An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/Blue Evening

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For works with similar titles, see Blue Evening.

Emanuel Lešetický z Lešehradu (b. 1877).




A veil upon my soul doth lie,
Come, we to the garden together shall hie.
There, where the light of the moon is flowing,
The petals of gleaming lilies are blowing,
And elves to guitars that faintly sound
In the long avenues dance around.

Lo, fragrant scents from the garden fly,
To gather the mint-sprays let us hie.
'Mid their dancing the wan elves disappear,
Within the long avenues 'tis drear,
And the castle amid the evening rays,
On its image in the lake doth gaze.

Yea, we must dance where none is nigh,
Come, we to the garden together will hie.
The fountains of night send forth their notes,
Blue evening o'er the country floats:
And let its golden laughter loom
Where lilies and begonias bloom.


"When Roses Bloom" (1904).