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Hi! I'm BethNaught (not my real name). I'm an admin on the English Wikipedia but recently I've found my content contributions happening here.

Current projects[edit]

Interesting items[edit]

For proofreading:

For validation:

Past contributions[edit]

Awards for participation
   Proofread: D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow (needs validation)
   Validated: Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna Cscr-featured.svg (proofread by ShakespeareFan00)
   Proofread: A History of Freedom of Thought by J. B. Bury (needs validation)
   Proofread: D. H. Lawrence's Aaron's Rod (needs validation)
   Proofread: The Subjection of Women Cscr-featured.svg by J. S. Mill (validated by Billinghurst)
   Proofread: The Higher Education of Women by Emily Davies (needs images and validation)

Smaller contributions[edit]

   Validated: Wordsworth's The Recluse (fragment; proofread by Londonjackbooks)
   Validated: Thirty years' progress in female education by John Llewelyn Davies (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Validated: An address on compulsory education by Richard Gardner (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Validated: Reform or revolution by Charles Bradlaugh (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Validated: The present and general condition of sanitary science by Edwin Chadwick (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Validated: General James Shields, Soldier, Orator, Statesman by Henry Anson Castle (proofread by Outlier59)
   Validated: A Review of the State of the Question respecting the Admission of Dissenters to the Universities by Edward Denison (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Proofread: A Plea for Atheism by Charles Bradlaugh (validated by Billinghurst)
   Proofread: Humanity's Gain from Unbelief by Charles Bradlaugh (validated by Billinghurst)
   Validated: George Colman & David Garrick's The Clandestine Marriage Cscr-featured.svg (with Londonjackbooks, proofread by EncycloPetey)
   Proofread: Marriage, As It Was, As It Is, And As It Should Be: A Plea For Reform by Annie Besant (needs validation)
   Validated: Considerations on the state of Ireland by John Kells Ingram (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Proofread: The Law of Population: Its Consequences, and Its Bearing upon Human Conduct and Morals by Annie Besant (validated by Ciridae)
   Validated: Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound Cscr-featured.svg tr. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1851 (proofread by EncycloPetey)
   Proofread: Life or Death in India by Florence Nightingale (needs validation)
   Proofread: Una and the Lion by Florence Nightingale (validated by ‎Kathleen.wright5)
   Proofread: Is the Bible Indictable? by Annie Besant (validated by Jasonanaggie and John Carter)
   Proofread: Why I Am a Socialist by Annie Besant (validated by Jasonanaggie)
   Proofread: The Right to Affirm by Charles Bradlaugh (validated by William Maury Morris II)
   Proofread: Mr. Gladstone or Lord Salisbury: Which? by Charles Bradlaugh (validated by Jasonanaggie)
   Proofread: Modern Socialism by Annie Besant (validated by Dick Bos and Victuallers)
   Validated: The land, the people, and the coming struggle by Charles Bradlaugh (proofread by Billinghurst)
   Proofread: Did Charles Bradlaugh Die an Atheist? by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner (validated by Kathleen.wright5)
   Proofread: The Slave Struggle in America by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner (needs validation)
   Proofread: On the Political Status of Women by Annie Besant (validated by Jasonanaggie)
   Proofread: The Legalisation of Female Slavery in England by Annie Besant (needs validation)

I also check previously validated works, though I won't list those here.