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Story of the Day

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This is a list of approved mottos that have achieved consensus at the nominations page.


To add an approved story:

  1. Make sure the story's discussion has been added to the most recent nominations archive. If it hasn't been added, cut and paste the entire discussion to the top of the archive.
  2. Add the motto to the bottom of the appropriate section of this page. Be especially careful to check for any alternative versions (edits) in the discussion. If consensus favors an alternative version, add it to the list instead of the original nomination.

To schedule an unused story:

  1. Select the story the appears at the top of this page.
  2. Go to the schedule page, and decide which day needs a new story. Select the earliest day that doesn't have a story.
  3. Move the story into a new subpage in the form of Wikipedia:Story of the day/MONTHNAME DAY, YEAR (Example: Wikipedia:Story of the day/January 1, 2000).
  4. link the subpage in the schedule page (if it isn't already) with its respective date.
  5. Remove the story from the list on this page. Do not archive it.