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Three lose access in second admin confirmation votes
by Pathoschild, 30 November 2006

The second administrator status confirmation votes scheduled under the Administrator policy, held over the month of November, have revoked administrator status from three inactive users: Ambi (discussion), Apwoolrich (discussion), and GregRobson (discussion).

Pathoschild closed the discussions and asked Zhaladshar to verify the results; the Administrator policy states that only a bureaucrat can make the decision. A removal of administrator status request was posted and granted the same day (see archived request).

The administrator policy enforces regular confirmation votes for all administrators, automatically held one year since their last confirmation. The next confirmation votes are scheduled for December 2006, and will involve BirgitteSB, AllanHainey, Wolfman.

Scheduled confirmations[edit]

Date Scheduled votes
current Ambi, Apwoolrich, GregRobson, ThomasV
December 2006 BirgitteSB, AllanHainey, Wolfman
February 2007 Pathoschild
May 2007 Illy, Danny
June 2007 Bookofjude, Shanel
September 2007 Politicaljunkie
October 2007 Yann, Dovi, Jusjih, Zhaladshar
December 2007 ThomasV, newmanbe

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