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William Ruskin Butterfield

English schoolteacher, ornithologist and curator of Hastings Museum


  • Butterfield, William Ruskin (1905). "Remarks upon some Theories in regard to the Migration of Birds". Novitates zoologicae 12: 15–20.  (external scan)
see also: J.A.A. (July 1905). "Butterfield on Migration". The Auk 22 (3): 325–328.  (JSTOR)
  • — (1906). A plea for the further recognition of subspecies in ornithology. London. 
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  • — (1911). A handbook to the collections contained in the Corporation Museum, Hastings. Hastings: F.J. Parsons. 
  • — with Davenport, Cyril (1913). Catalogue of an exhibition of British needlework from the 16th century onward: Held at the Hastings Museum from 24th October to 29th November 1913. Hastings: F.J. Parsons. 
  • — (c. 1935). History of the St. Clement's Caves, Hastings. Hasting. 

Contributions to The Auk[edit]

Contributions to The Zoologist[edit]

4th series, vol 1 (1897)[edit]

4th series, vol 2 (1898)[edit]

4th series, vol 3 (1899)[edit]

4th series, vol 4 (1900)[edit]

  • —. 'Occurrence of the Melodious Warbler in Sussex,' issue 713 (November), p. 518 (section 'Notes and Queries')
  • —. 'Great Skua (Megalestris catarrhactes) in Kent,' issue 713 (November), p. 521 (section 'Notes and Queries')

4th series, vol 5 (1901)[edit]

  • —. 'Occurrence of the Willow-Tit in Sussex, issue 715 (January), 'p. 29/30 (section 'Notes and Queries')
  • —. 'Breeding of the Blue-headed Wagtail in Sussex, issue 724 (October), 'p. 389 (section 'Notes and Queries')
  • —. 'Occurrence of the Broadbilled Sandpiper in Sussex,' issue 724 (October), p. 390 (section 'Notes and Queries')

4th series, vol 6 (1902)[edit]

  • —. 'Motacilla beema in Sussex,' in: issue 732 (June), p. 232 (section 'Notes and Queries')

About W.R. Butterfield[edit]

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