The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 9

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Chapter IX

Presently Alice emerged from her screen, looking much freshened up by her ablutions. She further had taken the opportunity to put her hair in order, it having become considerably disarranged and rumpled by her recent strugglings.

Her face had lost the woebegone look, and there was a certain air of almost satisfaction about her which I could not understand, for she smiled as our eyes met, at the same time faintly colouring, and concealing her cunt with her left hand as she approached me.

I offered her a glass of wine, which she drank, then I passed my left arm round her waist and drew her to the armchair, into which I placed myself, making her seat herself on my thighs and pass her right arm round my neck. Then drawing her closely to me, I proceeded to kiss her ripe lips, to which she made no resistance but gave no response.

We sat in silence for a minute or two, I gently stroking her luscious breasts while trying to read in her eyes what her present frame of mind really was, but unsuccessfully. Undoubtedly, during the ravishment of her bottom, she had tasted some pleasure sufficiently delicious to make her condone for its sake her 'violation à la derrière' and practically to pardon her violator! - what could it be?

I thought I would try a long shot, so presently whispered in her ear, 'Wouldn't you like that last all over again?'

I felt her quiver. She was silent for a moment, then asked softly, 'Do you mean as a further punishment?' steadily keeping her eyes averted from me and flushing slightly.

'Oh! no,' I replied, 'it was so very evident that it was not "punishment" to you,' and I tried to catch her eyes as I pressed her amorously to me. 'I meant as a little entr'acte.'

Alice blushed furiously! I felt her arm round my neck tighten its embrace, and she nestled herself closer to me! 'Not all!' she murmured gently.

'How much then? ... or which part?' I whispered again.

'Oh! how can I possibly tell you!' she whispered back, dropping her face on to my shoulder and snuggling up to me, then throwing her left arm also round me, thereby uncovering her cunt.

I took the hint! 'May I guess?' I whispered.

Without waiting for a reply. I slipped my right hand down from her breasts and over her rounded belly, then began gently to toy with her hairs and caress her slit! Alice instantly kissed me twice passionately! She was evidently hot with lust, inflamed possibly by the dose of cantharides she had unknowingly swallowed!

'Am I right?' I whispered. She kissed me again!

'Then let me arrange you properly,' I said. 'Come, we'll sit in front of the mirror and look at ourselves!' Alice blushed, not quite approving of the idea, but willing to please me.

So I moved the armchair in front of the mirror and seated myself in it. I then made Alice place herself on my thighs, her bottom being right over my prick, which promptly began to return to life, raising its drooping head until it rested against her posteriors. Passing my left arm round her waist, I held her firmly to me. Then I made her part her legs, placing her left leg between mine while her right leg rested against the arm of the chair, my right thigh in fact separating her thighs.

Alice was now reflected in the mirror in three-quarters profile, but her parted legs allowed the whole of her cunt with its glorious wealth of hair to be fully seen! Her arms hung idly at her sides - I had made her promise not to use them.

We gazed at our reflection for a moment, our eyes meeting in the glass! Alice looked just lovely in her nakedness!

'Are you ready?' I asked with a significant smile. Alice wriggled a little as if to settle herself down more comfortably, then turning her face (now all aflame and rosy red) to me she almost shame-facedly nodded, then kissed me!

'Keep your cheek against mine, and watch yourself in the glass, Alice,' I whispered, then I gently placed my right hand on her sweet belly and slowly approached her cunt!

A thrill, evidently of pleasure, quivered through her as she felt my fingers pass through her hairs and settle on her cunt! 'Ah!' she murmured, moving deliciously over my prick as I commenced to tenderly frig her, now fingering her slit, now penetrating her still virgin orifice, now tickling her clitoris - causing her all the time the most deliciously lascivious transports, to which she surrendered herself by licentiously oscillating and jogging herself backwards and forwards as if to meet and stimulate my finger!

Presently Alice became still more excited; her breasts stiffened, her nostrils dilated! Noting this, I accelerated the movements of my finger, at the same time clasping her more firmly to me, my eyes riveted on her image in the glass and gloating over the spectacle she presented in her voluptuous raptures! Suddenly she caught her breath! Quickly I tickled her on her clitoris! 'Oh! ... Oh! ... oh!!!' she ejaculated - then spent in ecstasy, maddening me by the quiverings of her warm buttocks, between which my now rampant prick raged, held down!

I did not remove my finger from Alice's cunt, but kept it in her while she spent, slightly agitating it from time to time, to accentuate her ecstasy. But, as soon as I considered her sexual orgasm had exhausted itself, I began again to frig her. Then an idea flashed through my brain: why should I not share her raptures? Carefully I watched for an opportunity! Soon I worked her again into an awful state of desire; panting with unsatisfied lust and furiously excited (the result of the cantharides!), Alice jerked herself about madly and spasmodically on my thighs! Presently an unusually violent movement of hers released my prick from its sweet confinement under her bottom; promptly it sprang up stark and stiff! Quick as thought, I gripped Alice tightly and rammed myself fiercely into her bottom!! 'No! ... no! ... no! ...' she cried and strove to rise and so dislodge me, but I pressed her firmly down on my thighs and compelled her to remain impaled on my prick, creating a diversion by frigging her harder than ever!!

'Kiss me,' I gasped, frantic with lust under my sensations in Alice's bottom and the sight of her naked self in the glass, quivering, palpitating, wriggling!! Quickly Alice pressed her lips on mine, our breaths mingled, our tongues met, my left hand caught hold of one of her breasts and squeezed it as her eyes closed. An electric shock ran through her! ... then Alice spent frantically, plentifully bedewing my finger with her virgin distillation! - at the same moment receiving inside her my boiling essence, as I shot it madly into her, my prick throbbing convulsively under the contractions of her rear sphincter muscles, agitated and activated by her ecstatic transports.

Oh! the sensations of the moment! How Alice spent! How I discharged into her!!

It must have been a full minute before either of us moved, save for the involuntary tremors that, from time to time, ran through us as our sexual excitement died away! Alice, now limp and nerveless, but still impaled on my prick, reposed on me, my finger dwelt motionless in her cunt, luxuriating in its envelope of warm throbbing flesh! And so we rested, exhausted after our lascivious orgy, both half unconscious!

I was the first to come to myself, and as I caught sight of our reflection in the mirror, the licentious tableau we presented sent an involuntary quiver through me which my prick communicated to Alice, thus rousing her! As she dreamily opened her eyes, her glance also fell on the mirror! She started, became suddenly wide-awake, flushed rosy red, then hid her face in her hands, murmuring brokenly: 'Oh! ... how horrible! ... how horrible! ... what ... have you ... made me do? ...' half sobbing in her shame now that her sexual delirium had subsided, and horribly conscious that my prick was still lodged in her bottom and impaling her. Foreseeing her action, I brought my right arm to the assistance of my left and held her forcibly down, so preventing her from rising and slipping off me.

'What's the matter, Alice?' I asked soothingly, as she struggled to rid herself of my prick.

'Oh! let me go! let me go!' she begged, still with her face in her hands and in such evident distress that I deemed it best to comply and let her hurry off to her bidet, as she clearly desired.

So I released Alice; she slowly drew her bottom off my prick and rushed behind her screen. Following her example, I repaired to my corner and after the necessary ablutions, I awaited Alice's return.