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Ebenezer Prout, Esq. E. P.
Rev. William Pulling W. Pg.
Charles H. Purday, Esq. C. H. P.
Edward F. Rimbault, Esq., LL.D. E. F. R.
Luigi Ricci, Esq. L. R.
W. S. Rockstro, Esq. W. S. R.
Desmond Lumley Ryan, Esq. D. L. R.
Carl Siewers, Esq. C. S.
Dr. Philipp Spitta, Berlin: Professor in the University; Secretary to the Royal Academy of Arts; and Managing-Director of the Royal High-School for Music P. S.
W. Barclay Squire, Esq. W. B. S.
Sir John Stainer, Mus. Doc., Oxon. J. S.
H. H. Statham, Esq. H. H. S.
Sir Robert P. Stewart, Mus. Doc., Professor of Music in Dublin University R. P. S.
T. L. Stillie, Esq., Glasgow T. L. S.
William H. Stone, Esq., M.D. W. H. S.
Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, Esq., Mus. Doc., Principal of the National Training School of Music S.
Franklin Taylor, Esq. F. T.
Alexander W. Thayer, Esq., United States Consul, Trieste, Author of the Life of Beethoven A. W. T.
Miss Bertha Thomas B. T.
C. A. W. Troyte, Esq. C. A. W. T.
Colonel H. Ware, Public Library, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. H. W.
Mrs. Edmond Wodehouse A. H. W.
J. Muir Wood, Esq., Glasgow J. M. W.
The Editor G.
Bedford Street, Covent Garden,
July, 1883.