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A template to create a link to either Wikisource, Wikipedia, Commons, or Reasonator.

Using the specified Wikidata QID, the template checks for the existence of other sitelinks (in this order: en.Wikisource, en.Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Commons) and if one is found links to it. If none is found, it links to Reasonator's human-friendly representation of the item in Wikidata.


Description Wikitext Output
Simple usage: Wikidata item that is linked to a Wikipedia article {{wikidata link|Q42}} Douglas Adams
Shortened form: identical behavior, but shorter to type {{wdl|Q42}} Douglas Adams
Wikidata item that is linked to a Wikisource author page {{wdl|Q60727470}} Alfred Cooper Fryer
Wikidata item that is linked to a Wikisource work page {{wdl|Q1147121}} The Devil's Dictionary
Wikidata item with neither a Wikipedia nor a Wikisource link {{wdl|Q54856396}} Fonts with Representations of the Seven Sacraments: Supplement
Customized link label {{wdl|Q42|Mr Adams}} Mr Adams

Visibility of links[edit]

The link color is currently enabled by default. You can disable it with the Visibility gadget.


Link to Wikisource, Wikipedia, Commons, or Reasonator, depending on the sitelinks of the given Wikidata item.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Wikidata ID1

The Q-number of the item.

Link text2

The text that will be displayed as the link.


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