An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/June

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The earth has blossomed, and for and near
A languid mood o'er the land has spread;
On the heath, a radiance golden-clear
Mingled with rain of heaven is shed.

The blossoming fields in the distance are gleaming,
A waggon has passed. The acacia scent
From somewhere is waited. A bird pipes a-dreaming.
The air is athrob, with the sun's heat blent.

The chirping of crickets is home along;
A hut on the hill-side. The buzzing bees throng
Into the clover and white camomile.

And thou art happy—thou seemest to see
How a woman is held in embrace by thee,
And thou lovest and lovest and lovest the while.


"Chants of Dreams and the Fragrance
of Spring
" (1905).