The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)

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The Zoologist (1897) edited by W. L. Distant
4th series, vol. 1
3469711The Zoologist — 4th series, vol. 11897
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It is an old remark that every book has many authors; it is one that is exceedingly applicable to 'The Zoologist,' and we congratulate our contributors on the volume they have produced for 1897.

Our pages in the record of observations may be said to exhibit the essence of co-operation, for our contributors do not only write about animals, but absolutely seem to live and work with them. This is the aim and ideal of 'The Zoologist.' We do not propose to merely interpret, but really to reveal the secrets and the polity of the animal life that is around us.

The present volume contains much of great interest in British Ornithology. We have recorded the undoubted occurrence of Hypolais polyglotta in Sussex; articles have appeared on the capture of Pallas's Willow Warbler, Phylloscopus proregulus, in Norfolk towards the end of last year, while from Cambridgeshire was announced the acquisition of an Albatross, Diomedea melanophrys, and a recent communication shows that little doubt can be entertained that a specimen of the Mediterranean Herring Gull, Larus cachinnans, was shot in Norfolk in 1886. Ornithology has again held the place in our Magazine which it has so long done, and 'The Zoologist' appears to be still considered the recognised and suitable vehicle for avian observations.

The Order Pisces has received increased attention, and in British Zoology the very fact of our sea-girt realm should give to the study of Fishes a peculiar significance and interest. We trust this study may extend to other marine animals, and that sea-shore naturalists may seek more publicity.

There are still many neglected orders of British Animals which we hope to see receiving more attention in our pages. Earthworms have come to the front in the present volume, and there is a probability of Crustacea affording some material during the ensuing year. The Insecta have their own special Magazines, with which we have no desire to compete, but the natural history of insects cannot, and will not, be considered as a foreign subject to the aim and scope of 'The Zoologist.' The annals of Early Man in Britain have been commenced, and will be continued, while we confidently believe that the subject will increase in interest and detail.

We must also refer to the valuable contributions we have received to the Zoology of South Africa, Australia, the West Indies, and British India, and our expectations are that the "Foreign Intelligence" will suffer no diminution in the future.

In conclusion, the Editor, in acknowledging his obligations to the contributors, very heartily offers both them and the readers all the compliments of the season, with the best zoological wishes for the new year.

Contents of Issues

Contents of The Zoologist, 4th series, vol. 1 (1897)
Issue 667 (January, 1897)
Distant, W.L. Editorial Address   1
Dresser, H.E. Recent Additions to the British Avifauna   5
Southwell, T. On the Occurrence of Pallas's Willow Warbler in Norfolk   8
Brabrook, E.W. Man in Zoology 13
Cordeaux, J. Notes from Norway 22
Distant, W.L. Notes on the Chacma Baboon 29
Notes and Queries 33
Notices of New Books 37
Editorial Gleanings 44
Issue 668 (February, 1897)
Lewis, A.L. Neolithic Life in Devon and Cornwall 49
Southwell, T. Notes on the Seal and Whale Fishery, 1896 56
Salter, J.H. Ornithological Notes from the Rhine 61
Ralfe, P. On Manx Bird-names 71
Severin, G. Museum Reports-I: Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique: Brussels 80
Notes and Queries 83
Notices of New Books 90
Editorial Gleanings 95
Issue 669 (March, 1897)
Cronwrigth-Schreiner, Samuel C. The Ostrich (with Plate) 97
Gurney Jr., John Henry Ornithological Record from Norfolk for 1896 121
Dresser, H.E. Obituary: Heinrich Gätke 139
Notes and Queries 141
Editorial Gleanings 145
Issue 670 (April, 1897)
Friend, Hilderic The Dorsal Pores of Earthworms 149
Schonland, S. Notes on the Chacma Baboon, and the Maanhaar Jackal, &c. 155
Distant, William Lucas Zoological Rambles in and around the Transvaal 157
Notes and Queries 164
Notices of New Books 171
Editorial Gleanings 183
Issue 671 (May, 1897)
Dahl, Knut Biological notes on North-Australian Mammalia 189
Sclater, P.L. On the Distribution of Marine Mammalia 217
W.L. Distant (ed.) Obituary: Edward Drinker Cope 229
Notes and Queries 231
Notices of New Books 237
Editorial Gleanings 241
Issue 672 (June, 1897)
Cordeaux, John Migration at the Spurn Lighthouse in 1896 245
Clarke, W.G. Stone Curlews as observed around Thetford 248
Butler, Arthur G. Foreign Finches in Confinement 251
Playne, Herbert C. Ornithological Notes from Corsica 254
Friend, Hilderic Earthworm Studies II. Oviposition and Embryology 258
Lubbock, John On the Preservation of our Indigenous Fauna and Flora 264
Bartlett, Edward Obituary: Abraham Dee Bartlett 267
Notes and Queries 269
Notices of New Books 278
Editorial Gleanings 286
Issue 673 (July, 1897)
Walker, J.J. A Flying Visit to Dirk Hartog and the Houtman's Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia 293
Friend, Hilderic Earthworm Studies III. Phosphorescence and Luminosity 304
T.R.R. Stebbing From Buffon to Darwin 312
  Obituary: Johann Japetus Simon Steenstrup 325
Notes and Queries 326
Issue 674 (August, 1897)
Rendall, Percy Natural History Notes from the West Indies 341
Warren, Robert On the Breeding Range of the Yellow Wagtail in Ireland 346
Friend, Hilderic A New British Worm 349
Farman, Last C. Twenty Years on the Norfolk Fens 351
Charles A. Witchell The Autumn Song of Birds 358
Bernard A.E. Buttress A List of Birds Observed in Shetland, May and June 1897 360
Notes and Queries 363
Notices of New Books 371
Editorial Gleanings 380
Issue 675 (September, 1897)
Murie, James Our Economic Sea Fishes 389
Whitlock, F.B. The Breeding Habits of the Purple Heron 407
Aplin, O.V. The Autumn Song of Birds 410
Grabham, Oxley Taxidermy—De Omnibus Rebus 412
Mathew, Murray A. Garden Lists of Birds 417
Notes and Queries 424
Editorial Gleanings 434
Issue 676 (October, 1897)
Southwell, Thomas Fen versus Marsh 437
Rendall, Percy Field Notes on Some West Indian Birds 444
Clarke, W.G. Curious Nests and Nesting Sites Observed near Thetford 449
Friend, Hilderic Earthworm Studies (cont.) 453
Smith, G.W. Notes from Mid-Hants: Spring and Summer, 1897 460
  Obituary: Rev. Andrew Matthews 466
Notes and Queries 467
Notices of New Books 477
Editorial Gleanings 484
Issue 677 (November, 1897)
Henry S. Wood Description of, and Natural History Notes on, the Burmese Wild Bull 489
Playne, H.C. and
Wollaston, A.F.R.
A Walk across Lapland 498
Clarke, W.G. The Inland Breeding of the Ringed Plover in Norfolk and Suffolk 502
Harvie-Brown, J.A. The Migration of Birds: a paper addressed to the lighthouse keepers of the English Channel, and to the local ornithologists of the counties abutting thereon 505
Notes and Queries 507
Notices of New Books 522
Editorial Gleanings 529
Issue 678 (December, 1897)
Newstead, R. On the Position of the Lesser Horse-Shoe Bat, Rhinolphus Hipposideros, Bechstein during Hibernation 537
Patterson, Arthur The Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of Great Yarmouth, its neighbouring coasts, rivers, and Broads 539
Gurney, J.H. Cuckoos Sucking Eggs 568
Notes and Queries 571



Alderson, H.
Wonderful egg-producing powers of the Wryneck, 511
Aplin, O.V., F.L.S., M.B.O.U.
The autumn song of birds, 410; Nesting of the Great Northern and Black-throated Divers in Shetland, 425; Stridulation of Cicadidæ and Orthoptera, 432
Bankes, A.
Egg-producing powers of the common Redshank, 575
Barrington, R.M., LL.D., F.L.S.
Mealy Redpoll off coast of Kerry, 513; Supposed occurrence of a Great Spotted Cuckoo in Co. Kerry, 574
Bartlett, Edward
Obituary notice of Abraham Dee Bartlett, 267
Baylis, E.
Honey Buzzard in Staffordshire, 232
Bean, Tarleton H., M.D.
A gigantic Lobster, 276
Bird, Rev. M.C.H., M.A.
Ornithological folk-lore, 144
Bonhote, J. Lewis
Breeding of Corncrakes in confinement, 35
Brabrook, E.W., C.B., F.S.A.
Man in Zoology, 13
Bradshaw, George W.
Rare birds at Hastings, 86; Swallow-tailed Kite in Suffolk, 363; Common Roller in Sussex, 469
Brown, J.A. Harvie, F.R.S.E.
The migration of birds, 505
Burr, Malcolm, F.Z.S.
The stridulation of Orthoptera, 516
Butler, A.G., Ph.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Flight of the Swift, 36; Foreign Finches in confinement, 251; Inherited instinct in birds, 275; Change of Plumage in the American Nonpareil Finch, 335; Inherited habit in birds, 367
Butler, Lieut.-Col. E.A.
Honey Buzzard in Suffolk, 425
Butterfield, W.C.J. Ruskin
The Serotine near Hastings, 141; Bank Vole in Jersey, 141; Swallow-tailed Kite in Suffolk, 270; Occurrence of the Blackheaded Bunting in Sussex, 273; "The seasonal changes in the Common Squirrel," 424; Hypolais polyglotta in Sussex, 513
Buttress, Bernard A.E.
A list of birds observed in Shetland, May and June, 1897, 360; Black-throated Diver breeding in Shetland, 364; Curlew laying five eggs, 364; Nesting of the Great Northern and Blackthroated Divers in Shetland, 509
Calvert, R.U.
Spotted Flycatcher's nest constructed in nest of Hawfinch, 426; Proximity of Magpie's and Wood Pigeon's nests, 427; Sparrowhawk nesting in Thorn tree, 508; Nesting of the Great Plover, 511; Do Cuckoos suck eggs? 513
Chapman, Frank M.
Mammals of Trinidad, 424
Clarke, W.J.
Little Auks and Little Gulls at Scarborough, 166; Red-legged Partridge migrating, 166; Notes from Scarborough, 578
Clarke, W.G.
Stone Curlews as observed around Thetford, 248; Curious nests and nesting sites observed near Thetford, 449; The inland breeding of the Ringed Plover in Norfolk and Suffolk, 502
Coburn, F.
Chocolate-coloured variety of Perdix cinerea, corrections, 36; Red-legged Partridge migrating, 233
Cocks, A. Heneage, M.A., F.Z.S.
Pine Marten in Ireland, 269
Congreve, F.L.
Noddy Tern in Cheshire, 510
Coombe, Percy E.
Common Seal in the River Arun, Sussex, 571
Corbin, G.B.
White eggs of Hedgesparrow, 427; Crossbills near Bournemouth, 428; Smooth Snake (Coronella laevis) in the New Forest, 431
Cordeaux, John, F.R.G.S., M.B.O.U.
Notes from Norway, 22; Migration at the Spurn lighthouse in 1896, 245; Nesting of the Grey Wagtail in Lincolnshire, 274, 336; Nightingale near Scarborough, 332
Coward, T.A.
Lesser Shrew in Cheshire, 231; Habitat of Ametrida minor, 326; Lesser Shrew in Anglesea, 326
Dahl, Knut
Biological notes on North Australian Mammalia, 189
Dallas, C.
Dermestes lardarius eating specimens of moths,—non-poisonous preservatives, 433
Davenport, H.S.
Honey Buzzard in Staffordshire, 328; Nesting of the Grey Wagtail in Leicestershire, 336; Habits of the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, 470; Popular ornithological fallacies, 473
Davison, Robert Robinson
Yellow Wagtail in Argyllshire, 167
Distant, W.L.
Editorial Address, 1; Notes on the Chacma Baboon, 29; Early Man in Britain, 33; Abundance of Sharks in tropical seas, 36; Breeding of the South African Galago in confinement, 83; A proposed explanation as to the appearance of light- and darkcoloured butterflies during the day, 88; Zoological rambles in and around the Transvaal, 157: Carnivora which attack Toads and Frogs, 339; The Scutellated Star-fish, 340; Strange occurrence at Durban, 369; Spider versus Wasp, 476; Stridulation and habits of Cicadidæ, 520
Dixon, Charles
The alleged summer appearance of the Shore Lark in Devonshire, 471
Dobie, W. Henry
Landrail in Chester in December, 86
Dresser, H.E., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Recent additions to the British Avifauna, 5; Heinrich Giitke, 139; Osprey in Dorset, 508
Elliott, J. Steele
Long-eared Bats and their food, 231; Honey Buzzard in Staffordshire, 271; Daubenton's Bat in Bedfordshire, 326; Black Rat in Bedfordshire, 328; Black Terns in Warwickshire, 330; White Wagtails in Warwickshire, 337
Evans, H.W.
Apparent summer appearance of the Shore Lark in Devonshire, 365, 574
Farman, Last C.
Amongst the birds in Norfolk, 168; Twenty years on the Norfolk fens, 351, 428
Farn, A.B.
Capture of a Common Bittern at Darenth Wood, near Dartford, 86
Feilden, Col. H.W., C.M.Z.S.
Food of the Knot, 232
Fitch, Edward A., F.L.S.
Long-eared Owl breeding in Essex, 232; Large Tunny on the Essex coast, 579
Flemyng, Rev. William W., M.A.
Marten in Co. Waterford, 141; Green Sandpiper in Co. Waterford, 143; Pine Marten in Co. Waterford, 327; Nest of the Reed Bunting, 336
Fox, W. Storrs
The Question of ornithological fallacies, 514
Friend, Rev. Hilderic
The dorsal pores of Earthworms, 149; Earthworm studies, 258, 304, 453; A new British Worm, 349
Frohawk, F.W., M.B.O.U.
Lesser Grey Shrike (Lanius minor) in Kent, 427
Godfrey, Robert
Willow Wren singing in autumn, 513; Hours at which some birds sing, 576
Grabham, Oxley, M.A.
Vultures and the Tower of Silence, 143; Birds feeding on the larvæ of the Magpie-moth, 236; Blackbird stealing eggs, 330; Frog attacked by Weasel, and Toad by Hedgehog, 369; Taxidermy—de omnibus rebus, 412; Eggs of the Roseate Tern, 510; Dermestes lardarius eating specimens of moths, 521; Trapping Shrews and Voles, 571; Egg-producing powers of the Dipper, 575
Gurney, J.H., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Ornithological record for Norfolk for 1896, 121; Cuckoos sucking eggs, 568
Gyngell, W.
Common Swift roosting in tree, 468
Haigh, G.H. Caton
Grey Seal in Carnarvonshire, 141; Common Rorqual on Lincolnshire coast, 142; Alpine Pipit in Carnarvonshire, 366
Hammond, W. Oxenden
Alleged nesting of Montagu's Harrier in Kent, 363; Note on flight of Green Sandpiper, 573
Harting, J.E., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Dogs of draught in Belgium, 33
Headley, Alec Goldney
Distribution of worm-eating Slugs, 89
Horsbrugh, Charles Bethune
Hedgesparrow appropriating a Thrush's nest, 427; "Kentish Crow," 428; Local name of the Sheldrake, 508; Popular fallacy concerning the Cuckoo, 512
Kelsall, Rev. J.E.
Aquatic Warbler in Hampshire, 471; Smooth Snake in the New Forest, 475
Kermode, P.M.C.
Large Holibut at Isle of Man, 235; The Porbeagle in Manx waters, 579
Langdale, Rev. H. Marmaduke,
Hawfinches in West Sussex, 365; Quails in Sussex, 366; Strange pairing of Butterflies, 521; Heron choked by a Frog, 572
Lewis, A.L., F.C.A.
Neolithic life in Devon and Cornwall, 49; Peculiar nesting habit of the House Sparrow, 273
Lewis, Stanley
Black-winged Stilt in Somerset, 511
Lubbock, Sir John, Bart., M.P., F.R.S.
On the preservation of our indigenous fauna and flora, 264
McLachlan, R., F.R.S.
A second brood of Starlings, 334
Macpherson, Rev. H.A., M.A.
Eared Grebe in Cumberland, 83; The Germon in British waters, 580
Marshall, Guy A.K., F.E.S.
Stridulation of Cicadidae in Mashunuland, 517
Martin, Basil W.
Birds seen in the Yukon District of Canada, 430
Mason, Philip B., Dr., F.L.S.
Strange discovery of a Tit's nest, 167
Mathew, Rev. Murray A., M.A.
Icterine Warbler at Lyme Regis, 332; Garden lists of birds, 417
Meiklejohn, A.H.
Toad attacked by a Weasel, 339; Summer appearance of Wild Geese in Fifeshire, 363
Morley, John
Golden Eagle in Ross-shire, 425
Murie, Dr. James, F.L.S., F.Z.S. Our Economic Sea-fishes, 389
Newstead, R., F.E.S.
On the position of the Lesser Horseshoe-Bat (Rhinolphus hipposideros, Bechst.) during hibernation, 537
Nicholson, F.G.
Egg of South African Golden Cuckoo in nest of Cape Wagtail, 142
Norgate, Frank
Human bones at Bromehill, 164
Nunn, H.
Occurrence of a rare Plover (Charadrius dominicus) on the River Thames, 330
Oldham, Charles
Daubenton's Bat on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire border, 326; Bank Vole in Denbighshire, 328; Scaup inland in Lancashire, 62 329; Night Heron in Derbyshire, 329; Black Tern in Anglesea, 329; Black-throated Diver in Derbyshire, 426; Lesser Shrew in Devon, 467
Overton, E.P.
Little Gull and Red-necked Phalarope in Sussex, 468
Page, W.T.
The Magpie-moth eaten by birds, 169; Avicultural notes, 338
Patterson Arthur
Occurrence of the Cuckoo Ray at Great Yarmouth, 235; Bull-dog variety of the Sapphirine Gurnard at Great Yarmouth, 275; Notes from Great Yarmouth, 339; Meristic variation in the Edible Crab, 303; The Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of Great Yarmouth, its neighbouring coasts, rivers, and Broads, 539
Pentland, G.H.
Stock-Dove in Ireland, 88
Playne, Herbert C.
Ornithological notes from Corsica, 254; Memory for locality in a Nightjar, 330; A walk across Lapland, 498
Pocock, R.I.
Trapping Shrews and Voles, 507
Potter, E.G.
Breeding of the Roseate Tern in Britain, 165; The eggs of the Roseate Tern, 467
Quintin, W.H. St., F.Z.S.
Unusual sites chosen by birds for their nests, 430
Ralfe, P.
On Manx bird-names, 71; Ornithological folk-lore, 168
Ramsbotham, W.
Wasp, Tipula, and Spider, 475
Read, Robert H.
Birdsnesting in August, 430
Rendall, Percy, M.D., F.Z.S.
Natural History notes from the West Indies, 341; Field notes on some West Indian birds, 444; Stridulation of Cicadidae, 520
Renshaw, Graham
Change of plumage in the Nonpareil Finch, 273
Riviere, Bernard B.
Arrival of summer migrants in Gloucestershire, 274; Unusual position for the eggs of the Starling, Song Thrush, and Sparrow, 334; Hours at which some birds commence to sing, 472; Roosting of the Swift, 511; Strange nesting habits of Nuthatch and Starling, 514; Egg-producing powers of birds, 575
Roberts, T. Vaughan
Survival of the Kingfisher, 469
Rope, G.T.
Early Snails, 236; Enemies of the Toad, 432
Salter, J.H.
Ornithological notes from the Rhine, 61
Schonland, S., Ph.D., F.L.S.
Notes on the Chacma Baboon and the Maanhaar Jackal, &c, 155
Sclater, P.L., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.
On the distribution of Marine Mammalia, 217
Scott, Rev. S.G.
Aquatic Warbler in Hampshire, 471
Severin, G.
Musee Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique, 80
Sich, H.L.
Polydactylism in the Horse, 270
Smith, G.W.
Winter notes from Winchester Water-meads, 34; Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the Isle of Wight, 142; The Ostrich, 167; Albino Badger in Hants, 327; Notes from Mid-Hants, spring and summer, 1897, 460; Note on Pied and Grey Wagtails in the Itchen Valley, 513
Southwell, Thomas, F.Z.S.
On the occurrence of Pallas's Willow Warbler in Norfolk, 8; Notes on the Seal and Whale fishery, 1896, 56, 142; Fen versus Marsh, 437; Thresher Shark and Angel-fish at Lowestoft, 475; An unrecorded Norfolk Great Bustard, 572; Occurrence of the Mediterranean Herring Gull (Larus cachinnans) in Norfolk, 572
Stead, David G.
The Australian "Rock-Lizard,' 233
Stebbing, Rev. T.R.R., M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S.
From Buffon to Darwin, 312

Strickland, T.A. Gerald, F.E.S.

Frog attacked by a Rat, 169

Sutton, James

Asterias tessellata, or Scutellated Star-fish, 170; The Common Cockroach, 370

Teesdale, John H.

Montagu's Harrier breeding in Ireland, 467

Ticehurst, A.F.[1]

Breeding of the Common Snipe in Romney Marsh, 271; Rare Warblers in Sussex, 333

Tuck, Rev. Julian G., M.A.

White Wagtail nesting in Suffolk, 233; Strange occurrence of an Albatross in Cambridgeshire, 363; Cuckoo's egg in nest of Song Thrush, 364; Garden lists of birds, 474; Fork-tailed Petrel in E. Suffolk, 509; Green Woodpecker boring in November, 573

Walker, J.J., R.N., F.L.S.

A flying visit to Dirk Hartog and the Houtman's Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia, 293

Warren, Robert

Fulmar and Surf Socter in Cos. Sligo and Mayo, 84; Unusually large numbers of Pintails in Co. Mayo, 143; On the breeding range of the Yellow Wagtail in Ireland, 346

Watt, Hugh Boyd

Local name of the Sheldrake, 571

Whitaker, F.[2]

Little Owl near Newark-on-Trent, 329; Variety of Grasshopper Warbler, 333; Red-backed Shrike near Rainworth, 334

Whitlock, F.B.

The breeding habits of the Purple Heron, 407

Williams, E.

Hybrids in St. Stephen's Green Park, Dublin, 329

Wilson, William

An unfortunate Cuckoo, 272; Young Cuckoo in nest of Twite, 365; Appearance of migrants in Aberdeenshire during 1896 and 1897, 366

Witchell, Charles A.

The voices of the Blackbird and the Nightingale compared, 331; Variations of habit in the Blue Titmouse, 333; The song of the Greenfinch, 335; The autumn song of birds, 358, 471; The Dictionary of British Bird-song, 578

Wollaston, A.

A walk across Lapland, 498

Wood, Surg.-Capt. Henry S.

Description of, and Natural History notes on, the Burmese Wild Bull, 489

Young, John

The Wood-Pigeons in the London Parks, 87; Rooks in the West End of London, 87

New Species of British Animals described in this Volume.


Enchytræus parvulus, Friend (Staffordshire) Page 349

Allolobophora constricta, Rosa, var. geminata, Friend (Antrim) 459


Abramis blicca, 561; brama, 561

Acanthias vulgaris, 565

Acerina vulgaris, 544

Acipenser sturio, 564

Actitis macularia, 448

Address, Editorial, 1

African Lake Fauna, 148, 187

Agonus cataphractus, 546

Agyrtria niveipectus, 446

Akodon urichi, 844

Alaska, Natural History notes from, 243

Albatross in Cambridgeshire, 363

Albino Badger in Hants, 327; Sparrow, 578; Turbot, 339

Allolobophora arborea, 458; boeckii, 458; chlorotica, 458; constricta, 459,—var. geminata, 459; eiseni, 458; fœtida, 458; georgii, 458; hibernica, 458; mammalis, 458; profuga, 457; rosea, 458; subrubicunda, 458; terrestris, 457; trapezoides, 457; turgida, 457

Allurus, macrurus, 459; tetraedrus, 459,—var. flavus, 459; tetragonurus, 459

Alopecias vulpes, 475, 565, 579

Amazilia tobaci, 446

Ametrida minor, habitat, 326

Ammodytes lanceolatus, 555; tobianus, 555

Amphibolurus barbatus, 299

Anarhichas, lupus, 551

Angel-fish at Lowestoft, 475

Anguilla latirostris, 563; vulgaris, 562

Animal life, deep-sea, in past epochs, 184; pests in British Columbia, 527,—in United States, 530

Animals, circular movement in, 146; acclimatization, at Rushmore, 242; and plants, winter life, in United States, 242; influence of darkness on, 488

Ant-eater breeding in captivity, 95

Aramides cajanea, 447

Arctatlantis, the North Atlantic Sea-region, 222

Arctic expedition, Natural History plans, 291

Arctirenia, the North Pacific Sea-region, 224

Ardea cinerea, 408; purpurea, 407

Asterias tessellata, alleged occurrence in Durham, 170, 340

Atherina presbyter, 552

Atlas Mountains fauna to be investigated, 187

Auk, Great, sales of eggs, 241, 382; remains found in Co. Waterford, 383; existing remains, 533; Little, at Scarborough, 166

Australia, North, Mammalia of, 189; Western, flying visit to Dirk Hartog and the Houtman's Abrolhos Islands, 293

Australian fossils in precious opal, 488

Auxis rochei, 547

Avicultural Magazine, 385; notes, 338

Aviculture, 535

Avifauna, British, recent additions, 5

Baboon, Chacma, 29; and Maanhaar Jackal, 155; female, menstruation, 32

Badger, albino, in Hants, 327

Barbel in Great Ouse, 534

Bat, Daubenton's, on Derbyshire and Staffordshire border, 326,—in Bedfordshire, 326; Lesser Horse-shoe, position during hibernation, 537; Long-eared, food, 231; Serotine, near Hastings, 141

Batrachians and Reptiles of Celebes, 184

Bats, Fruit, of Philippine Islands, 44; of Ireland, list and range, 184

Bear, Black, breeding in captivity, 185

Bedfordshire Vertebrate Fauna, 486

Behring Sea Seal Fisheries, 96

Bellona ornata, 446

Belone vulgaris, 559

Bettongia lesueurii, 210

Biological stations, fresh-water, 187

Bird-names, Manx, 71, 144

Birds, rare, at Hastings, 86; extinct, of Chatham Island, 145; amongst the, in Norfolk, 168; eating Magpie-moth, 169, 236; insectivorous, destroyed, in Eastern S. Africa, 243; inherited instinct in, 275, 367; autumn song, 358, 410, 471; of Galapagos Islands, 290; observed in Shetland, 360; colour-variation in, 383; garden lists of, 417, 474; unusual sites for nests of, 430; seen in Yukon District of Canada, 430; West Indian, 444; hours at which some commence to sing, 472, 576; migration of, 245, 505; egg-producing powers of, 511, 574, 575; directive coloration in, 531; British, Manual of, 532,—Dictionary of Call-notes, 535, 578

Birds' tongues in pictures, 533

Birdsnesting in August, 430

Bittern, Common, in Darenth Wood, near Dartford, 86

Blackbird stealing eggs, 330; and Nightingale, voices compared, 331

Bones, human, at Bromehill, 164

Books Noticed:—

Red Deer, by the Rev. H. A. Macpherson, Cameron, of Lochiel, Viscount Ebrington, and A.T. Shand, 37
Oceanic Ichthyology, a Treatise on the Deep Sea and Pelagic Fishes of the World, by G.B. Goode and Tarleton H. Bean, 40
Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds, with Descriptive Notices, by H. Seebohm, edited by Dr. K. Bowdler Sharpe, 41
By the Deep Sea, a popular Introduction to the Wild Life of the British Shores, by E. Step, 42
The Collector's Manual of British Land and Freshwater Shells, by L. E. Adams, 43
A Handbook to the Game-birds, by W.R. Ogilvie Grant, 90
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Bos sondaicus, 489,—skull and horns, figured. 492, 495

Brabrook, E. W., honours for, 382

Breeding of Corncrakes in confinement, 85; South African Galago in confinement, 83; Ant-eater in captivity, 95; Roseate Tern in Britain, 165, 467; Caracal or Desert Lynx in captivity, 185; Black Bear in captivity, 185; Cape Hunting Dog in captivity, 186; Long-eared Owl in Essex, 232; Common Snipe in Romney Marsh, 271; Sparrows on a band-stand, 287; Tozenburg Goat in captivity, 291; Wild Sheep in captivity, 291; range of Yellow Wagtail in Ireland, 346; Kingfisher in Norfolk, 354; Black-throated Diver in Shetland, 364, 425, 509; habits of Purple Heron, 407; Montagu's Harrier in Ireland, 467; Ringed Plover inland in Norfolk and Suffolk, 502

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Bustard, Great, old race of Norfolk, 289, 572; Indian Houbara, in Humber District, 47

Buteo desertorum, 158

Butterflies, light- and dark-coloured, proposed explanation as to appearance during day, 88; strange pairing, 521

Buzzard, Honey, in Staffordshire, 232, 271, 328; in Suffolk, 425

Callionymus lyra, 550

Call-notes of British birds, Dictionary of, 535, 576

Campylopterus ensipennis, 446

Canis dingo, 193

Capros aper, 548

Caracal or Desert Lynx breeding in captivity, 185

Carcharias glaucus, 564

Carpodacus erythrinus, 6

Centronotus gunnellus, 551

Cephalopod, Giant, alleged, reported from Florida, 291

Ceratorrhina burkei, 161; derbyana, 161

Certhiola atrata, 447

Cestode parasites of fishes, 534

Cetaceans, distribution, 220

Charadrius dominicus, a rare Plover, on the River Thames, 330

Check-list of British Earthworms, 453

Chicago Academy of Sciences, museum, 388

Chlorestes cærulea, 445

Chlorophanes spiza, 447

Chlorostilbon carribæus, 445

Chrysolampis mosquitus, 444

Chrysophrys aurata, 544

Cicadidæ and Orthoptera, stridulation, 432, 516, 517, 519, 520

Clupea alosa, 562; finta, 562; harengus, 561; pilchardus, 562; sprattus, 562

Coassus nemorivagus, 345

Coccidæ, food-plants of, 486

Coccystes glandarius, supposed occurrence in Ireland, 574

Cockroach, Common, changes of colour, 370

Cœlogenys paca, 343

Cœreba cærulea, 447; cyanea, 447

Coloration, directive, in birds, 531

Conger vulgaris, 563

Conilurus boweri, 197; hirsutus, 195; penicillatus, 196

Cormorants in Lower California, 243; destruction, in Australia, 384

Corncrakes breeding in confinement, 35

Cornwall and Devon, neolithic life, 49

Coronella lævis in New Forest, 431, 475

Corsica, ornithological notes from, 254

Cottus bubalis, 545; gobio, 545; scorpius, 545,—var. grœnlandicus, 545

County Records:—

Bedfordshire—Daubenton's Bat, 326; Black Rat, 328
Berkshire—Frog attacked by a Rat, 169
Cambridgeshire—Albatross, 363; birdsnesting in August, 430
Cheshire—Landrail, 86; Lesser Shrew, 231; Noddy Tern, 510
Cornwall—Neolithic life, 49
Cumberland—Eared Grebe, 83
Derbyshire—Daubenton's Bat, 326; Night Heron, 329; Blackthroated Diver, 426
Devonshire—Neolithic life, 49; Shore Lark, 365, 471, 574; Lesser Shrew, 467; Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, 470; Pigmy Shrew, 507
Dorsetshire—Icterine Warbler, 332; Osprey, 508
Durham—Asterias tessellata, or Scutellated Star-fish, alleged occurrence, 170, 340; Common Cockroach, 370
Essex—Long-eared Owl, 232; Tunny, 579
Gloucestershire—Summer migrants, 274; unusual position for eggs of Starling, Song Thrush and Sparrow, 334
Hampshire—Winter notes, 34; Worm-eating Slugs, 89; Yellow-billed Cuckoo, 142; Red-legged Partridge, 233; Badger, 327; Hedgesparrow, 427; Crossbills, 428; Smooth Snake, 431, 475; notes, 460; Aquatic Warbler, 471; Pied Wagtail, 513; Grey Wagtail, 513; Common Redshank, 575
Hertfordshire—Kingfisher, 469
Kent—Common Bittern, 86; Common Snipe, 271; Blue Titmouse, 333; Starling, 334; American Nonpareil Finch, 335; Montagu's Harrier, 363; Lesser Grey Shrike, 427; Wryneck, 511; Green Sandpiper, 573
Lancashire—Scaup Duck, 329
Leicestershire—Grey Wagtail, 336
Lincolnshire—Greenish Willow Warbler, 5; Common Rorqual, 142; Grey Wagtail, 274, 336; Great Plover, 511.
Middlesex—Wood Pigeons, 87; Rooks in West End of London, 87; Magpie Moth eaten by birds, 169; House Sparrow, 273; avicultural notes, 338; Curlew, 364; Wild Geese, 487
Norfolk—Pallas's Warbler, 5, 8; skulls of early Man, 33; breeding Corncrakes in confinement, 35; ornithological record for 1896, 121; human bones, 164; among the birds, 168; Knot, 232; Cuckoo Ray, 235; Stone Curlew, 248; Sapphirine Gurnard, 275, 339; Nightingale, 332; Lesser Weaver, 339; Turbot, 339; Angler Fish, 340; Common Mackerel, 340; Pilchards, 340; Edible Crab, 340; twenty years in the Fens, 351; "Kentish Crow," 356, 428; Fen versus Marsh, 437; nesting sites, 449; Common Swift, 468; Ringed Plover, 502; Barbel in Great Ouse, 534; Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of Great Yarmouth, &c, 539; Cuckoo, 568; Great Bustard, 289, 572; Mediterranean Herring Gull, 572
Nottinghamshire—Little Owl, 329; Grasshopper Warbler, 333; Redbacked Shrike, 334
Oxfordshire—Spotted Flycatcher's nest in nest of Hawfinch, 426, 473; proximity of Magpie's and Wood Pigeon's nests, 427; Sparrowhawk, 508; Cuckoo, 426, 513
Shropshire—Tit's nest, 167; Longeared Bats, 231; Wasp, Tipula, and Spider, 475
Somersetshire—Garden lists of birds, 418, 431; Hedgesparrow, 427; Black-winged Stilt, 511
Staffordshire—Honey Buzzard, 232, 271, 328; Daubenton's Bat, 326
Suffolk—White Wagtail, 233; Snails, 236; Swallow-tailed Kite, 270, 363; Cuckoo's egg in nest of Song Thrush, 364; Honey Buzzard, 425; garden lists of birds, 474; Thresher Shark, 475; Angel-fish, 475; Ringed Plover, 502; Fork-tailed Petrel, 509; Green Woodpecker, 573
Sussex—Rare birds, 86; Serotine Bat, 141; Black-headed Bunting, 273; Rare Warblers, 333; Hawfinches, 365; Quails, 366; Little Gull, 468; Red-necked Phalarope, 468; Common Roller, 469; Hypolais polyglotta, 513; Common Seal, 571
Warwickshire—Black Tern, 330; White Wagtail, 337
Yorkshire—Little Auks and Little Gulls, 166; Red-legged Partridge, 166; polydactylism in the Horse, 270; Blackbird, 330; trapping Shrews and Voles, 571; Dipper, 575; Notes, 578

Crab, Edible, meristic variation in, figured, 340

Crocodiles, "mystic singing," 288, 289

Crossbills near Bournemouth, 428

Crow, Kentish, 356, 428

Cuckoo, South African Golden, egg in nest of Cape Wagtail, 142; Yellowbilled, in Isle of Wight, 142; an unfortunate, 272; egg in nest of Song Thrush, 364; young, in nest of Twite, 365; popular fallacy concerning, 512; does it suck eggs? 513, 568; Great Spotted, supposed occurrence in Co. Kerry, 574

Curlew laying five eggs, 364; Stone, as observed around Thetford, 248

Cyclopterus lumpus, 550

Cyprinus auratus, 559; carpio, 559; carassius, 559

Darwin, Buffon to, 312

Dasyprocta aguti, 342; cristata, 342

Dasyurus hallucatus, 206

Deep-sea animal life in past epochs, 184

Dermestes lardarius eating specimens of moths, 433, 521

Devon & Cornwall, neolithic life, 49

Didelphis marsupialis, 342

Dik-Dik in nature and as preserved, 434

Diomedea melanophrys, 364

Dipper, egg-producing powers, 575

Dirk Hartog and the Houtman's Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia, 293

Diver, Black-throated, nesting in Shetland, 364, 425, 509,— in Derbyshire, 426; Great Northern, nesting in Shetland, 425, 509

Dog, Cape Hunting, breeding in captivity, 186

Dogs of draught in Belgium, 33

Dove, Stock, in Ireland, 88

Dreschel, Prof., 533

Duck, Pintail, large number in Co. Mayo, 143; Scaup, inland in Lancashire, 329

Eagle resting on a balloon, 384; Golden, in Ross-shire, 425

Earthworm studies: dorsal pores, 149; oviposition and embryology, 258; phosphorescence and luminosity, 304; check-list of British Earthworms, 453

Egernia (Silubosaurus) stokesii, 301

Egg of South African Golden Cuckoo in nest of Cape Wagtail, 142; of Cuckoo in nest of Song Thrush 364; -producing powers of birds 511, 574, 575

Eggs of Great Auk, sales, 241, 382; of Starling, Song Thrush, and Sparrow, unusual position for, 334; five, laid by Curlew, 364; white, of Hedgesparrow, 427; of Roseate Tern, 165, 467, 510

Echidna aculeata, 199

Echimys trinitatis, 345

Editorial Address, 1

Eel, Common, transformations, 287

Elanus cæruleus, 158

Elephants in South Africa, destruction of, 532

Emberiza cioides, 6

Emu, protection, in Australia, 385

Enchytræus parvulus, a new British Worm, 349

Engraulis encrasicholus, 561

Entomology, Economic, in India and United States, 385

Esox lucius, 559

Ethnological Bureau of British Empire, 380

Eulampis jugularis, 447; holosericus, 447

Evolution no longer a word of evil import, 435

Fallacies, popular ornithological, 473, 512, 514

Fauna, African Lake, 148, 187; of Atlas Mountains to be investigated, 187; and Flora, our indigenous, 264; Vertebrates, of Bedfordshire, 486

Fen versus marsh, 437

Finch, Nonpareil, change of plumage, 273, 335

Finches, foreign, in confinement, 251

Fish, Angler, a large, 340; driven ashore at Durban, 369; oil industry of Japan, 286

Fisheries, Behring-Sea Seal, 96

Fishery, Seal and Whale, 56, 142

Fishes, Marine and Fresh-water, of Great Yarmouth, &c, 539; our Economic Sea, 389

Flora and Fauna, our indigenous, 264

Florisuga mellivora, 445

Flycatcher, nest constructed in nest of Hawfinch, 426

Folk-lore ornithological, 144, 168; among Moki Indians, 183

Food of Long-eared Bat, 231; Knot, 232

Food-plants of Coccidæ, 486

Fossils, Australian, in precious opal, 488

Foxes, German importation of, 436

Fresh-water biological stations, 187; and Marine Fishes of Great Yarmouth, &c, 539

Frog attacked by Rat, 169; by Weasel, 369; many enemies among carnivorous mammals, 339

Frühstorfer, H., 292

Gadus æglefinus, 553; luscus, 553; merlangus, 553; minutus, 553; morrhua, 552; pollachius, 553; virens, 554

Galago, South African, breeding in confinement, 83

Galapagos Islands, birds of, 290

Galbula ruficauda, 448

Galeus vulgaris, 564

Game, South African, preservation of, 186

Garden list of birds, 417, 474

Gasterosteus aculeatus, 543; pungitius, 543; spinachia, 543

Geese, Wild, summer appearance in Fifeshire, 363; over London, 487

Germon, or Long-finned Tunny, in British waters, 580

Glaucis hirsuta, 446

Goat, Tozenburg, bred in captivity, 291

Gobio fluviatilis, 560

Gobius auratus, 550; minutus, 549; niger, 550; ruthensparri, 549; unipunctatus, 549

Goliathus albosignatus, 160

Grebe, Eared, in Cumberland, 83

Greenfinch, song, 335

Grosbeak, Scarlet, 6

Grouse, Red and Black, union between, 183

Gull, Little, at Scarborough, 166,—in Sussex, 468; Mediterranean Herring, in Norfolk, 572

Gurnard, Sapphirine, Bull-dog variety, at Great Yarmouth, 275, 339,—figured, 276

Habit, peculiar nesting, of House Sparrow, 273; variations, in Blue Titmouse, 333; inherited, in birds, 275, 367; breeding, of Purple Heron, 407; of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, 470; strange nesting, of Nuthatch and Starling, 514; of Cicadidæ, 520

Halmaturus houtmanni, 297

Hants, Mid-, notes from, 460

Hare, Common Brown, 95; Irish, 96 Harrier, Montagu's, alleged nesting in Kent, 363; breeding in Ireland, 467

Harvard College Museum of Comparative Zoology, 387

Hawfinch in West Sussex, 365

Hedgehog attacking Toad, 369

Hedgesparrow appropriating Thrush's nest, 427; white eggs, 427

Heron, Night, in Derbyshire, 329; Purple, breeding habits, 407; choked by a Frog, 572

Heteromys anomalus, 344

Hippoglossoides limandoides, 556

Hippoglossus vulgaris, 555

Hipposiderus muscinus, 191

Hippopotamus, decrease, in the Upper Shire, 380; preservation, in Natal, 381

Holibut, large, at Isle of Man, 235

Horns from South Africa, 487

Horse, critical period in development, 486; polydactylism in, 270

Hours at which some birds commence to sing, 472, 576

Hybridity, supposed, between Common Brown and Irish Hares, 96; Red and Black Grouse, 183; colour-variation, &c, in birds and mammals, 383

Hybrids in St. Stephen's Green Park, Dublin, 329

Hydromys chrysogaster fulvo-lavatus, 197

Hymenoptera, Aculeate, 533

Hypolais polyglotta in Sussex, 513

Icterus zanthornus, 447

Indies, West, Natural History notes from, 341

Indopelagia, the Indian Sea-region, 224

Influence of darkness on animals, 488

Insect pests and destruction of birds in Eastern S. Africa, 243; preservatives, non-poisonous, 433

Insects, protection of, 386

Instinct, inherited, in birds, 275, 367

Ireland.—Fulmar and Surf Scoter in Cos. Sligo and Mayo, 84; Stock Dove in Co. Louth, 88; Marten in Co. Waterford, 141; Pintails in Co. Mayo, 143; Green Sandpiper in Co. Waterford, 143; Pine Marten in Co. Waterford, 269, 327; hybrids, 329; Reed Bunting in Co. Waterford, 336; Yellow Wagtail, 346; Great Auk, 383; Montagu's Harrier in Co. Kerry, 467; strange pairing of butterflies, 521; Heron choked by Frog, 572; supposed occurrence of a Great Spotted Woodpecker in Co. Kerry, 574

Isle of Man, Holibut at, 235; anthropology of, 435; Porbeagle in Manx waters, 579; Museum for, 579

Jackal, Maanhaar, 155

Jefferies, Richard, the late, 46

Jersey, Bank Vole in, 141

Kangaroos, protection, in Australia, 385

Kingfisher, survival of, 354, 469

Kite, Swallow-tailed, in Suffolk, 270, 363

Knot, food, 232

Labrax lupus, 544

Labrus maculatus, 552

Læmargus borealis, 565

Lamna cornubica, 564, 579

Lampornis violicauda, 444

Lampris luna, 548

Landrail in Chester in December, 86

Lanius minor in Kent, 427

Lapland, a walk across, 498

Lark, Shore, 6; supposed summer appearance in Devonshire, 365, 471, 574

Larus cachinnans in Norfolk, 572

Latrunculus pellucidis, 550

Legends, zoological, 46

Lepus timidus, 96; variabilis, 96

Leuciscus buggenhagii, 561; cephalus, 560; erythrophthalmus, 560; phoxinus, 560; rutilus, 560; vulgaris, 560

Leuckart, Prof. Rudolf, honours for, 381

Liparis montagui, 551; vulgaris, 551

Lizard, Australian Rock, 233

Lobster, gigantic, 276

Local museums, federal staff for, 147

Locust ravages in South Africa, 45; proposed means of destruction in Rhodesia, 146

Loncheres guianæ, 344

Lophius piscatorius, 551

Lophoceros erythrorynchus, 159; leucomelas, 159

Lophornis ornatus, 445

Lota vulgaris, 554

Lumbricus castaneus, 455; festivus, 455; herculeus, 455; papillosus, 455; rubellus, 455; studeri, 455

Lynx, Desert, or Caracal, breeding in captivity, 185

Mackerel, Common, variety, 340

Macropus agilis, 214; antilopinus, 213; robustus, 212

Madoqua phillipsi in nature and as preserved, 434

Magpie-moth eaten by birds, 169

Magpie's and Wood Pigeon's nests, proximity of, 427

Mammalia, North Australian, 189; marine, distribution, 217

Mammals, colour-variation. &c, 383; from Somali-land, 434; of Trinidad, 424

Man in Zoology, 13; Early, skulls found in Norfolk, 33; Palæolithic, and the glacial epoch, 95; Prehistoric, remains on Rombald's Moor, 145

Manx bird-names, 71, 144

Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of Great Yarmouth, &c, 539

Marmosa murina, 342

Marsh versus fen, 437

Marten, Pine, in Ireland, 141, 269, 327

Maurolicus pennantii, 559

Merlucius vulgaris, 554

Mesatlantis, the Middle Sea-region, 223

Mesirenia, the Middle Pacific Sea-region, 225

Miall, Prof. L.C., on study of zoology, 434

Migration of Red-legged Partridge, 166, 233; at Spurn lighthouse, in 1896, 245; of birds, 505

Migrants, summer, in Gloucestershire, 274; in Aberdeenshire, 366

Mimus gilvus, 448

Mollusca from Tangier, 244; non-marine, of Essex, 535

Molva vulgaris, 554

Momotus swainsoni, 447, 448

Motella cimbria, 554; mustela, 554; tricirrata, 554

Mugil capito, 552; chelo, 552

Mullus surmuletus, 544

Mus decumanus,344; musculus, 344; rattus, 198, 344

Museum Reports:—

Oological collection in Australia, 47
Harvie Brown Museum destroyed by fire, 48
Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique, 80; locality-labels, 81
Federal staff for local museums, 147
Albany Museum, Grahamstown, 243
Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College, 387
Museum of Chicago Academy of Sciences, 388
British Museum Report for 1896, 484
Washington National Museum, 485
Museum for Isle of Man, 579

Mustelus vulgaris, 564

Myiadectes sibilans, 448

Myrmecophaga jubata breeding in captivity, 95

'Naturalists' Directory,' 291

Naucrates ductor, 548

Nectomys palmipes, 344

Neolithic life in Devon and Cornwall, 49

Nerophis æquoreus, 563

Nest of Cape Wagtail with egg of South African Golden Cuckoo, 142; of Tit, strange discovery of, 167; of Reed Bunting in unusual position, 336; of Song Thrush with egg of Cuckoo, 364; of Spotted Flycatcher constructed in nest of Hawfinch, 426; of Magpie and of Wood Pigeon, proximity of, 427; of Thrush appropriated by House Sparrow, 427; unusual sites for, chosen by birds, 430

Nesting of White Wagtail in Suffolk, 233; habit, peculiar, of House Sparrow, 273; of Grey Wagtail in Lincolnshire, 274, 336; of Sparrows on a band-stand, 287; alleged, of Montagu's Harrier, in Kent, 363; of Wood Pigeon in heart of the city, 383; of Great Northern and Black-throated Divers in Shetland, 425, 509; sites, curious, near Thetford, 449; of Sparrowhawk in thorn-tree, 508; of Great Plover, 511; strange, of Nuthatch, 514,—Starling, 514

Nests and nesting sites, unusual, 430, 449

Nightingale near Scarborough, 332; and Blackbird, voices compared, 331

Nightjar, memory for locality in a, 330

Norfolk, ornithological record for 1896, 121; birds, amongst the, 168; fens, twenty years on, 351; fen versus marsh, 437

Norway, notes from, 22

Notopelagia, the Southern Polar Sea-region, 225

Nuthatch, strange nesting habits, 514

Nyctibius jamaicensis, 447

Nyctophilus timoriensis, 193


Bartlett, Abraham Dee, 267
Bendire, Major Charles E., 230
Cope, Edward Drinker, 229
Dreschel, Professor, 533
Gätke, Heinrich,
Matthews, Rev. Andrew, 466
Müller, Fritz, 268
Nevill, Hugh, F.Z.S., 230
Newton, Sir Edward, K.C.M.G., 230
Steenstrup, Johann Japetus Simon, 325

Onychogale unguifera, 209

Oological collections in Australia, 47

Orcynus germo in British waters, 580

Ortalis ruficauda, 448

Orthagoriscus mola, 564

Orthoptera and Cicadidæ, stridulation in, 432, 516, 517, 519, 520

Oryzomys brevicauda, 344

Osmerus eperlanus, 558

'Osprey,' The, 243

Osprey in Dorset, 508

Ostrich (with Plate), 97, 167

Otocorys alpestris, 6

Otter, Irish, differs from Common Otter, 184

Owl, Little, near Newark-on-Trent, 329; Long-eared, breeding in Essex, 232

Pagellus centrodontus, 544

Pairing, strange, of butterflies, 521

Partridge, Red-legged, migrating, 166, 233

Perameles macrura, 202; obesula, 201

Perca fluviatilis, 543

Perdix cinerea, chocolate-coloured variety, 36

Pests, animal, in British Columbia, 529,—in United States, 530; insect, and destruction of birds, in Eastern S. Africa, 243

Petaurus breviceps, 205

Petchora River, Siberia, zoological expedition, 287

Petrel, Fork-tailed, in East Suffolk, 509; Frigate, on west coast of Scotland, 241; in Cos. Sligo & Mayo, 84

Petrogale brachyotis, 209; concinna, 208

Petromyzon fluviatilis, 567; marinus, 567

Phalarope, Red-necked, in Sussex, 468

Phaethornis guyi, 445; longuemareus, 445

Phascologale flavipes leucogaster, 208; pencillata, 207

Pheasant with upper mandible prolonged, figured, 122

Pheasants and earthquakes in Japan, 44

Philander trinitatis, 342

Phylloscopus brehmi, 5; proregulus in Norfolk, 5, 8,—figured, 136; superciliosus, 5; viridans in Lincolnshire, 5

Pigeon, Wood, large flocks, near Croydon, 45; in London Parks, 87; nesting in heart of the city, 383; and Magpie, proximity of nests, 427

Pilchards at Great Yarmouth, 340

Pinnipeds, distribution, 217

Pipit, Alpine, in Carnarvonshire, 366

Pipra auricapilla, 447

Pithecanthropus erectus, 14

Pleuronectes flesus, 557; cynoglossus, 557; limanda, 556; microcephalus, 556; platessa, 556

Plover, Great, nesting, 511; Little, in Australia, useful qualities of, 385; Ringed, inland breeding, in Norfolk and Suffolk, 502

Plumage, change of, in Nonpareil Finch, 273, 335

Polar, South, Belgian Expedition, 487

Polydactylism in the Horse, 270

Pteropus gouldii, 190; scapulatus, 191

Pseudochirus dahlii, 203

Quails in Sussex, 366

Raia batis, 566; clavata, 566; maculata, 566; miraletus, 566; pastinaca, 566; radiata, 566

Raniceps trifurcus, 554

Rat attacking Frog, 169; Black, in Bedfordshire, 328

Ray, Cuckoo, at Great Yarmouth, 235

Redpoll, Mealy, off Kerry coast, 513

Redshank, Common, egg-producing powers, 575

Rendall, Dr. Percy, 46

Reptiles and Batrachians of Celebes, 184

Rhamphastos vitellinus, 447

Rhine, ornithological notes from, 61

Rhinolphus hipposideros (with Plate), 537

Rhipidomys couesii, 343

Rhombus lævis, 555; maximus, 555

Rinderpest in Transvaal, 45; wild animals destroyed by, in South and East Africa, 186

Roller, Common, in Sussex, 469

Rookery unexpectedly abandoned, 287

Rooks in West End of London, 87

Roosting of Swift, 511

Rorqual, Common, on Lincolnshire coast, 142

Salamander, gigantic, 382

Salmo fario, 558; salar, 557; trutta, 558

Sandpiper, Green, in Co. Waterford, 143; flight, 573

Saunders' 'Manual of British Birds,' 532

Scarborough, notes from, 578

Sciæna aquila, 547

Sciurus æstuans, 343

Sclater, Dr. P.L., bibliography, 188

Scomber scomber, 547; scriptus, 547; thynnus, 547

Scomberesox saurus, 559

Scopus umbretta, 158

Scorpæna dactyloptera, 544

Scoter, Surf, in Co. Sligo and Mayo, 84

Scotland.—Yellow Wagtail in Argyllshire, 167; Cuckoo, 272, 365; Toad attacked by Weasel, 339; Wild Geese in Fifeshire, 363; migrants in Aberdeenshire, 366; Golden Eagle in Ross-shire, 425

Scotophilus greyii, 193

Scyllum canicula, 565; stellaris, 565

Sea-regions of the globe, 221

Seal, Behring Sea fisheries, 96; Common, in River Arun, Sussex, 571; Grey, in Carnarvonshire, 141; and Whale fishery, 1896, 56, 142

Selache maxima, 565

Serpentarius secretarius, 157

Shagreen made from skins of Rays and Dog-fish, 292

Shark, Porbeagle, in Manx waters, 579; Thresher, at Lowestoft, 475

Sharks, abundance in tropical seas, 36; combat at Cocos Islands, 387

Sheep, Wild, bred in captivity, 291

Sheldrake, local name, 508, 571

Shetland, list of birds observed, 360; Black-throated and Great Northern Divers breeding in, 364, 425, 509

Shrew, Lesser, in Cheshire, 231,—in Anglesea, 326,—in Devon, 467

Shrews and Voles, trapping, 507, 571

Shrike, Lesser Grey, in Kent, 427; Red-backed, near Rainworth, 334

Singing of birds, hours, 472, 576

Siphonostoma typhle, 563

Sirenians, distribution, 219

Slugs, distribution of worm-eating, 89

Sminthopsis nitela, 208

Snails, early, 236

Snake, Smooth, in New Forest, 431, 475

Snakes found within fifty miles of New York City, 44

Snipe, Common, breeding in Romney Marsh, 271

Solea lascaris, 557; vulgaris, 557

Solway Firth, Germon, or Long-finned Tunny, in, 580

Somali-land, mammals from, 434

Song of Greenfinch, 335; autumn, of birds, 358, 410, 471

Sparrow, unusual position for eggs of, 334; House, peculiar nesting habit, 273,—depredations of, 383; albino, 578

Sparrowhawk nesting in thorn-tree, 508

Sparrows nesting on band-stand, 287

Sparus niger, 548

Spider, Tipula, and Wasp, 475

Spurn lighthouse, migration at, in 1896, 245

Squatina vulgaris, 565

Squirrel, Common, seasonal changes in, 424

Star-fish, Scutellated, alleged occurrence in Durham, 170, 340

Starling, unusual position for eggs of, 334; strange nesting habits, 514

Starlings, second brood, 334

Stilt, Black-winged, in Somerset, 511

Stridulation of Cicadidæ and Orthoptera, 432, 516, 517, 519, 520

Struthio camelus, 97

Swift, flight of, 36; night flight, 290; roosting, 468, 511

Syngnathus acus, 563; hippocampus, 563; lumbriciformis, 563

Tanagra sclateri, 447

Taphozous australis, 192

Tatusia novemcincta, 343

Taxidermy, 412

Tern, Black, in Anglesea, 329,—in Warwickshire, 330; Noddy, in Cheshire, 510; Roseate, breeding in Britain, 165, 467,—eggs of, 467, 510

Terpsiphone cristata, 161

Thetford, Stone Curlews as observed around, 248

Thrush, Song, unusual position for eggs of, 334

Tinea vulgaris, 560

Tipula, Spider, and Wasp, 475

Tithoes confinis, 161

Titmouse, Blue, habit variations, 333

Tit's nest, strange discovery of, 167

Toad attacked by Weasel, 339; by Hedgehog, 369; enemies of, 432

Torpedo vulgaris, 566

Tortoise, gigantic, from Aldabra Islands, 382

Trachinus draco, 546; vipera, 546

Trachurus trachurus, 548

Transvaal, zoological rambles in and around, 157

Trapping Shrews and Voles, 507, 571

Trichosurus vulpecula, 205

Trigla cuculus, 545; gurnardus, 546; lineata, 546; pœciloptera, 545; hirundo, 545

Trinidad, mammals of, 424

Trogon meridionalis, 447

Tunny on Essex coast, 579; Longfinned, or Germon, in British waters, 580

Turbot, albino, 339

Turdus gymnophthalmus, 448

Turtle, gigantic, on coast of Natal, 382

Varanus niloticus, 162

Variety, Bull-dog, of Sapphirine Gurnard, 275, 339; Grasshopper Warbler, 333; Common Mackerel, 340

Vertebrates, origin of, 531

Vipers before birth, 148

Voices of Blackbird and Nightingale compared, 331

Vole Bank, in Jersey, 141; in Denbighshire, 328

Voles and Shrews, trapping, 507, 571

Vultures and Towers of Silence, 143

Wagtail, Grey, nesting in Lincolnshire, 274, 336,—in Leicestershire, 336,—in Itchen Valley, 513; Pied, in Itchen Valley, 513; White, in Warwickshire, 337,—nesting in Suffolk, 233; Yellow, in Argyllshire, 167,—breeding range in Ireland, 346

Wales.—Grey Seal in Carnarvonshire, 141; Lesser Shrew in Anglesea, 326; Bank Vole in Denbighshire, 328; Black Tern in Anglesea, 329; Alpine Pipit in Carnarvonshire, 366; garden list of birds in Pembrokeshire, 419

Warbler, Aquatic, in Hampshire, 471; Grasshopper, variety, 333; Greenish Willow, 5; Icterine, at Lyme Begis, 332; Pallas's Willow, in Norfolk, 5, 8, 136,—figured, 136; Yellowbrowed, 5.

Warblers, rare, in Sussex, 333

Washington National Museum, 1896, 485

Wasp, Tipula, and Spider, 475

Weasel attacking Frog, 369

Weaver, Lesser, strange position of a, 339

West Indian birds, notes on some, 444

Whale, Sperm, captured near Azores, 145; parasites on, 145; and Seal fishery, 1896, 56, 142

Whales, enormous stranding at Falkland Islands, 47

Winchester water-meads, notes, 34

Winter life of animals and plants in United States, 242

Wolmer Forest, preservation, 534

Woodpecker, Green, boring in November, 573; Lesser Spotted, habits, 470

Worm, Aster, 349

Wren,Willow, singing in autumn, 513

Wryneck, egg-producing powers, 511

Xyphias gladius, 549

Yarmouth, Great, marine and freshwater fishes of, 539

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Yukon District of Canada, birds, 430

Zebras, revised list of, 380

Zeugopterus punctatus, 556

Zeus faber, 548

Zoarces viviparus, 551

Zoology, Man in, 13

Zygæna malleus, 564


Plate I. Ostrich, "bromming" and "rolling" to face 97
Plate II. Rhinolphus hipposideros, Bechst.: sleeping positions to face 537
Labels, locality, &c, in use at the Brussels Museum 81
Pheasant with upper mandible prolonged 122
Pallas's Willow Warbler, Phylloscopus proregulus 136
Bull-dog Variety of Sapphirine Gurnard 276
Meristic variation in the Edible Crab 340
Skull and horns: Bos sondaicus—Bull 492
Skull and horns: Bos sondaicus—Cow 495
Sketch Map of Water Area in neighbourhood of Great Yarmouth 539

  1. We suppose this is N.F. Ticehurst (Wikisource-ed.).
  2. We suppose this is J. Whitaker (Wikisource-ed.).