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The purpose of this WikiProject is to coordinate social media efforts on behalf of Wikisource. "Managers" have the right and responsibility to administrate Wikisource's social media pages. Contributors have the right to add content on certain social media sites including Facebook (pending).

To become a manager, a user must be elected by a unanimous vote of at least 8 Wikisource users. To become a contributor, a user need simply request access from a manager in a private email. (You will need to provide your social media profile name, usually your real name.) One responsibility of managers is therefore to vet contributors by examining their contribution history at Wikisource. Users who have been previously banned, blocked, or otherwise penalized in a disciplinary action on Wikisource (or globally) should not be made contributors.

Online social networks[edit]

See Meta:Microblogging handles for a full list of accounts and who maintains them.
Social network Wikisource material Notes
Facebook Wikisource Not administered by this project
Reddit Wikisource Not administered by this project
Tumblr English Wikisource No longer exists
Twitter @wikisource, others...
Twitter @wikisource_en (m) AJohnson (WMF) (a) Samwilson, Londonjackbooks, Charles Matthews, Billinghurst



  • Eliyak (transitional government)