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[W.M. G.] William Maxwell Gunn,
One of the Masters in the High School, Edinburgh.
[W. I.] William Ihne, Ph.D.
Of the University of Bonn.
[B. J.] Benjamin Jowett, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Baliol College, Oxford.
[H.G. L.] Henry George Liddell, M.A.
Head Master of Westminster School.
[G. L.] George Long, M.A.
Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
[J.M. M.] John Morell Mackenzie, M.A.
[C.P. M.] Charles Peter Mason, B.A.
Fellow of University College, London.
[J.C. M.] Joseph Calrow Means.
[H.H. M.] Henry Hart Milman, M.A.
Prebendary of St. Peter's, Westminster.
[ M.] Augustus de Morgan,
Professor of Mathematics in University College, London.
[W. P.] William Plate, LL. D.
[C.E. P.] Constantine Estlin Prichard, B.A.
Fellow of Baliol College, Oxford.
[W. R.] William Ramsay, M.A.
Professor of Humanity in the University of Glasgow.
[L. S.] Leonhard Schmitz, Ph. D., F.R.S.E.
Rector of the High School of Edinburgh.
[P. S.] Philip Smith, B.A.
Of University College, London.
[A.P. S.] Arthur Penryhn Stanley, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of University College, Oxford.
[A. S.] Adolph Stahr,
Professor in the Gymnasium of Oldenburg.
[L. U.] Ludwig Urlichs,
Professor in the University of Bonn.
[R. W.] Robert Whiston, M.A.
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The Articles which have no initials attached to them are written by the Editor.