Translation:Mishnah/Seder Nashim/Tractate Kiddushin/Chapter 4/4

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Hebrew Text[edit]

הנושא אישה כוהנת
צריך לבדוק אחריה ארבע אימהות, שהן שמונה —
אימה, ואם אימה,
ואם אבי אימה, ואימה,
אם אביה, ואימה,
אם אבי אביה, ואימה.
לויים וישראל מוסיפין עליהן עוד אחת.

English Translation[edit]

One who marries a woman who is Priestly
needs to investigate her [regarding] four mothers, which are eight —
her mother, and her mother's mother,
her mother's father's mother, and her mother,
her father's mother, and her mother,
her father's father's mother, and her mother.
Levites and [ordinary] Jew[s] add on to these another one.