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Title Copper Sun
Author Countee Cullen
Illustrator Charles Cullen
Year 1927
Publisher Harper & Brothers
Location New York & London
Source pdf
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in January 2023


from the dark tower 3
threnody for a brown girl 4
confession 8
uncle jim 9
colored blues singer 10
colors 11
the litany of the dark people 13
pity the deep in love 17
one day we played a game 18
timid lover 20
nocturne 21
words to my love 22
en passant 23
variations on a theme 24
a song of sour grapes 26
in memoriam 27
lament 28
if love be staunch 30
the spark 31
song of the rejected lover 33
to one who was cruel 34
sonnet to a scornful lady 35
the love tree 36
the wind bloweth where it listeth 39
thoughts in a zoo 42
two thoughts of death 43
the poet puts his heart to school 45
love’s way 46
portrait of a lover 47
an old story 49
to lovers of earth: fair warning 51
in spite of death 55
cor cordium 56
lines to my father 57
protest 59
an epitaph 60
scandal and gossip 61
youth sings a song of rosebuds 63
hunger 64
lines to our elders 65
the poet 66
more than a fool’s song 67
and when i think 68
advice to a beauty 69
ultimatum 70
lines written in jerusalem 71
on the mediterranean sea 72
millennial 74
at the wailing wall in jerusalem 75
to endymion 76
epilogue 77
open door 81
disenchantment 82
leaves 84
song 86
the touch 87
a poem once significant, now happily not 88
under the mistletoe 89