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I. Rule or Ruin 1
II. The Clifford Seven Get a Challenge 11
III. Bill 22
IV. When the Athletic Committee Met 32
V. Lanky's Hard Luck 45
VI. When Brutus Changed His Mind 54
VII. Forced to Play 65
VIII. Up Against the Outcast Seven 76
IX. The Three Chums 87
X. Lanky Brings News 96
XI. Still a Mystery 105
XII. The Headwaters of the Harrapin 114
XIII. What the Smoke Meant 123
XIV. The Volunteer Fire Laddies 132
XV. The Old Farmer's Secret 141
XVI. Down the River 150
XVII. Lanky's Lucky Day 158
XVIII. The Puzzle Solved 167
XIX. Found at Last 176
XX. Such A Glorious Day 187
XXI. The Campfire on Rattail Island 198
XXII. Surprising Clifford 209
XXIII. The Great Victory—Conclusion 221