The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 11

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Chapter XI

Thus at last Alice and I found ourselves together naked on the Couch of Love! - she, ill at ease and downcast at having thus to yield up her virginity and dreading horribly the process of being initiated by me into the mysteries of sexual love! - I overjoyed at the prospect of soon ravishing Alice and conquering her maidenhead! Side by side on our backs, we lay in silence, my left hand clasping her right, till she had regained her composure a little.

As soon as I saw she had become calmer, I slipped my arms round her, and turning on my side towards her, I drew her tenderly to me, but still keeping her flat on her back; then I kissed her lips again and again ardently, murmuring lovingly between my kisses, 'My little wifie! ... my wee wifie!' - noting delightedly how her downcast face brightened at my adoption of her fantasy, and feeling her respond almost fondly to my kisses.

'May I learn something about my wifie?' I whispered as I placed my right hand on Alice's maiden breasts and began feeling them as if she was indeed my bride! Alice smiled tenderly, yielding herself to my caprice, and quivering anew under the voluptuous sensations communicated to her by my inquisitive fingers. 'Oh! what little beauties! oh! what darling bubbies!' I murmured amidst fresh kisses! - Alice now beginning to look quite pleased at my using her own pet name for her treasures and commencing to enter almost heartily into my game. I continued to fondle and squeeze her luscious breasts for a little longer, then carried my hand lower down her, but suddenly arrested it, whispering: 'May I?'

At this absurd travesty of a bridegroom's chivalrous respect for his bride Alice fairly laughed (poor girl! her first laugh in that room that day!) then gaily nodded, putting up her lips for more kisses! Overjoyed to see her thus forgetting her woes, I pressed my lips on hers and kept them there, punctuating with kisses the feigningly timid advance of my hand over her belly, till it invaded the precincts of her cunt! 'Oh! my darling! ... oh! my sweetheart! ... oh! my wifie! ...' I murmured passionately as my fingers roved wantonly all over Alice's virgin cunt, playing with her hairs, feeling and pressing insidiously but irritatingly its fleshiness, and toying with her slit but not penetrating it! Alice all the while abandoned herself freely to the lascivious sensations induced by my fingerings, jogging her buttocks upwards, waggling her hips, ejaculating 'Ah!' and 'Oh!' in spite of my lips being glued to hers and nearly suffocating her with kisses!

After a few minutes of this delicious exploitation of the most private part of Alice's body, I stopped my finger on her virgin orifice. 'Pardon me, sweet!' I whispered; then gently inserted it into Alice's cunt as far as I could, as whispered; to assure myself as to her virgin condition, all the time smothering her with kisses. Keenly appreciating the comicality of my proceedings, in spite of the serious lover-like air I was assuming, Alice laughed out heartily, unconsciously heaving herself up so as to meet my finger and slightly opening her thighs to allow it freer access to her cunt, my tongue taking advantage of her laughter to dart through her parted lips in search of her tongue, which she then sweetly resigned to my ardent homage! 'Oh! wifie! ... my wifie! ... my sweet wifie! ... my virgin wifie! ...' I murmured, as if enchanted to find her a maid! 'Oh! what a delicious cunny you have! - so fat! so soft! so juicy! - wifie!! ... oh wifie!! ...' I breathed passionately into her ear, as I agitated my finger inside her cunt, half frigging her and stopping her protests with my kisses, till I saw how I was exciting her! 'Little wifie!' I whispered with a grin I could not for the life of me control, 'Little wifie! shall I ... make you come?' In spite of her almost uncontrollable and self-absorbing sexual irritation, Alice laughed out, then nodded, closing her eyes as if in anticipation of her now fast approaching ecstasy! A little more subtle titillation and Alice spent blissfully on my ministering finger, jerking herself about lasciviously and evidently experiencing the most voluptuous raptures and transports!!

I waited till her sexual spasm has ceased: 'Wifie!' I whispered, rousing her with my kisses, 'little wifie! oh you naughty girl! how you seemed to enjoy it! ... tell me, wifie! was it then so good?' As she opened her eyes, Alice met mine, brimming with merriment; she blushed rosy red, then clasped me in her soft arms and kissed me passionately, murmuring: 'Darling! oh! darling!!' then burst out laughing at our ridiculousness! And so we lay for a few delicious moments, clasped in each other arms.

Presently I murmured: 'Now, wifie! you'll like to learn something about me, eh?' Alice laughed merrily at the quaint conceit, then coloured furiously as she remembered that it would mean the introduction of her virgin hands to my virile organs! 'Sit up, wifie! dear, and give me your pretty hands,' I said.

Alice, now rosy red with suppressed excitement and lust, quickly raised herself to a sitting position at my side. I took her dainty hands in mine, she yielding them rather coyly, turned on my back, opened my legs, and then guided her right hand on to my prick and her left to my testicles, then left her to indulge and satisfy in any manner she saw fit her senses of sight and touch, wondering whether it would occur to her that the fires she was about to excite in me would have to be extinguished in her virgin self when she was being ravished, as before long she would be!

For certainly half a minute, Alice intently inspected my organs of generation, leaning over me and supporting herself by placing her right hand on my stomach and her left on my thigh. I wondered what thoughts passed through her mind as she gazed curiously on what very soon would be the instruments of her violation and the conquerors of her virginity. But she made no sign.

Presently she steadied herself on her left hand, then timidly, with her right hand, she took hold of my prick gently, glancing curiously at me as if to note the effect of the touch of her soft hand on so excitable a part of my person, then smiling wickedly and almost triumphantly as she saw me quiver with pleasure! Oh! the exquisite sensations that accompanied her touch! Growing bolder, she held my prick erect and gently touched my balls with her slender forefinger, as if to test their substance, then took them in her hand, watching me eagerly out of the corner of her eye to note the effect on me! I was simply thrilling with the pleasure! For a few minutes she lovingly played with my organs, generally devoting a hand to each, but sometimes she would hold my prick between one finger and thumb, while with her other hand, she would amuse herself by working the loose folds of skin off and on the knob! At another time, she would place my prick between her soft warm palms and pretend to roll it. Another time she seized a testicle in each hand, oh! so gently! and sweetly caressed them! Had I not taken the edge off my sexual ardour by the two spendings in Alice's bottom, I must have discharged under the tenderly provocative ministration of her fingers! As it was, I had to exercise every ounce of my self-control to prevent an outburst!

Presently I said quietly but significantly: 'Little wifie! may I tell you that between husband and wife kissing not only is sanctioned but is considered even laudable!' Alice laughed nervously, glanced quickly at me, then with heightening colour, looked intently at my prick, which she happened at that moment to be grasping tightly in her right hand, its head protruding above her thumb and fingers, while with her left forefinger she was delicately stroking and tickling my balls! After a moment's hesitation, she bent down, squeezed my prick tightly (as if to prevent anything from issuing out of it), then softly kissed its head! Oh! my delicious sensations as her lips touched my prick! Emboldened by the success of her experiment, Alice set to work to kiss my balls sweetly, then passed her lips over the whole of my organs of generation, showering kisses on them, but favouring especially my balls, which had for her a wonderful attraction, burying her lips in my scrotum, and (I really believe!) tonguing them! Such attentions could only end in one way! Inflamed almost beyond endurance by the play of her sweetly irritating lips, my prick became so stiff and stark that Alice in alarm thought she had better cease her ministrations, and with blushing cheeks and a certain amount of trepidation, she lay herself down alongside of me.

By this time I was so mad with lust that I could hardly control myself, and as soon as Alice lay down I seized her in my arms, drew her to me, showered kisses on her lips, then with an abrupt movement, I rolled her over on to her back, slipping on top of her. In an effort to counteract my attack she separated her legs the better to push me back! Quick as thought, I forced myself between them.

Now is she in the very lists of love, Her champion mounted for the hot encounter. SHAKESPEARE, Venus and Adonis

Alice was at my mercy! I could not have her at better advantage! She struggled desperately to dislodge, me, but to no avail!

Gripping her tightly, I got my stiff and excited prick against the lips of her cunt, then pushing steadily, I drove it into Alice, burying its head in her. Despite her fearful struggles and rapid movements of her buttocks and hips, I made another thrust, entering still further into her cunt, then felt myself blocked! Alice screamed agonisedly, 'Oh! ... oh! stop! ... you're hurting me!' throwing herself wildly about in her pain and despair, for she recognised that she was being violated! Knowing that it was her maiden membrane that was stopping my advance into her, and that this now was the last defence of her virginity, I rammed into her vigorously! Suddenly I felt something give way inside her and my prick glided well up her cunt, and it did not require the despairing shriek that came from Alice to tell me that I had broken through the last barriers and had conquered her virginity!

Oh! my exultation! At last I had ravished Alice, I had captured her maidenhead, and was now actually fucking her in spite of herself! She, poor girl, lay beneath me, tightly clasped in my arms, a prey to the keenest shame, deprived of her maidenhead, transfixed with my prick, her cunt suffering martyrdom from its sudden distension and smarting with the pain of her violation! Pitying her, I lay still for some seconds so as to allow the interior of her cunt to stretch a bit, but I was too wrought up and mad with lust to remain inactive long in such surroundings.

With a final thrust, I sent my prick well home, Alice's hairs and mine interweaving. She shrieked again! Then agitating myself gently on her, I began to fuck her, first with steady strokes of my buttocks, then with more rapid and uneven shoves and thrusts, she quivering under me, overwhelmed by her emotions at thus finding her pure body compelled to become the recipient of my lust and by the strangely delicious pleasure that the movements of my prick inside her cunt were arousing in her! Alice no longer struggled, but lay passive in my arms, unconsciously accommodating herself to my movements on her, and involuntarily working her hips and bottom, instinctively yielding to the promptings of her now fast-increasing sexual cravings by jogging herself up as if to meet my down-thrusts!

Shall I ever forget my sensations at that moment? Alice, the long desired Alice, the girl of all girls, the unconscious object of my concupiscence - Alice lay underneath me, tightly clasped in my arms, naked, quivering, her warm flesh throbbing against mine, my prick lodged in her cunt, her tearful face in full sight, her breasts palpitating and her bosom heaving in her agitation! - gasping, panting in the acutest shame and distress at being violated, yet unconsciously longing to have her sexual desires satisfied while dreading the consummation of her devirginisation! I could no longer control myself. Clasping her yielding figure still more closely against me, I let myself go - thrusting, ramming, shoving and agitating my prick spasmodically in her, I frenziedly set to work to fuck her! A storm of rapid tumultuous jogs, a half strangled 'oh! ... oh!! ... oh!!! ...' from Alice and I spent deliriously into her, deluging her with my hot discharge, at the same moment feeling the head of my prick christened by the warm gush that burst from Alice as she also frantically spent, punctuating the pulsations of her discharge by voluptuous upheavings of her wildly agitated bottom.

I remained master of myself notwithstanding my ecstatic delirium, but Alice fainted under the violence of the sexual eruption for the first time legitimately induced within her! My warm kisses on her upturned face however soon revived her. When she came to herself and found herself still lying naked in my arms and harbouring my prick in the freshly opened asylum of her cunt, she begged me to set her free! But she had not yet extinguished the flames of lust and desire which her provocative personality and appetising nakedness had kindled and which she had stimulated to white heat by the tender manipulations and kisses she had bestowed on my testicles and prick! The latter still remained rampant and stiff and burned to riot again within the deliciously warm and moist recesses of Alice's cunt - while I longed to make her expire again in the sweet agonies of satisfied sexual desire, and to witness and share her involuntary transports and wondrous ecstasies as she passed from sexual spasm to spasm while being sweetly fucked!

So I whispered amidst my kisses: 'Not yet, Alice! not yet! once more, Alice! you'll enjoy it this time!' - then began gently to fuck her again.

'No! no! ...' she cried, plunging wildly beneath me in her vain endeavours to dislodge me, 'not again! ... oh! not again! Let me go! ... stop! ... oh! please, do stop!' she implored, almost in tears, and in terrible distress at the horrible prospect of being ravished a second time.

I only shook my head negatively, and endeavoured to stifle her cries with my kisses. Seeing that I was determined to enjoy her again, Alice, now in tears, ceased her pleadings and resigned herself to her fate.

In order to control more easily her struggles, I had thrown my arms over hers, thus pinioning them in my grip of herself. Seeing now that she did not intend to resist me, except perhaps passively, I relaxed my embrace, set her arms free, passed mine round her body, then whispered: 'Hug me tightly, you'll be more comfy now, Alice!' She did so. 'That's much better, isn't it?' I murmured. She tearfully smiled, then nodded affirmatively, putting up her lips to be kissed.

'Now just lie quietly and enjoy yourself,' I whispered, then began to fuck her with slow and steady piston-like thrusts of my prick up and down her cunt. At once Alice's bosom and breasts commenced to palpitate under me, fluttering deliciously against my chest. Exercising the fullest control I possibly could bring to bear on my seminal reserves, so as to prolong to the utmost extent my voluptuous occupation, and that Alice should have every opportunity of indulging and satisfying her sexual appetites and cravings and of fully tasting the delights of copulation, I continued to fuck her steadily, watching her blushing upturned face and learning from her tell-tale eyes how she was getting on.

Presently she began to agitate her hips and jog herself upwards, then her breath came and went quickly, her eyes turned upwards and half closed, a spasm convulsed her ... she spent! I stopped for a moment. After a few seconds, Alice opened her eyes, blushing rosy red as she met mine. I kissed her lips tenderly, whispering 'Good?' She nodded and smiled. I resumed. Soon she was again quivering and wriggling under me, as a fresh wave of lust seized her; again her eyes closed and again Alice spent blissfully! I saw that I had now thoroughly roused her sexual desires and that she had surrendered herself to their domination and that they were imperiously demanding satisfaction!

I clasped her closely to me, whispered quickly: 'Now, Alice, let yourself go!' And set to work in real earnest, thrusting rapidly and ramming myself well into her! Alice simply abandoned herself to her sensations of the moment! Hugging me to her, she agitated herself wildly under me, plunging madly, heaving herself furiously upwards, tossing her head from side to side - she seemed as if overcome and carried away by a torrent of lust and madly endeavouring to satisfy it. I could hardy hold her still. How many times she spent I do not know, but her eyes were constantly half closing and opening again as spasm after spasm convulsed her. Suddenly she ejaculated frenziedly: 'Now! ... Now! let me have it! ... let me have it all! ...' Immediately I responded - a few furious shoves, and I poured my boiling essence into Alice, spending frantically in blissful ecstasy! 'Ah! ... Ah! ...' she cried, quivering in rapturous transports as she felt herself inundated by my warm discharge! - then a paroxysm swept through her, her head fell back, her eyes closed, her lips opened as she spent convulsively in her turn!

She fainted right away! it had been too much for her! I tried to bring her to herself by kisses and endearments, but did not succeed. So I drew my prick cautiously out of Alice's cunt, all bloodstained, staunched with a handkerchief the blood, etc., that oozed out of Alice and bore unimpeachable evidence of the rape that had been committed on her virginity, and sprinkled her face with water.

When at length she came to, I assisted her to rise, as she seemed half dazed, and supported her as she tottered to her alcove, where she half fell into a low chair. I brought her a glass of wine which she drank gratefully, and which somewhat revived her. Then I saw that she had everything she could want - water, soap, syringe, towels, etc. She asked me to leave her, adding she was now all right. Before doing so, I stooped down to receive the first kiss she would give as a woman, having had her last as a girl. Alice threw her arms round my neck, drew my face to hers, then kissed me passionately over again, quite unable to speak because of her emotion! I returned her kisses with interest, wondering whether she was wishing to make me comprehend that she pardoned me for violating her!

Presently Alice whispered: 'May I dress now?' I had intended to have fucked her again, but I saw how overwrought she was; beside that, the afternoon was late and there was just comfortable time left for her to catch her train home. So I replied, 'Yes, dear, if you like; shall I bring your clothes here?' She nodded gratefully. I carefully collected her garments and took them to her, then left her to herself to dress; pouring out a bumper of champagne, I celebrated silently but exultingly the successful completion of my vengeance and my victory over Alice's virginity, then retired to my alcove and resumed my garments.

In about a quarter of an hour Alice appeared, fully dressed, hatted and gloved. I threw open the doors and she passed out without a word but cast a long comprehensive glance round the room in which she had passed so memorable an afternoon. I called a hansom, placed her in it and took her to her station in plenty of time for her train; she was very silent during the drive but made no opposition when I took her hand in mine and gently stroked it. As the train started, I raised my hat with the customary salute, to which she responded in quite her usual pleasant way; no one who witnessed our parting would have dreamt that the pretty ladylike girl had just been forcibly ravished by the quiet gentlemanly man, after having first been stripped naked and subjected to shocking indignities! And as I drove home, I wondered what the outcome of that afternoon's work would be.