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Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help (Archives)
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This is an index of archives; for recent discussion, see Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help. Please do not post new comments on these pages; if you wish to revive a discussion, either move it back to the main page or link to it. Dates correspond to when the discussions were archived. Archiving may have been irregular with some months absent altogether.

For help archiving pages, see m:standard archival system.


Archives from 2006 to 2010 were formerly Wikisource:Requests for assistance. From 2011 to 2013 this page ran concurrently with Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help before they were merged in 2013. In the indices of headings below, those from Requests for Assistance are prefaced by RFA and those from Scriptorium/Help are prefaced by Help.


  • 2006
    Patriot Act | Statute of Monopolies | Utopia | Boris Godunov: Play text | Delete a contribution | U.S. Code | Historical Documents, 'Civil Government Documents' subsection | MORE? | Move to en.wikisource | 2 more questions | New Templates? - Wish list | Aesop's Fables | Optics help | Changing username | Beowulf copyright | Two questions | Links in sources | Image policy | Collections of short stories (specifically The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon) | Division of The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 2007
    How to change category page name? | VfD Template | China Category | Acrobat/pdf reader files? | Delete category | Author:Swami Vivekananda | PDFs? | The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark | Please delete Disputed | Move | Bible | Copyright Status Question | Darkness | Nantoreturns | Other version | Adding Stuff | RARE Book with Missing Pages Please Help! | Author pages
  • 2008
    WikiSource | Renaming | A Century of American Diplomacy
  • 2009
    Category:Decisions-CAGov | Move article | Vandal | Popes | how can i help? | Please Respond On My Talk Page | Delete Page | Renaming articles | Making pre-loading gadget work | Double move requested | I need help translating something from French | Delete page | How to make links of Wikisource articles on Wikipedia article | Author:Francis Andrew March (Sr. or Jr.?) | Principia Discordia article | Editing question | Numbered list question | English | Total noob here wants a file deleted
  • 2010
    Restoration requested | Djvu Page move requested | How do I delete this? | Botched move | How do I rename my UserName | Created a duplicate | Need an image moved to Commons from Wikipedia | Request rename | Help! | Removing the leading "The" from page names | Thinking of installing wikimedia to my Genealogy site...Can I get help? | help - adding texts | Help with TOC and tables
  • 2011
    Help: PAGENAME, BASEPAGENAME, SUBPAGENAME all giving the same output? | Poem running across two pages | Duplication | Page:Horse shoes and horse shoeing.djvu/130 | How to manage an Index that is a collection of different works | Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities editions | Tag Filter into Recent Changes | US & international copyright - legal issue | Help needed, How do I embedd my Google Map or add a link to it in Wikipedia? | Special cases for {{ nop}} | subpage header | Transcription of old map text | Problem with rh or just me? | Getting the number of proofread pages for a work, as an integer? | help with formatting | Indenting | Categories are not showing up | Scanned images don't produce text for proof reading | Bott request | Picture upgrade not taking | Possible to use an image as a border for a DjVu transcription? | Copyright help | hair dyes | 2 questions | about engineering | FBI and US government documents on the Rajneesh movement | European Public Domain Rules | How reliable are's PD assertions? | Rename djvu file | Color coding and arrows in Index and Page namespaces | How to move to a language subdomain? | Article cannot be navigated | Weird problem with page transclusion | Copyright exemptions in China (public domain) | how to get rid of mice and or rats | Category or index? | Category names | A Dictionary of Music and Musicians
    RFA: Request move | How can we create texts with brackets like this? | Rename Request | Shift pages Index:More Tales from Tolstoi.djvu | Flagging Pages | Comments or annotations in margins of page (Sidenotes) | What next? | License free? | Upload | need help with to edit pages | request for an Image move to commons | request for immediate restoration of abusively deleted images | Table | Permission to move images is requested | DJVUs | Problem with djvu upload | Help with Template | Changing username | Swap page in djvu file | Unable to add new text | Would this be wrong to do? | Continuing tables | Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Masonry (Freemasonry) only half there | Restoring a Page to Validated Status? | general public documents and... | Rendering a page in pdf | Requesting page validation | Index:Female Prose Writers of America.djvu
  • 2012
    Help: Re Number of Edits | Re markup skills | Proofread error: "no such file" | Advanced search | Page number links in main space | Found typos/possible ommissions... | images | wikilinks | Problem seeing only half the picture of the page | PDF encoding problem | interlang links | Marshall Claxton painting, "Christ Blessing the Children" | side by side view is not appearing | nop not working | business inteligence | Help help | Where did my article go? | Stupid newbie question | Question on Copyright | Tabular data OCR? | Adding documents to wikisource | I would like to proofread | PDF scan of a book with two pages per PDF page | login name - stupid question - sorry | Help Please | ProofreadPage number/range limitation? | Spurious Sidenote | Index:Southern Life in Southern Literature.djvu | Floating image in center help needed | Table overflowing to next page | Copyright | Help is asked for a sections problem of two consecutive PSM articles | Broken preference in gadgets: Show header and footer fields | Early modern and/or Modern cat | Is there a quick way of seeing which proofread pages I am entitled to validate? | A question from a noob | Table formating | Three page reference includes table | Deprecated use of the gap template uncovered by the thought police! | Yet another copyright question | Book scan not showing | Processing "New Texts" | "No Text" pages | creation of Smithson will | Online Training for Wikisource | Copyright | Kindly let us know list of those gentlemen who contributed by studying various Hindu Texts of ancient culture of India | Fonts for Wikisource Text | Is it possible to display a multi-character sub heading in categories? | Creating a template to be used with a specific book | Cannot properly join two pages | Centering stanzas | Can any American help? | Categorizing the state of a new work | Validating & Running Headers | Looking for a PDF file editor | DB error | Index:History of southeast Missouri.djvu | Ref follow issue | Art search engine? | page scans black | Stats on index files | Folger Shakespeare Library needs help help uploading their collection images | Align left the center part of a running header? | Licensing | Image Guru | Bit of university library subscription site raiding | SRF v Ananda jury Verdict | File to fix | Need file moved to Commons | New license required template at Wikisource article Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: A World that Stands as One | Wrong | Brandon Head.- The Food of the Gods : A Popular Account of Cocoa, 1903 | Best place for a Latin transcription | Image from Google Books needed | Table Help | For someone with a working OCR button | Typos | Couple pages not transcluding | How can I find out the copyright status on this? | Ordered lists using Roman Numerals | Looking for two WS pages | Pagelist not working on index page | Basic question | Lost custom toolbar | Chapter break in notes. | Help with a 1962 book | Style Height | Any rules here? | Apostrophes | The "Help" page | Table divided onto two pages | Template doesn't show up in the assigned category page. | How to define a second indent in a table cell under special circumstances? | Unlocking PSM Volume 1 for correcting the default sort of categories | Just for fun... | Published a new article | Updating Instrument of Government (1974) (Constitution of Sweden) | Wikilivres works | Newspapers | Missing index pages | Request: Guidance editing Index: pages | 1962 Baseball Guide | Just starting out, would like some help double checking my work | symbol needed | New paragraph | Anyone having trouble pulling text layers? | Index text pages | Different images appearing in view/edit modes | How (indeed, should I even try?) to proceed with merged project.
    RFA: Adding a poem | "block infobox" | Tried to remove vandalizing comment and affected format | Sidenotes | One page image not displaying in edit mode | Speedy required | Need help creating a Wikisource Index page | Problem with an article | Issues with original translations | Problematic template | Formatting | Copyright status of speeches by Irish politicians | Adding URL and adding author page | template:hanging indent/s | Match & Split | section transcluding | Gaelic font | Oddity with 2 quotes | Help with diagram | Help with anti-slavery letters | Paragraph numbering | Original translation? | Self-Realization Articles of Incorporation 1935 | superimposing arrows | non-included pages | _note_ notation | Back cover image | Delete non-OCR djvu indices | Uploading | Petition from the King of Rurutu and the Queen of Rimatara and their nobles to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, and to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom | The Mystery of a Hansom Cab | Delete unused category | Transclusion question | How do I remove "Gooble" and "University of XXXX" from .PDF Files? | It's a Colour World | Help - how do I cancel my account | Move over redirect request | Footnote behaving strangely | Trying to create 1-page index returns error
  • 2013
    Help: Noob with questions | adding new books without text layers | Well that's a little strange | text alignment in table that spans two pages | Sectional transclusion using <pages> on PDF. What have I done wrong? | Spanning table and reference problem | Images spanning a two page spread | Legislation Formatting templates | Side-by-side formatting suggestions for Francesca | refs centering in Main, don't know why | Header Trans | "2.B.", "3.B." | Page:Popular Science Monthly Volume 67.djvu/157 | Page:Palestine Exploration Fund - Quarterly Statement for 1894.djvu/8 | {{nop}} question | Wikisource FAQ | Wikisource FAQ areas | Looking for a justified text block template | Table help request | The Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton/Book 1/Chapter 1 | Page blanking edits | [Some] Index page images in The kernel and the husk not appearing on the right hand side in my browser | Edit raw watchlist | Noob needs help | The Clipper Ship Era (1843-1869) | Line numbers | Off [WS]-topic question about 'long s' use | How would you link this? | Odd equal sign problem | The Biographical Dictionary of America | Dotted lines, what is the best way to do it? | Combining pages | .js | Ref revert help | Need help keeping text inline | How do I format the contents and index pages in a work? | {{nop}} vice | Main namespace article header problem | Are bulk file replacements from external sites to Commons possible? | Reaching the index on some works | Confirmation that my contributions are helpful | 1 or 2 Missing page(s) what to do? Continue on ? | The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead) | Bottom-aligned image | File:Mediaevalleicest00billrich_n17.png | Procedural (Image extract): Index:Mediaevalleicest00billrich.djvu | Long s | Hebrew character sizing | Couple issues with Departmental Ditties, etc. | Page with many images and non-regular captions | Transclusion & TOC setup | Need help with file transfer | Book of Common Prayer | Help with adding in a book | Side-by-side table needed | Text and images rotated 90° | Question | File:Ruffhead_-_The_Statutes_at_Large,_1763.djvu | Most of the text completed, can this work be pushed into the mainspace? | Weird dotted box showing up in the middle of the page, cannot find a cause | Rule color | Best practice with page usurpation | Copyright of U.S. Supreme Court oral argument | Page:MALAYSIA BILL (Hansard, 26 Juli 1963).djvu/2 | Help locating a contributor | Database Error | Issue with header=1 | <ref> tags in mainspace | Move Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA) pages to subpages | Warning: Template include size is too large. Some templates will not be included. | Cant open zip files | setting attribute of table columns | Bulk delete request | Translations | Image/caption formatting | Last word of the page repeated on the following page | Letter | Punch's Pocketbook Alamack 1851 | Need help overwriting file on Commons | Rendering in Main | Portal subpage structure problem | Problem with page-spanning formatting template | World Brain by H G Wells | Section 12-1 should have a paragraph break. | Ye | Images of different editions of the same book | Index of Titles transclusion | A question for enlightenment | SCOTUS case with 2 majority opinions | Asking for help with the Custom regex tool | Score Deployed but won't pasre valid notation | Page:The_Army_and_Navy_Hymnal.djvu/32/score | Don't know what to do | Versions of the same book | Hash target link | Translation laden Transcription Projects | Abraham,_Robert_(DNB00) | Books with texts in multiple languages | Annotation(s) | Noisy Scans | Toggle ProofreadPage | Bench_and_bar_of_Colorado_(1917)/Portraits | Footers & Other Questions | Index:The New Latin Primer (Postgate).djvu | Proofreading problems | Greek | Internal link to other ws | Formatting a book's back index | How do I use plain sister to link to 2 wikipedia articles? | Request local file move to Commons | "Margin notice" | Riders of the Purple Sage | A poem with a reference which also contains a poem | Author: pages for "non-standard" author names | how do I make the page tag exclude a section? | Poems with numbering | Img float and unwanted paragraph break |
    RFA: Justified text block template? | How to add a file for inline reference | Problem logging in as User:Thekohser | <page index> doesn't recognise the existing .djvu source | References appear at the top of the page | Need help getting scans| Need help getting scans | Byrd speech as actually spoken | Pagelist for a book with two page numbers on each page | HathiTrust | Customisation of the vector toolbar | Kubla Khan contributor note | Agriculture, farm tractors from beginning to present | OTRS issue? | TOC tweak | Anyone using Linux for Proofreading? | Transwikify:Tagore to surendra nath banerjee to Hindi Wikisource or Wikipedia. | Quot mark size before drop initial | nsPage: OCR is not displayed | OGL and Wikisource? | Short title template | Removing match arrows from a page? | Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan | alignment of cells in table | .1 Pages missing in text | Cannot create top category | An unpreviewable/savable page? | Poem and {{hanging indent}} not playing nicely together | No 'next' appearing | Odd char in Portuguese appendix | Problematic PSM volume 81 | Need help getting scans | First document! Need help | Multi-volume format | Can't change email address in Preferences | Syntax changes while editing | Audio in text on Download as EPUB | Code error| MediaWiki:Edittools special characters accessibility | The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin | Page formatting request | Main namespace issue due to followed reference and hws/hwe | Using Lua for random selection | Fixing Scans | Fine block/s & /e trouble | Few, yet enough (Dickinson) | Finishing A Father's Memoirs of his Child | Requesting Help, *Please*. | Index page not displaying page status | Complicated nested ref thingy | Page template not producing page link | Table is forced int the footer as a reference are no reference tags | "en français dans le texte" | Illustrations which occurs as separate pages interrupting text | MY ACCOUNT IS MESSED UP BAD, VERY DIFFICULT, SCRAMBLED TEXT, PROBABLY THE BETA, PLEASE FIX | Next Chapter Start middle of the page | An Essay on the Age and Antiquity of the Book of Nabathæan Agriculture | Lost the custom edit toolbar . . . . help please | Custom scripts missing but come back after page purge | Uploading history books | Standard Practice about WS:Style | Page namespace | Overly complicated HTML formatting | Editing Titles | Little problem in Audubon and His Journals | "Sidenotes" or not? aka The complexities and consistency of wife and life - or China & the Yann Dynasty | Mainspace | Image is ten times larger than the specified size | A transclusion begs to corrected | Main namespace page link to scans index is missing | Syed Shareef Hussain | PSM article default display layout | Typsetting sums | Separator template | Need an alt. to {{rule}} that won't break the block center/s/e templates | Page:Sheet_Metal_Drafting.djvu/38 | DAISY FORMAT IN OTHER LANGUAGES | Table continuation over page break broke | TOC TLC | What title to use? | Where to put a proposed text?
  • 2014
    HotCat not functioning? | TOC Formatting | Inclusion guidelines for American poems published 1881. | Songbook transclusion help | Index page TOC and length | Error | Sidenotes pointer request | Layout display question | Index:Agreement relating to Malaysia (1963) Malay Texts.djvu | The ongoing saga of the sidenotes | help with formatting table of contents | How to add "as of" date? | Newspaper reports | How to mark a duplicate for deletion? | Toolbars shift their position in the editor | Useless Toolbar Buttons vs User defined buttons | Overfloat image | Can someone please help with some basic HTML? | page break and left margin | oe or ae? | Missing images? | Viewing page links in a sandbox | A problematic PSM Volume | May I share a document with Wikisource? | Digraph issue | Table transclusion/formatting help | Formatting error | Can I upload these scans to Wikisource? | File upload help request | Request for help with TOC page listing | Non english charecters... | Weird typesetting issue | Integrating plate images into mainspace | Oversized mathematical operators in print | Quick access icon link to the Commons is gone from WS images | PROOFREADPAGE - Both the default and auto edit-summary texts based on status no longer being populated | Unpublished works of unknown authorship | How to prepare this text from for proofreading | Showing thumbnails of pages | Category for materials under CC0 | text formatting help | Couple minor works pending help | Poems and page breaks | Paragraph break not visible | Google page removal | Quick poll on Unicode use | Proofreading alignment issue | Tables broken in MULTIPLE works | Two pages per image | TOC formatting help | The Public General Statutes (1896)/Table VI | What titles to use? | A couple of questions from a new person. | "Transclusion limits", etc. | 1936 posthumous British text might still be copyright in the United States - please check | Things have changed... need some help | On the use of long s | Historical scientific papers and monographs? | An Index move/renaming help is asked for | Transcluded page is not linking to moved Index pages. | Revalidate Page:A Plea for the Middle Classes.djvu/22 | {{bar|1}} | {{td}},{{tr}},{{te}} | Re validation request | Costly templatws | Page:Bradshaw's Monthly (XVI).djvu/32 ‎ | Title | Robert Fortune page | Need help with a TOC design problem. | Copyright status of scientific paper | mistake in validated page | Does this project have a highlight / hilite function? | Getting texts validated | Few clarifications and doubts on Wikisource | Asking for help in correcting a template | Multiple documents in one source file | Missing Colours | References to Wikisource from Wikisource | Table formatting | Extra headings | A linking and transclusion problem to server caching? | Template:Sn-paragraph | Re-indexing of djvu-file necessary? | Formatting trouble on Page:The English hymnal (1906).djvu/5 and Page:The English hymnal (1906).djvu/6 | Braces spanning two rows in a table? | lead words | Floating page link page breaks incorrect | Index:Historical Works of Venerable Bede vol. 2.djvu | Table help - how do I do it? | Extra sub-headings | Index:Goody Two-Shoes (1881).djvu | Index:John Wycliff, last of the schoolmen and first of the English reformers.djvu | Issue with char insert | Quick access icon link to the Commons is gone from WS images - redux | PDF->Djvu conversion request | Index:The music of Bohemia.djvu | Image extraction | Under copyright or not? | Text files | Mediawiki bug? | US Senator reposts his own article from Wired Magazine | History of Ancient Greek Literature | Problematic three page poem layout fail | Indent/text-indent and page breaks | A problemat when using {{Hanging_indent#Spanning_multiple_pages}} | Poem in a table across a page break | Offences Against the Person Act 1861 | Missing pages from IA scan | Index:The New Latin Primer (Postgate).djvu | Index:Ségur Old French Fairy Tales.djvu | Guidance transcribing my first book | Empty category for Author pages not connected to Wikidata? | how do I add combine 4 individual PDFs into one "source"? | Old French Fairy Tales | Forth Bridge (1890).djvu | Page numbers aren't color-coded on index page
  • 2015:Can pages with mixed up words be redone ?|Page:A_Treatise_on_Electricity_and_Magnetism_-_Volume_1.djvu/123|Legal status of Wikipedia "public domain" designation|Image/Caption formatting|Starting/ending sections mid-paragraph|Blanks|Editions page|Image on a dedicated page, no paragraph break|How to clear 'Error: No such file'|Multiple references to the same footnote|Interrupt page highlight|Correct mistake in TOC|Goliad Declaration of Independence.djvu|Double hyphen for hyphenated words across pages with hyphen|correct mistakes|Can not insert characters|Table across pagebreak|Delayed loading of the scan in edit mode.|Index:The London Gazette 19345.djvu|Index:Our Sister Republic - Mexico.djvu|Help would defeat the triumph of ignorance|After Action Report 770th FA|May I submit my own Illustrations?|May I submit a book which was published in 1965?|Title page formatting|Text on top of image|Is this regular or italicized Greek?|The Dream of Life poem|Correspondence between Gandhi and Tolstoj|May I submit paid old news article?|Why no automatic ocr text layer ?|Whitespace below {{overfloat image}}|Missing features in non-English Wikisource?|Corruption in {{overfloat image}}?|Is this regular or italicized Greek?|Can legal papers be published?|Small help with my first text|OCR button has disappeared|Is this a table?|OCR button has disappeared|Charinsert bar disappeared|Is this regular or italicized Greek?|Incomplete author page|The Pilgrims' Halt|Page:Adapting_and_Writing_Language_Lessons.pdf/401|Index progress bar|Error: Numeric value expected|Incomplete author page|Index:The New Latin Primer (Postgate).djvu (pp 196, 198).|What does this mean?|When to use 'uc' template to transform text to uppercase|Possible Cite.php bug encountered with Table 4-12 in Index:NIOSH Hazard review of Carbonless Copy Paper.pdf|'Wikisource does not have a page with this exact name'? Oh?|Index:Egyptian self-taught (Arabic) (1914).djvu (p6,7)|Can an image taken from a historical US official book be uploaded?|remove boilerplate before adding new text|How do I cancel specific electronic-mail notifications?|Transcribing a tune|Same reference for three refs?|why was Military%E2%80%93Industrial_Complex_Speech deleted|Why is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License missing in the Licensing of the Upload-Wizard?|Moving an image from Wikipedia to Commons|I have made excellent PDFs of Public Domain books.|Should we recreate line diagrams or use original scans?|Can not find my book (PediaPress)|Wikisource displays with the wrong resolution|Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department (2015)|Index:Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature (1911).djvu|Seeking Advice/tips on Table formatting|Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington|Should complete newspapers be uploaded when only 1 or 2 articles are significant?|what happens when index file is changed?|How can this page be re-created ?|Images needed|Stacked images|Anthypophora (and Relatives)|Author:Horatio Gordon Hutchinson and Author:Horace Hutchinson|US copyright for non US works, some questions|Replacement of a wrong djvu page image?|Cannot access wmflabs from the link on the index page|Need help changing the title|Request to (Re-)OCR a page|Manly Hall book.|How would you create a table of contents for The Philosophical Review|Centering of tables|Help me, please|Table of content with dotted listing|Handwritten footnote|Several DjVu source files affected by Page namespace crash|Small letter a with diaresis and accent|DjVu doesnt upload to Commons|Add all subpages to your watchlist|Image or template for the "printer's fist" ?