Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary 1908

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Preface and Explanations to the Student


A to Adhere
Adhesion to Alexandrine
Alfa to Anapæst
Anaphora to Aphrodisiac
Aphthæ to Aroint
Aroma to Attorney
Attract to Azymous


B to Barren
Barret to Belive
Bell to Birth
Bis to Boom
Boomerang to Brine
Bring to Byzantine


C to Canton
Cantor to Catechise
Catechu to Chaplet
Chapman to Chrysoprase
Chrysotype to Clouted
Clove to Commiserate
Commissary to Connote
Connubial to Cork
Corm to Crasis
Crass to Curari
Curassow to Czech


D to Defect
Defence to Deterge
Deteriorate to Diptera
Diptych to Distrust
Distune to Dragoon
Dragsman to Dziggetai


E to Embalm
Embank to Entomology
Entomostomata to Even
Evening to Eyry


F to Femerell
Femur to Flat
Flatter to Foretell
Forethink to Free
Freemartin to Fytte


G to Genius
Genoese to Gold
Golf to Groove
Grope to Gyve


H to Haste
Hat to Heredity
Heresy to Holy
Holywell to Hurry
Hurst to Hythe


I to Inarching
Inarm to Inhale
Inharmonious to Intrepid
Intricate to Ixtle


J to Jymold


K to Kythe


L to Law
Lawk to Liebig
Lied to Loligo
Lolium to Lytta


M to Manufacture
Manumit to Medic
Medical to Militia
Milk to Mole
Molecule to Mound
Mount to Myzontes


N to Nicknack
Nickname to Nyula


O to Onerous
Oneyer to Outquench
Outrage to Ozostomia


P to Paper
Papeterie to Paternoster
Path to Pepo
Pepper to Philomusical
Philopena to Pistachio
Pistareen to Poison
Poitrel to Pot-pourri
Potsherd to Prick
Pricket to Proscribe
Prose to Purify
Purim to Pyxidium


Q to Quo warranto


R to Ravage
Rave to Reed
Re-edify to Repaint
Repair to Return
Retuse to Righteous
Rigid to Rotula
Rotund to Ryve


S to Sand
Sandal to Scaphium
Scaphocephalic to Scrimshaw
Scrine to Seil
Seine to Serpent
Serpet to Shilly-shally
Shilpit to Simnel
Simon-pure to Slope
Slops to Soliloquy
Soliped to Sperm
Spermaceti to Squat
Squatter to Stethoscope
Stevedore to Strong
Strongyle to Sumac
Sumerian to Swinge
Swingle to Syzygy


T to Tax
Taxiarch to Thallus
Thalweg to Tillandsia
Tiller to Tournure
Touse to Trifacial
Trifarious to Tunny
Tup to Tzigany


U to Undersky
Undersleep to Unmerited
Unmeted to Unwondering
Unwonted to Uzbeg


V to Verse
Versed to Vying


W to Wax
Way to Whitleather
Whitlow to Wyvern


X to Xyster


Y to Y-wis


Z to Zyxomma


Prefixes and Suffixes
Etymology of Names of Places, &c.
List of Abbreviations
Signs & Symbols used in Medicine and Music
Correct Ceremonious Forms of Address
Pronouncing Vocabulary of Scripture Proper Names
The More Common English Christian Names
Words and Phrases from Latin, Greek, and Modern Foreign Languages
The Metric or French System

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