Treaty of friendship and commerce between Great Britain and Siam/Custom house regulations

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Custom House Regulations.

1.A Custom-house is to be built at Bangkok, near to the anchorage, and Officers must be in attendance there between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. The business of the Custom-house must be carried an between those hours. The tide-waiters required to superintend the landing or shipment of goods, will remain in waiting for that purpose from daylight until dark.

2.Subordinate Custom-house Officers shall be appointed to each ship; their number shall not be limited, and they may remain on board the vessel or in boats alongside. The Custom-house Officers appointed to the vessels outside the bar will have the option of residing on board the ships, or of accompanying the cargo-boats on their passage to and fro.

3.The landing, shipment, or transhipment of goods may be carried on only between sunrise and susnet.

4.All cargo landed or shipped shall be examined and passed by the Custom-house Officers within twelve hours of daylight after the receipt at the Custom-house of the proper application. The manner in which such application and examination is to be made shall be settled by the Consul and the Superintendent of Customs.

5.Duties may be paid by British Merchants in Ticals, foreign Coin or Bullion, the relative values of which will be settled by the Consul and the proper Siamese Officers. The Siamese will appoint whomsoever they may please to receive payment of the duties.

6.The Receiver of Duties may take from the merchants Two Salungs per catty of 80 Ticals for testing the money paid to him as Duties, and for each stamped receipt given by him for Duties he may charge Six Salungs.

7.Both the Superintendent of Customs and the British Consul shall be provided with sealed sets of Balance Yards, Money Weights and Measures, which may be referred to in the event of any difference arising with the merchants as to the weight or dimensions of money or goods.

(Signed,) His Royal Highness

(L.S.) Krom HLuang Wongsa Dhiraj Snidh.

(Signed,) His Excellency

(L.S.) Somdetch Chau Phya Param Maha Bijai-Neate.

(Signed,) His Excellency

(L.S.) Chau Phya Sri Suriwongse Samuha Phra Kalahom.

(Signed,) His Excellency

(L.S.) Chau Phaya Phra Klang.

(Signed,) His Excellency

(L.S.) Chau Phya Yomraj.

(Signed,) His Excellency

(L.S.) Harry S. Parkes.
John Bowring.