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Information about this edition
Edition: 1918-1920

  1. Appears to end prematurely.
  2. Part of page 536 is missing at Page at Google Books is OK.
  3. Missing pages 235-238.
  4. Missing pages 415 and 416.
  5. No OCR text at, but try the Harvard copy of this volume which seems to start abruptly, but does come with OCR text.
Contributor(s): Bob Burkhardt
Level of progress: Mostly incomplete. 25%.png
Notes: Although the individual volumes were published over two years, for the purposes of the templates the value 1920 is always used for the year argument.

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  • Linking to Encyclopedia articles: {{projectlink|Americana}}

In the sources, authors for some articles are listed at the beginning of each volume and at the end of the applicable article. The style manual for the 1911 Britannica project can serve here, as applicable, until one is formulated specifically for this project. A guideline for formulating article file names is to use the boldface text (don't use all caps for the first word) at the beginning of each article. All volumes now have index pages. At some point, sub-index pages will be introduced for each volume to provide a complete listing of article links.

When transcribing the pronunciation respellings, editors can refer to the Key to pronunciation. This has all the special characters needed. They either look like the ones used in the Encyclopedia, or they are a readily available substitute that looks somewhat similar.

Proofreaders: Bob Burkhardt