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I think I've spotted a possible logic trap- Repeal being passed down from chapter isn't going to be undefined when passed. It will be 'defined' but empty.

Currently the code might not see that correctly :) Sfan00 IMG (talk) 22:35, 6 May 2012 (UTC)

Tsk... this blows, I can't put my finger on how to get that last cell created by default when empty either. I could be tired out with this today (maybe not).
In theory it shouldn't matter - but I'd feel better if empty cells had at least a null space in them to maintain consistency (not to mention the last bit of missing border) -- George Orwell III (talk) 23:00, 6 May 2012 (UTC)
Take a look at the recent revisions, that's trhe way I was thinking too :) Sfan00 IMG (talk) 09:03, 7 May 2012 (UTC)
The solution was to explicitly code a none clause in the code that handles the Repeals :) Sfan00 IMG (talk) 09:04, 7 May 2012 (UTC)

Remaining things to be done[edit]

Page:Chronological_Table_and_Index_of_the_Statutes.djvu/29 is looking good :)


  1. Incoporate the braces.
  2. Reach a decision on how to add annotations (like the short titles), if desired - otherwise remove that portion of the code.

Sfan00 IMG (talk) 09:10, 7 May 2012 (UTC)

Known Bug[edit]

the use of |- is a known issue. ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 10:14, 25 December 2015 (UTC)