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WikiProject US Code

WikiProject US Code is a community collaboration that aims to complete and standardize the United States Code. Feel free to add your name to the list of participants, even if you're not sure where you can help yet.









Reference code redirects


{{USC}} links to redirects in Category:United States Code by reference code, which greatly simplify linking to sections using the standard USC reference code (<title#>USC<section#>). See the category page for more details.

{{USC}} currently to an old series of "WikiProject" redirect pages, and was developed before a decision was made to rename all the US Code pages. I have begun {{USCX}} with a view to eliminating the extra redirect, and ultimately deprecating the "USC" template as it now operates. At some later time the two templates could be merged. Any migration from the currently used template should be done carefully to ensure that pages using the template link correctly. Eclecticology (talk) 17:59, 15 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]
Title 1 done.
Title 2 in progress.
Title 3 not done.
Title 4 not done.
Title 5 not done.
Title 6 not done.
Title 7 not done.
Title 8 not done.
Title 9 not done.
Title 10 not done.
Title 11 not done.
Title 12 not done.
Title 13 not done.
Title 14 not done.
Title 15 not done.
Title 16 not done.
Title 17 done.
Title 18 not done.
Title 19 not done.
Title 20 not done.
Title 21 not done.
Title 22 not done.
Title 23 not done.
Title 24 not done.
Title 25 not done.
Title 26 not done.
Title 27 not done.
Title 28 not done.
Title 29 not done.
Title 30 not done.
Title 31 not done.
Title 32 not done.
Title 33 not done.
Title 34 (no content)
Title 35 done.
Title 36 not done.
Title 37 not done.
Title 38 not done.
Title 39 in progress.
Title 40 not done.
Title 41 not done.
Title 42 not done.
Title 43 not done.
Title 44 not done.
Title 45 not done.
Title 46 not done.
Title 47 not done.
Title 48 not done.
Title 49 not done.
Title 50 not done.

Complete titles


Title 1

Editors Pathoschild
Status Nonstandard, missing links

Starting Title 1; complete, but nonstandard and some references to other sections not linked. —{admin} Pathoschild 18:18, 5 January 2007 (UTC)

Title 17

Editors Tamstro99
Status complete

Some internal links within Title 17 are presently broken; will fix. —Tarmstro99 17:25, 9 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Fixed. Tarmstro99 18:18, 26 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Title 35

Editors Tamstro99
Status complete

Style guide


The United States Code is a sprawling text, easily the largest work on Wikisource. It's organization makes it extremely difficult to work with unless pages on Wikisource follow a central set of standards. This section lays out a proposed style guide for the United States Code.

Page naming


Pages are organized as subpages, with a slash designating each level; for example, United States Code/Title/Part/Chapter/Section. See the list of United States Code pages to see how the pages are organized.

Note that sections should be merged into the upper level if they are short enough. For example, the individual sections in Chapter 37 are on the Chapter 37 page.

  • Suggestion: for organizational purposes, might a simpler structure (Title/Chapter/Section) suffice? Not all the Titles are divided into Parts, and where they are, the names given to those levels of organization vary (some are labeled “Parts,” others are “Subtitles”; sometimes they are numbered with uppercase Roman numerals, other times with capital letters) and they share few common features from one Title to the next. In contrast, the organizing motif of Titles, Chapters, and Sections is shared by the entire Code. Part- or Subtitle-level divisions can be marked in the Title table of contents (as, for example, in the table of contents of Title 31), but nothing is lost (and shorter page titles are gained) by omitting them from the page names in favor of Title/Chapter/Section. Tarmstro99 18:35, 26 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
    • There is a problem with merging sections. When someone links to a section, as when creating links in a court report, that person cannot be expected to know that sections have been combined. It would put an additional burden upon him to determine whether a red link is because of combined sections or simply because the section has not yet been included in Wikisource.

Every page should have the following template at the top (change the content as appropriate). Links should use relative link syntax ([[../]]).

  • title: The title number used for categorization.
  • section: The hierarchy of the current page with links (title, part, chapter, section, et cetera).
  • previous: The previous page in the current level.
  • next: The next page in the current level.
{{header/US Code
 |title    =
 |section  =
 |previous =
 |next     =

{{header/US Code
 |title    = 18
 |section  = [[../../|Title 18]], [[../|Part I]], Chapter 37
 |previous = [[../Chapter 36|Chapter 36]]
 |next     = [[../Chapter 38|Chapter 38]]