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TEWKESBURY, tūks′bẽr-ĭ. A town and Parliamentary and municipal borough in Gloucestershire, England, on the Avon, 10 miles northeast of Gloucester (Map: England, D 5). The parish church, an ancient and noble edifice in Norman, is a noteworthy architectural feature, and there are interesting remains of a great Benedictine abbey founded in the twelfth century. Tewkesbury is famous as the scene of the battle fought within half a mile of it on May 4, 1471, when the Yorkists under Edward IV. and the Duke of Gloucester inflicted a signal defeat on the Lancastrians. Population, in 1891, 5269; in 1901, 5419. Consult: Blunt, History of Tewkesbury (2d ed., London, 1877); Massé, Tewkesbury Abbey Church (London, 1900).