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Ornithorhynchus, The Australian 769
Oswald, Felix L., a Zological Enigma 359
Osteophone, The 142

Paint, Luminous 707
Payn, James, Sham Admiration in Literature 48
Photophone, The New 845
Plants, Climbing. (Illustrated.) 635
Politics against Political Science 557
Polyscope, The Electrical 110
Popular Miscellany 135
Popular Miscellany 279
Popular Miscellany 419
Popular Miscellany 568
Popular Miscellany 705
Popular Miscellany 853
Precocity a Sign of Inferiority 430
Premature Burials, The Extreme Rarity of 526
Preyer, W., Psychogenesis in the Human Infant 625
Primitive Marriage, Views of 203
Psychogenesis in the Human Infant 625
Publications Received 134
Publications Received 278
Publications Received 418
Publications Received 567
Publications Received 704
Publications Received 852

Quatrefages, A. De, the Crossing of the Human Races 166

Radau, R., The Interior of the Earth 289
Radau, R., The Interior of the Earth 453
Radiation, Freezing of a Lake by 572
Railway, An Electrical 285
Richardson, Dr. Benjamin W., Dress in Relation to Health 182
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 86
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 155
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 376
Rhine, Alice H., Night-Schools in New York and Paris 681
Root-Growth, A Singular 427

Sanitary Problems, The, of New York City 419
Santorin and its Eruptions (M. Fouque's) 534
Saurians, Development of the Limbs of 284
School-Life, Hygienic Conditions of 863
Science not atheistic 124
Science Primers, Misuse of the 269
Science, The Martyrdom of 71
Scientific Meeting, The Boston 843
Sea, The Milky 573
Sewage in College Education 693
Shipman, Paul R., The Classics that educate us 145
Silkworms, Rearing, in England 280
Slater, J. W. 71
Slater, J. W. 254
Snakes and Snake-Poison 284
Sociology and Theology at Yale College 265
Soils as Filters 572
Solar System and its Neighbors, The 612
South America rising or sinking? 708
Sparrow, Observation of the English 552
Spencer, Herbert 795
Springer, Robert 772
Squirrels, Sports in the Colors of 862
State Education: a Help or Hindrance? 585