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Setting personal preferences:


  • Gadgets; for instance for:
    • disabling the OCR-button in the Page-namespace


It took me some time to get it running, but now it works!

I installed the TemplateScript on my common.js page: User:Dick Bos/common.js This means: it will affect my work only on en-wikisource.

I inserted "clean up OCR" code; see: Page Tools -> Page clean up on the page mentioned above.

But..... I found out that didn't work. I finally copied the code from the page of User:Samwilson, User:Samwilson/common.js, and now I see the TemplateScript - Regex editor when I'm editing, and I see the Page clean up tools, when I'm editing in the Page Namespace (104). Great.

Find out[edit]

Cats on top[edit]

make a rule in User:Dick Bos/common.js (cp. w:en:User:Dick Bos/common.js etc.