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The edition that was used as the source for this play should be cited. Webbbbbbber 00:24, 19 May 2008 (UTC)Reply

A small point, but where should we describe Arthur as Duke of? The first Folio uses the spelling "Britaine", it is possible that in Shakespeare's day it would have been pronounced much like our modern "Brittany", I query the justification for using "Bretagne" in this text. What about "Dolphin" v. "Dauphin"? PatGallacher (talk) 00:45, 15 June 2012 (UTC)Reply

Usually, we follow whatever edition was uploaded; we don't modify published texts. However, without a specific supporting text for this copy, we have no idea. It would be better to have one or more scanned copies of important editions, and to follow what they give. Unfortunately, what we have is all we have, for now. --EncycloPetey (talk) 16:06, 6 June 2014 (UTC)Reply