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A template to create a link to either Wikisource, Wikipedia, Commons, or Reasonator.

Using the specified Wikidata QID, the template checks for the existence of other sitelinks (in this order: en.Wikisource, en.Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Commons) and if one is found links to it. If none is found, it links to Reasonator's human-friendly representation of the item in Wikidata.


Wikitext Output
{{wikidata link|Q42}} Q42
{{wikidata link|Q60727470}} Q60727470
{{wikidata link|Q54856396}} Q54856396
{{wikidata link|Q42|Mr Adams}} Mr Adams
{{wikidata link|Q31270355|T.H. Barker}} T.H. Barker
{{wikidata link|Q56053558|Navy Warehouse}} Navy Warehouse


Link to Wikisource, Wikipedia, Commons, or Reasonator, depending on the sitelinks of the given Wikidata item.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Wikidata ID1

The Q-number of the item.

Link text2

The text that will be displayed as the link.



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