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D. H. David Hannay.
Formerly British Vice-Consul at Barcelona. Author of Short History of the Royal Navy; Life of Emilio Castelar; &c.
Quiberon, Battle of; Raleigh, Sir Walter.
D. H. S. Dukinfield Henry Scott, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.
President of the Linnean Society. Professor of Botany, Royal College of Science, London, 1885-1892. Author of Structural Botany; Studies in Fossil Botany; &c.
Pringsheim, Nathanael.
D. W. T. D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, C.B., M.A.
Professor of Natural History, University College, Dundee. British Delegate, Bering Sea Fisheries and other Conferences. Author of A Glossary of Greek Birds; &c.
Ray, John.
E. A. J. E. Alfred Jones.
Author of Old English Gold Plate; Old Church Plate of the Isle of Man; Old Silver Sacramental Vessels of Foreign Protestant Churches in England; Illustrated Catalogue of Leopold de Rothschild’s Collection of Old Plate; A Private Catalogue of the Royal Plate at Windsor Castle; &c.
E. A. M. Edward Alfred Minchin, M.A., F.Z.S.
Professor of Protozoology in the University of London. Formerly Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and Jodrell Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, University College, London.
Polyp; Protoplasm; Protozoa.
E. Ba. Edwin Bale, R.I.
Art Director, Cassell & Company, Ltd. Member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. Hon. Sec, Artists’ Copyright Committee.
E. Br. Ernest Barker, M.A.
Fellow and Lecturer in Modern History, St John’s College, Oxford. Formerly Fellow and Tutor of Merton College. Craven Scholar, 1895.
Raymund of Antioch; Raymund of Toulouse; Raymund of Tripoli; Raynald of Châtillon.
E. B. E. Edward B. Ellington.
Founder and Chief Engineer of the General Hydraulic Power Co., Ltd. Author of Contributions to Proceedings of Institutions of Civil Engineers and of Mechanical Engineers.
Power Transmission: Hydraulic.
E. C. B. Right Rev. Edward Cuthbert Butler, M.A., O.S.B., Litt.D.
Abbot of Downside Abbey, Bath. Author of “The Lausiac History of Palladius” in Cambridge Texts and Studies.
Premonstratensians; Rance, Armand de.
E. G. Edmund Gosse, LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Gosse, Edmund.
Prologue; Prose.
E. Ga. Emile Garcke, M.Inst.E.E.
Managing Director of British Electric Traction Co., Ltd. Author of Manual of Electrical Undertakings; &c.
Railways: Light Railways (in part).
E. Gr. Ernest Arthur Gardner, M.A.
See the biographical article: Gardner, Percy.
E. G. C. Ernest George Coker, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S. (Edin.), M.Sc, M.I.Mech.E.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the City and Guilds of London Technical College. Author of various papers in Transactions of the Royal Societies of London, Edinburgh and Canada; &c.
E. H. B. Sir Edward Herbert Bunbury, Bart., M.A., F.R.G.S. (d. 1895).
M.P. for Bury St Edmunds, 1847-1852. Author of A History of Ancient Geography; &c.
Pompeii (in part); Ptolemy (in part); Pytheas (in part).
E. J. J. Edmund Janes James, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.
President of the University of Illinois; President of American Economic Association. Author of History of American Tariff Legislation, and Essays and Monographs on Economic, Financial, Political and Educational subjects.
E. O'N. Elizabeth O'Neill, M.A. (Mrs H. O. O’Neill).
Formerly University Fellow and Jones Fellow of the University of Manchester.
Prebendary; Prelate; Prior; Procurator.
E. Pr. Edgar Prestage.
Special Lecturer in Portuguese Literature in the University of Manchester. Examiner in Portuguese in the Universities of London, Manchester, &c. Commendador, Portuguese Order of S Thiago. Corresponding Member of Lisbon Royal Academy of Sciences, Lisbon Geographical Society; &c. Editor of Letters of a Portuguese Nun; Azurara’s Chronicle of Guinea; &c.
Portugal: Literature.
E. Ru. Ernest Rutherford, F.R.S., D.Sc. LL.D., Ph.D.
Langworthy Professor of Physics, University of Manchester. Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1908. Author of Radio-activity; Radio-active Transformations; &c.
E. R. B. Edwyn Robert Bevan, M.A.
New College, Oxford. Author of The House of Seleucus; Jerusalem under the High Priests.
F. C. C. Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare, M.A., D.Th.
Fellow of the British Academy. Formerly Fellow of University College, Oxford. Editor of The Ancient Armenian Texts of Aristotle. Author of Myth, Magic and Morals; &c.