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Works entitled
To —

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To — may refer to:

Anne Lynch Botta[edit]

Anne Brontë[edit]

  • To ------ (I will not mourn thee, lovely one)

George Gordon Byron[edit]

Edmund Cartwright[edit]

  • To ------ (Chained to the oar and hopeless of reprieve)

Roderick J. Flanagan[edit]

John Keats[edit]

  • To (Had I a man's fair form, then might my sighs)
  • To ——— (What can I do to drive away)

Letitia Elizabeth Landon[edit]

Sidney Lanier[edit]

Ewart Alan Mackintosh[edit]

  • To (You have destroyed my early loves)

Edgar Allan Poe[edit]

Epes Sergent[edit]

  • To ---, also called To Egeria (Leagues of blue ocean are between us spread)

Percy Bysshe Shelley[edit]

William Robert Spencer[edit]

  • To —— (Too late I stayed—forgive the crime)

Robert Louis Stevenson[edit]

  • To —— (I knew thee strong and quiet like the hills)

Alfred Tennyson[edit]

Frances Auretta Fuller Victor[edit]

  • To — (Had I not known all that the heart can tell)

Metta Victoria Fuller Victor[edit]

  • To — (The whole of this June day replete with roses.)

William Wordsworth[edit]