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H. N. D. Henry Newton Dickson, M.A., D.Sc. (Oxon.), F.R.G.S., F.R.S. (Edin.).
Professor of Geography, University College, Reading. Author of Elementary Meteorology; Papers on Oceanography; &c.
Atlantic Ocean.
H. Se. Henri Sée.
Professor in the University of Rennes.
Anne of Brittany.
H. Sm. Hugh Sheringham.
Angling Editor of The Field (London).
I. A. Israel Abrahams, M.A.
Reader in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature, University of Cambridge. President, Jewish Historical Society of England. Author of A Short History of Jewish Literature; Jewish Life in the Middle Ages.
̔Asher Ben Jehiel.
I. B. B. Isaac Bayley Balfour, F.R.S., M.D.
King’s Botanist in Scotland. Regius Keeper of Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh. Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow, 1879–1884. Sherardian Professor of Botany in the University of Oxford, 1884–1888.
Angiosperms (in part).
J. A. H. John Allen Howe, B.Sc.
Curator and Librarian of the Museum of Practical Geology, London.
Archean System;
Arenig Group
J. A. R. Very Rev. Joseph Armitage Robinson, M.A., D.D.
Dean of Westminster. Fellow of the British Academy. Hon. Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge. Formerly Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Norrisian Professor of Divinity. Author of Some Thoughts on the Incarnation; &c.
Aristides, Apology of.
J. B. T. Sir John Batty Tuke, M.D., LL.D. (Edin.), D.Sc. (Dubl.)
President of the Neurological Society of the United Kingdom. Medical Director of New Saughton Hall Asylum, Edinburgh. M.P. for the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews, 1900–1910.
J. Bn. John Bilson.
External Examiner in Architecture, University of Manchester.
Architecture: Romanesque and     Gothic, in England.
J. D. B. James David Bourchier, M.A., F.R.G.S.
Correspondent of The Times in South-Eastern Europe. Commander of the Orders of Prince Danilo of Montenegro and of the Saviour of Greece, and Officer of the Order of St Alexander of Bulgaria.
J. D. Pr. John Dyneley Prince, Ph.D.
Professor of Semitic Languages, Columbia University, New York. Took part in the Expedition to Southern Babylonia, 1888-89. Author of A Critical Commentary on the Book of Daniel; Assyrian Primer.
Assur (Biblical).
J. G. C. A. John George Clark Anderson, M.A.
Student, Censor and Tutor of Christ Church, Oxford. Craven Fellow, 1896. Formerly Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. Joint-author of Studica Pontica.
J. G. F. Sir Joshua Girling Fitch.
See the biographical article: Fitch, Sir Joshua G.
Arnold, Matthew (in part).
J. G. H. Joseph G. Horner, A.M.I.Mech.E.
Author of Plating and Boiler Making; &c.
J. G. Sc. Sir James George Scott, K.C.I.E.
Superintendent and Political Officer, Southern Shan States. Author of Burma, a Handbook; The Upper Burma Gazetteer; &c.
J. H. A. H. John Henry Arthur Hart, M.A.
Fellow, Lecturer and Librarian of St John’s College, Cambridge.
Archelaus, King of Judaea; Asmoneus; Assideans.
J. H. F. John Henry Freese, M.A.
Formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.
Annalists; Aphrodite; Apollo; Artemis; Athena.
J. H. R. John Horace Round, M.A., LL.D. (Edin.).
Author of Feudal England; Peerage and Pedigree; &c.
Arundel, Earldom of.
J. Hl. R. John Holland Rose, M.A., Litt.D.
Lecturer on Modern History to the Cambridge University Local Lectures Syndicate. Author of Life of Napoleon I; Napoleonic Studies; The Development of the European Nations; The Life of Pill; Chapters in the Cambridge Modern History.
J. I. Jules Isaac.
Professor of History at the Lycée of Lyons.
Anne of France.
J. L. W. Miss Jessie L. Weston.
Author of Arthurian Romances.
Arthurian Legend
J. M. M. John Malcolm Mitchell.
Formerly Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. Lecturer in Classics, East London College (University of London). Joint-editor of Grote’s History of Greece.
Aqueduct: Ancient and         Medieval;
Aquinas, Thomas
 (in part); Archon;
Arms and Armour
: Ancient.
J. Mac. James Macqueen.
Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Professor of Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College, London. Examiner for the Fellowship Diploma of the R.C.V.S. Editor, of Fleming’s Operative Veterinary Surgery (2nd edition); Dun’s Veterinary Medicines (both edition); and Neumann’s Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of the Domesticated Animals (2nd edition).
J. P. E. Jean Paul Hippolyte Emmanuel Adhémar Esmein.
Professor of Law in the University of Paris. Officer of the Legion of Honour. Member of the Institute of France. Author of Cours élémentaire d’histoire du droit français; &c.