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The Annals of Wales  (13th century) 
Unknown, translated from Latin by Wikisource
Text B
The Annales Cambriae (Annals of Wales) is the name given to a complex of Cambro-Latin chronicles deriving ultimately from a text compiled from diverse sources at St David's in Dyfed, Wales, not later than the 10th century. Despite the name, the Annales Cambriae record not only events in Wales, but also events in Ireland, Cornwall, England, Scotland, and sometimes further afield, though the focus of the events recorded especially in the later two-thirds of the text is Wales.

The B Text was written, probably at the Cistercian abbey of Neath, at the end of the 13th century. It was entitled Annales ab orbe condito adusque AD mcclxxxvi.— Excerpted from Annales Cambriae on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Annals from the Creation of the World to AD 1286