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Arnaud of Citeaux Sent as Chief Legate 139
Fruitless Effort to Organize a Crusade in 1204 139
The Bishop of Osma and St. Dominic Urge Fresh Efforts in 1206 141
Attempt to Organize a Crusade in 1207 144
Murder of Pierre de Castelnau, Jan. 16, 1208 145
Crusade successfully Preached in 1208 147
Raymond's Efforts to Avert the Storm 149
His Submission and Penance; Duplicity of Innocent III. 150
Raymond Directs the Crusade against the Vicomte de Béziers 153
Sack of Béziers.—Surrender of Carcassonne 154
Pedro of Aragon and Simon de Montfort 157
De Montford Accepts the Conquered Territories.—His Difficulties 159
Raymond Atacked.—Deceit Practised by the Church 162
His Desperate Efforts to Avert a Rupture 166
First Siege of Toulouse—Raymond Gradually Overpowered 167
Intervention of Pedro of Aragon 170
Raymoud Prejudged.—Trial Denied him 173
Pedro Declares War.—Battle of Muret, Sept. 13, 1213 175
De Montfort's Vicissitudes.—Pious Fraud of the Legate 178
Raymond Deposed and Replaced by De Montfort. 179
The Lateran Counel—It Decides in De Montfort's Favor 181
Rising of the People under the Younger Raymond 184
Second Siege of Toulouse in 1217.—Death of De Montfort 185
Crusade of Louis Cuœr-de-Lion.—Third Siege of Toulouse 187
Raymod VII. Recovers his Lands.—Recrudescence of Heresy 189
Negotiations Opened.—Death of Philip Augustus 190
Louis VIII. Proposes a Crusade.—Raymond Makes Terms with the Church 191
Duplicity of Honorius III—Council of Bourges, Nov. 1225 193
Louis Organizes the Crusade in 1226 197
His Conquering Advance.—His Retreat and Death 199
Desultory War in 1227.—Negotiations in 1228 201
Treaty of Paris, April, 1229.—Persecution Established 203


Growth of Intolerance in the Early Church 209
Persecution Commences under Constantine 212
The Church Adopts the Death-penalty for Heresy 213
Duty of the Ruler to Suppress Heresy 215
Decline of Persecuting Spirit under the Barbarians 216