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This is a template for easy formatting of paragraph headings Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar. It has already been used on every page where it was needed, but feel free to:

  • improve the template itself
  • correct mistakes in its usage
  • adapt it to similar books


The paragraph sign § is always inserted. Arguments:

  • 1 - required - paragraph number.
  • 2 - required - paragraph title.
  • 3 - optional - a or b, needed only for paragraph 84, which is subdivided into §84a and §84b.
  • 4 - optional - anything that goes after the last full stop, as in §51.

This template defines the paragraph title as an HTML div with and id. For example, for §16 it will be "GHGpar16-heading" and for §84b it will be "GHGpar84b-heading". This can be used for direct linking, for example: