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Index:Hunt - The climate and weather of Australia - 1913.djvu

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Title The Climate and Weather of Australia
Author Henry Ambrose Hunt, Griffith Taylor, E. T. Quayle
Year 1913
Publisher Government Printer
Location Melbourne
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in December 2019



I. Size of Continent and Effect on Climatic Variation 7
II. March of the Temperature 8
III. Barometric Variation
General 12
Local 13
Paths of the Highs and Lows 14
IV. Distribution of the Dominant Winds
Trade Winds 17
Land and Sea Breezes 18
V. Rainfall Monthly and Seasonal Distribution 19
VI. Humidity and Wet Bulb Temperatures 22
VII. Special Factors influencing Climate
Ocean Currents 23
Topography 24
VIII. Chief Climatic Regions
Northern Monsoonal Summer Rains 26
Central Arid Region 29
Intermediate Region of Uniform Rains 33
Winter Rain Region 37
IX. Characteristics of Drought Years 40
X. Characteristics of Local Rain
(A) Rainfall in the West Australian Gold-fields 52
(B) Flood Rains—
(1) Victoria 56
(2) Darling 58
(3) Queensland 59
(4) Western Australia 60
XI. Special Type of Weather
(A) Western Australian Hurricanes 61
(B) Hurricanes in South-West Pacific 66
(C) Southerly Bursters 70
XII. —(A) Forecasting 72
  (B) Types of Weather 75