The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 10

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Chapter X

Pending Alice's reappearance, I debated with myself the important question, what next should I do to her? There was no doubt that I had succeeded in taming her, that I had now only to state my wishes and she would comply with them! But this very knowledge seemed to destroy the pleasure I had anticipated in having her in such utter subjection; the spice of the proceeding up to now had undoubtedly lain in my forcing her to endure my salacious and licentious caprices, in spite of the most determined and desperate resistance she could make! And once she became a dull and passive surrogate of a proud and voluptuous girl, I should practically be flogging a dead horse were I to continue my programme!

But there was one experience which on no account was to be omitted, forming as it did the culmination of my revenge as well as of my lust, one indignity which she could not and would not passively submit to, one crowning triumph over her which she could never question or deny - and this was ... her violation! - the ravishing of her maidenhead!!

Alice was now fully educated to appreciate the significance of every detail of the process of transforming a girl into a woman; my fingers and lips had thoroughly taught her maiden cunt its duty, while my prick, when lodged in the throbbing recesses of her bottom, had acquainted her with the phenomenon of the masculine discharge at the crisis of pleasure, of the feminine ecstasy in receiving it, while her transports in my arms, although somewhat restricted by the circumstances, had revealed to her the exquisitely blissful sensations mutually communicated by such close clinging contact of male and female flesh! Yes! I would now devote the rest of the afternoon to fucking her!

Hardly had I arrived at this momentous decision than Alice came out of her alcove after an unusually prolonged absence. She had evidently thoroughly refreshed and revived herself, and she looked simply fetching as she halted hesitatingly on passing through the curtains, shielding her breasts with one hand and her cunt with the other, in charming shame-faced confusion. Obedient to my gesture, she came timidly towards me; she allowed me to pass my arm round her waist and kiss her, and then to lead her to the table where I made her drink a small tumbler of champagne that I had previously poured out for her, and which seemed to be most welcome to her. Then I gently whispered to her that we would lie down together on the couch for a little rest, and soon we were cosily lying at our ease, she pressed and held amorously against me by my encircling arms.

For a minute or two we rested in silence, then the close conjunction of our naked bodies began to have the inevitable result on me - and I think also on her! Clasping her closely against me, I murmured: 'Now, Alice darling, I think the time has come for you to surrender to me your maidenhead ... for you to be my bride!' And I kissed her passionately.

She quivered, moved herself uneasily as if trying to slip out of my encircling arms, trembled exceedingly, but remained silent.

I made as if to place her on her back, whispering: 'Open your legs, dear!'

'No! no! Jack!' Alice ejaculated, struggling to defend herself, and successfully resisting my attempt to roll her over on to her back, 'let me go, dear Jack! ... surely you have revenged yourself on me sufficiently!' And she endeavoured to rise.

I held her down firmly and, in spite of her determined resistance, I got her on her back and myself on her. But she kept her legs so obstinately closed that in the position in which I was, I could not get mine between them. I began to get angry. Gripping her to me till her breasts flattened themselves against my chest, I raised my head and looked her sternly in the eyes.

'Now, Alice, no more nonsense,' I said brusquely. 'I'm going to fuck you! Yield yourself at once to me and do as I tell you or I shall tie you down on this couch and violate you by force in a way you won't like! Now once and for all, are you going to submit or are you not?'

She closed her eyes in an agony of distress.

'Jack! ... Jack! ...' she murmured brokenly then stopped as if unable to speak in her emotion.

'I can only take it that you prefer to be ravished by force rather than be treated as a bride! Very well!' I rejoined. And I slipped off her as if to rise and tie her down. But she caught my hand; looked at me so pleadingly and with so piteous an expression in her lovely eyes that I sat down by her side on the couch.

'Upon my word I don't understand you, Alice!' I said, not unkindly. 'You have known all along that you were to lose your maidenhead and you have solemnly promised to yield it to me and to conform to all my desires, whatever they might be. Now, when the time has arrived for you to he fucked you seem to forget all your promises!'

'But ... but ...' she stammered, 'I didn't know ... then! ... I thought ... there ... was ... only one way! ... so ... I promised! ... but you ... have ... had me twice ... another way! ... oh! let me off! ... do let me off! ... I can't submit! ... truly I can't ... have me again ... the ... other way ... if ... you must! ... but not ... this way! ... oh! ... not this way!! ...'

With my right hand, I stroked her cunt gently, noting how she flinched when it was touched! 'I want this virginity, Alice! this virginity of your cunt! - your real maidenhead! - and you must let me have it! Now am I to whip you again into submission? Don't be foolish! you can guess how this whip will hurt when properly applied, as it will be. You know you'll then have to give in! why not do so at once, and spare yourself the pain and indignity of a severe whipping?'

Alice moaned pitifully: 'Oh, my God!' - then was silent for a few seconds, her face working painfully in her distress! Then she turned to me: 'I must give in!' she murmured brokenly, 'I couldn't endure ... to be whipped ... naked ... as I am! ... so ... take me ... and do ... what you desire! ... only ... treat ... me as kindly ... as you can! ... Now ... I don't know ... why ... I ask it ... but ... kiss me ... kiss me ... let me think ... I'm ... your wife ... and on ... my wedding night! ... not ...' - she stopped, struggling with her emotions, then bravely put up her mouth with a pitiful smile to be kissed.

Promptly I took her lovely naked form lovingly in my arms, and pressing her to me till her breasts flattened against me, I passionately kissed her trembling lips again and again until she gasped for breath. Then stooping, I repeated the caress on each heaving breast and then on her palpitating cunt, kissing the latter over and over again and interspersing my kisses with delicate lingual caresses! Then I succeeded in soothing her natural agitation at thus reaching the critical point of her maiden existence.