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Title The iron heel
Author Jack London
Year 1917
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
Location New York
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
OCLC 1047471809


Foreword   ix
I. My Eagle 1
II. Challenges 22
III. Johnson's Arm 43
IV. Slaves of the Machine 59
V. The Philomaths 78
VI. Adumbrations 100
VII. The Bishop's Vision 111
VIII. The Machine Breakers 120
IX. The Mathematics of a Dream 141
X. The Vortex 163
XI. The Great Adventure 177
XII. The Bishop 188
XIII. The General Strike 204
XIV. The Beginning of the End 217
XV. Last Days 229
XVI. The End 237
XVII. The Scarlet Livery 251
XVIII. In the Shadow of Sonoma 262
XIX. Transformation 274
XX. A Lost Oligarch 286
XXI. The Roaring Abysmal Beast 297
XXII. The Chicago Commune 306
XXIII. The People of the Abyss 324
XXIV. Nightmare 343
XXV. The Terrorists 352