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La Marquise de Pompadour
(illust. Frontispiece)
The Witches' Warning 3
Will He Forgive? 4
Sisera 6
Upon the Sands 8
Under the Snowy Steppes 10
An Assignation 13
At Kassassin 14
Vivienique (illust.) 18
The Poet's Prophecy 19
In the Night 21
The Sale of the World 23
Death and Dives (illust.) 26
Street Music 29
Sir Alexander's Desk 31
On the Stair (illust.) 36
One Little Year To-day 40
'He was a Prince of Power and Might' 43
Lament of Boabdil 46
'In my Dreams I see a Castle' 48
The Song 50
'When Dead is Day' 52
'Young Love unfurled his Silken Sail' 54
A Queen 56
'They tell me you have Married' 57
On a Portrait of Napoleon I by David 59
Why? 61
The Broken Glass 62
Nor is Love Sold 63
How Strange our Lives! 65
Flower of the Flowers 67
A Desert Night 69
Two Friends I knew 70
The Icicle Queen 71
Flower and Fruit 73
'Cinderella' by Millais 74
The Morning Mist 75
At Malvern Wells 76
The Summons of Spring 78
Street Arabs 79
'The Patter of Tiny Feet' 81
Illusions Perdues 82