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Index:The Zoologist, 4th series, vol 5 (1901).djvu

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The Zoologist, 4th series, vol 5 (1901).djvu

Title The Zoologist, 4th series, vol. 5 (1901)
Editor William Lucas Distant
Year 1901
Location London
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
3rd series

vol 1 (1877), vol 2 (1878)

4th series

vol 1 (1897), vol 2 (1898), vol 3 (1899), vol 4 (1900), vol 5 (1901), vol 6 (1902)

Pages   (key to Page Status)   

issue 715 (January, 1901)
issue 716 (February, 1901)
issue 717 (March, 1901)
issue 718 (April, 1901)
issue 719 (May, 1901)
issue 720 (June, 1901)
issue 721 (July, 1901)
issue 722 (August, 1901)
issue 723 (September, 1901)
issue 724 (October, 1901)
issue 725 (November, 1901)
issue 726 (December, 1901)
Contents of The Zoologist, 4th series, vol. 5 (1901)
Issue 715 (January, 1901)
Arrigoni degli Oddi, Ettore Bird Notes from Brembana Valley 1
Pike, Oliver G. The Nesting Habits of Moor-hens (Gallinula chloropus) 17
Southwell, Thomas Lowestoft Fish-warf 21
Gerald Leighton A Plague of Snakes 25
Notes and Queries 28
Notices of New Books 34
Editorial Gleanings 39
In Memoriam Queen Victoria 41
Issue 716 (February, 1901)
Renshaw, Graham The True Quagga 41
Oldham, Charles Observations on the Noctule 51
Howard, Henry Eliot The Grasshopper-warbler (Locustella nævia) in North Worcestershire 60
Butterfield, E.P. Distribution of the Stonechat (Pratincola rubicola) in Yorkshire 64
Notes and Queries 68
Notices of New Books 76
Issue 717 (March, 1901)
Southwell, Thomas Notes on the Seal and Whale Fishery of 1900 81
Backhouse, J. Varieties of the Dunlin 91
New, Oliver H. A Few Further Notes on the Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopus major) 95
Arthur Patterson The Birds of Great Yarmouth and the Neighbourhood (cont.) 98
Notes and Queries 106
Editorial Gleanings 113
Issue 718 (April, 1901)
Gurney, J.H. Ornithological Notes from Norfolk for 1900 121
Aplin, O.V. Further Notes from Lleyn, West Carnarvonshire 141
A.G.B. Obituary for Joseph Abrahams 151
Notes and Queries 153
Issue 719 (May, 1901)
Selous, Edmund An Observational Diary of the Habits—Mostly Domestic—of the Great Crested Grebe (Podicipes cristatus)—Part 1 161
Notes and Queries 184
Notices of New Books 191
Editorial Gleanings 195
Issue 720 (June, 1901)
G.H. Caton Haigh Migration of Birds in N.E. Lincolnshire during the Autumn of 1900 201
W. Warde Fowler On the Wintering Singing of the Song-Thrush (Turdus musicus) 212
Notes and Queries 219
Notices of New Books 231
Editorial Gleanings 235
Issue 721 (July, 1901)
Bonhote, J.L. Notes on the Sciuridæ 241
Bucknill, John A. Ornithological Notes from Surrey 247
Carter,Thomas Notes from Point Cloates, N.W. Australia 255
Notes and Queries 263
Notices of New Books 275
Editorial Gleanings 278
Issue 722 (August, 1901)
Macpherson, H.A. The Rarer Birds of the Solway Firth 281
Jourdain, F.C.R. On the Breeding Habits of the Swift in Derbyshire 286
Lodge, R.B. Photo-trapping: Purple Herons and Spoonbills 290
Patterson, Arthur The Birds of Great Yarmouth and the Neighbourhood (cont.) 294
Leighton, Gerald Sloughing in Serpents 301
Renshaw, Graham Notes on the Egyptian Jerboa (Dipus jaculus) in Captivity 305
Ed. & T.P.N. Obituary for Eleanor A. Ormerod 310
Notes and Queries 315
Notices of New Books 320
Issue 723 (September, 1901)
Distant, William Lucas Biological Suggestions : Animal Sense Perceptions 321
Selous, Edmund An Observational Diary of the Habits—Mostly Domestic—of the Great Crested Grebe (Podicipes cristatus), and of the Peewit (Vanellus vulgaris), with Some General Remarks—Part 2 339
Notes and Queries 351
Notices of New Books 359
Issue 724 (October, 1901)
Bevir, J.L. Dante as a Naturalist 361
Macpherson, H.A. Early Ornithologists 376
Ellison, Allan Breeding Habits of the Swift 384
O.E.J. Obituary of William Doherty 386
Notes and Queries 388
Notices of New Books 394
Editorial Gleanings 397
Issue 725 (November, 1901)
Coburn, F. Brief Notes on an Expedition to the North of Iceland in 1899 401
Barrett-Hamilton, G.E.H. Note on the Origin of Sexual Dimorphism, and of Nuptial Weapons and Ornamentation 420
Notes and Queries 423
Notices of New Books 432
Editorial Gleanings 438
Issue 726 (December, 1901)
Renshaw, Graham The Blaauwbok (Hippotragus leucophæus) 441
Gill, E. Leonard Miscellaneous Jottings on Bird Songs 449
Selous, Edmund An Observational Diary of the Habits of the Great Crested Grebe and the Peewit—Part 3 454
Howard, H.E. On the Increase of the Starling and the Hawfinch 463
Graves, F.S. and Ralfe, P. Birds Observed on the Calf of Man 468
Notes and Queries 472

(covers of all twelve issues - front and back, 48 pages in total - are collected at the back)