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Indian Fairy Tales (Stokes, 1879).djvu

Title Indian Fairy Tales (Stokes, 1879) (1st ed.)
Author Maive Stokes, Mary Stokes
Year 1879
Location Calcutta
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed


I. Phulmatti Rani, or the Flower Lady 1
II. The Pomegranate King 7
III. The Cat and the Dog 15
IV. The Cat which could not be killed 18
V. The Jackal and the Kite 21
VI. The Voracious Frog 24
VII. The Story of Foolish Sachuli 27
VIII. Barber Him and the Tigers 35
IX. The Bulbul and the Cotton-tree 39
X. The Monkey Prince 41
XI. Brave Hiralalbasa 51
XII. The Man who went to seek his Fate 63
XIII. The Upright King 68
XIV. Loving Laili 73
XV. How King Burtal became a Fakir 85
XVI. Some of the doings of Shekh Farid 95
XVII. The Mouse 101
XVIII. A Wonderful Story 108


The Fakir Nanaksa saves the Merchant's life 114
XX. The Boy who had a Moon on his forehead and a Star on his chin 119
XXI. The Bel-Princess 138
XXII. How the Raja's Son won the Princess Labam 153
XXIII. The Princess who loved her Father like Salt 164
XXIV. The Demon is at last conquered by the King's Son 173
XXV. The Fan Prince 193
XXVI. The Bed 201
XXVII. Panwpatti Rani 208
XXVIII. The Clever Wife 216
XXIX. Raja Harichand's Punishment 224
XXX. The King's Son and the Wazir's Daughter 234
  Notes 237
  Appendix to Notes 294
  Glossary 296
  List of books referred to 297
  Index 299