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Story of the Day

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Before doing anything, read through the list of scheduled mottos and its archives to avoid submitting an identical story. Your story should also meet the criteria listed below.

Story criteria[edit]

Your Story should:

  • Reflect the community or purpose of Wikipedia.
  • Be short; at less than 100 lines is preferable though not neccesary.
  • Be interesting.
  • Be censored; if neccesary
  • Be in the public domain

Your story should not:

  • Be offensive or inflamatory.
  • Be copyrighted

Tip: avoid rarely used words that not everyone will understand. Remember, a lot of non-English speakers read Wikipedia.

Nomination procedure[edit]

To nominate a story for review, simply add it at the top of the In review section using this code:

===Name of story ===
Story, list origin of the story, your comments, link too a website in the public domain with it for example,   ~~~~
*<First comment goes here>
**<Any replies get indented again>

==== Edit 1 of Example story ====
'''Edit 1'''. Reason for edit, what was changed, etc. ~~~~
  • Anyone can vote for approval. Simply vote Support or Oppose ('''Support''' or '''Oppose'''), and, if possible, leave a reason. Remember to always sign your posts on discussion pages.
  • Please note that this page uses the bulleted voting style, the same as on Featured picture candidates.
  • If you find a motto that is the same or similar to a previously nominated motto, please leave a comment on the new nomination that links to the old nomination, so that others will be able to compare the two.
  • After 14 days, it’s decision time—the motto will be moved to the top of the Awaiting decision section. Anyone uninvolved in the discussion is welcome to judge the consensus to either accept or reject a motto. See below for the procedure on how to do this.

Closing procedure[edit]

To close a nomination, choose from stories in the Awaiting decision section. If consensus favors Support of the story, add '''Approved'''. (reason) ~~~~ to the bottom of the discussion (without the bullet). If vice versa, add '''Rejected'''. (reason) ~~~~. Then, move the entire discussion to the Decisions to be acted on section. If the margin of votes is too close to determine consensus, or if there aren't enough votes, move it to the top of the In review section, and mark at the bottom of the discussion, '''Reopened'''. (reason) ~~~~.

To archive a nomination, first make sure that a decision has been made based on consensus. Cut and paste the entire discussion to the top of the latest archive. Then, if the story was approved, add it to the bottom of the appropriate section of the approved page. Be especially careful to check for any alternative versions (edits) in the discussion. If consensus favors an alternative version, add it to the list instead of the original nomination.

Awaiting Decision[edit]

Decisions to be acted on[edit]

In Review[edit]