Translation:Mishnah/Seder Zeraim/Tractate Peah/Chapter 2

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Mishnah 1

And these are the things that divide the corner of the field:
A river, irrigation ditches, a private road, a public road,
A public path, a permanent private path for summer and winter days,
A pit, a meadow, and a different crop. If one harvests hay, this is a division,
These are the words of R’ Meir.
And the Sages say, "This is not a division unless it is plowed."

Mishnah 2

For an irrigation ditch that one cannot harvest from within,
R’ Yehuda says, “This is a division.”
And all the hills that are dug with a hoe,
Even though cattle cannot cross them with their vessel,
He gives Peah for the whole thing.

Mishnah 3

All of this divides for seed crops,
And does not divide for trees except for a fence.
If there were branches that were overgrown,
This is not a division,
But rather one gives Peah for everything.

Mishnah 4

And for all carob trees, when this one sees that one.
Rabban Gamliel said, “It was customary in my father’s house to give one Peah
For the olive trees on every side,
And for the carob trees, each one that sees the other.”
R’ Eliezer, son of R’ Tzadok, says in his name,
“Even for the carob trees that they had in the entire city.”

Mishnah 5

When one sows his field with one kind,
Even though he makes two granaries,he gives one corner.
If he sows two species, even though he makes one granary,
He gives two corners.
If he sows his field with two species of wheat,
And makes one granary,he gives one corner,
But if two granaries, two corners.

Mishnah 6

It happened that R’ Shimon, the man of Mitzpah,
Sowed and came before Rabban Gamliel,
And they went up to the Chamber of Hewn Stone (the Great Sanhedrin)
And they asked a question there.
Nachum the clerk said, “I have received it from R’ Meiasha
Who received it from his father who received it from the Pairs
That received it from the Prophets, that the Law of Moshe at Sinai is:
One who sows his field with two kinds of wheat,
If he makes a granary, he gives one corner,
If two granaries, he gives two corners.”

Mishnah 7

If a field was harvested by Samaritans, or harvested by robbers,
Or if ants chewed it up (or locusts consumed it),
Or if it was broken by wind or an animal, he is exempt.
If he harvests half, and robbers harvest half,
He is exempt as the obligation of the corner is when the crop is standing.

Mishnah 8

If robbers harvested half, and one harvested half,
He gives a corner from what he harvested.
If he harvested half, and sells it, and takes half for himself,
He gives a corner for all of it.
If he harvests half and dedicates half,
The one who redeems it from the treasurer gives a corner for it all.