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WikiProject Barack Obama

An extension of Wikipedia's WikiProject Barack Obama (WP:OBAMA).


This WikiProject is an extension of Wikipedia's WikiProject Barack Obama, to give us a place to index the large number of relevant source works here. Participants are encouraged to create accounts on both Wikipedia and Wikisource, and sign up both here and at the parent Wikipedia project. Our interests here include the works of Barack Obama; works of his administrative officials during his presidency; and laws, executive orders, and other public statements issued subject to his approval.

Many important source texts are freely available from The White House or Congress. Placing them on Wikisource allows volunteers to:

  • Add links to Wikipedia and related texts on Wikisource
  • Add inline references to allow readers to follow up on facts cited
  • Create more stable links than the government sites (After all, the White House site will be redesigned within eight years, and many links are temporary)

Open tasks[edit]


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Mike Serfas (talk) 04:39, 11 February 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  2. Count me in for any collaboration. John Vandenberg (chat) 03:24, 3 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]


By quality:[edit]

See Wikisource:Text quality for full criteria.

Note: Unless we know a document has been proofread and checked for vandalism it is only rated "complete", so many of those documents are really in very good shape.


Basic help[edit]

Adding w: or s: before a Wikilink specifies Wikipedia or Wikisource. Adding the keyboard character | at the end of a Wikilink suppresses display of this prefix.

  • Use
    [[w:Barack Obama|]]
    to generate Barack Obama, to link to Wikipedia from Wikisource.
  • Use
    [[s:Author:Barack Obama|]]
    to generate Author:Barack Obama, to link to Wikisource from Wikipedia.

Warning: links between Wikipedia and Wikisource will not show up in red if the target is missing, so be sure to double check each one.


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This page is part of a project to put the works of Barack Obama and his administration online. If you'd like to help out then please see the Project Page. Quality: