, and for his kindly interest, wise counsel, and unwearied helpfulness that have attended every stage of the work; to Phră Măha Wĭcha Thăm and Luang Chănthăramat, his learned assistants, for almost daily help rendered by them in all matters of Siamese philology and archeology; to Mr. R. W. Giblin, F.R.G.S. of the Royal Survey Department, for the reproductions of the text which accompany this paper; and in the North, to Chău Suriyawong of Chiengmai, to Phră Năphi Sipĭsankhŭn of Wat Chieng Măn, and, not least, to Rev. Daniel McGilvary, D.D., for elucidation of many difficult points involving special knowledge of the Lao country, customs, and speech.

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